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RPC-268.1 Note the dial, which is damaged and regenerating.

Registered Phenomena Code: 268

Object Class: Alpha (Yellow/Red)

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-268 is currently uncontained following a containment breach on 12/10/2017, and is believed to be in the possession of PoI-268-2. As such, recovery of RPC-268 is considered a high priority. In the case of a possible sighting of RPC-268 or PoI-268-2 nearest available dispatch center in the event of a confirmed sighting of RPC-268 and/or PoI-268-2. Direct confrontation with PoI-268-2 is not permitted without the approval of a Level-4 personnel or higher.

Description: RPC-268 is a counterfeit instant camera that approximates Polaroid OneStep Land Camera models produced during the mid-1970s. A notable discrepancy of RPC-268 is the noise emitted when a photograph is taken, as opposed to a sound typical of these cameras. Disassembly of RPC-268 reveals no unexpected or unusual internal engineering. An audio sample of the aforementioned noise made by RPC-268 is included below.

The primary anomalous property of RPC-268 is activated when RPC-268 is used to photograph a human individual within range of the capture lens. The photographed individual will be depicted as deceased by the developed film of RPC-268, hereafter referred to as RPC-268-1. The manner in which the individual expires varies and the cause of death is potentially deducible from information within instances. RPC-268-1 instances are believed to be precursory,3 with no anticipated deaths in the manner depicted successfully prevented by the Authority.

The dial on RPC-268’s facade has been removed forcefully and is currently in a state of regeneration.4 No mechanism exists beneath this dial, and it is presumed this lack of detail is due to RPC-268’s status as a forgery.

Through various tests and circumstances, the Authority has compiled a list of parameters that RPC-268 operates under:

  • Time for death for subjects is not known.
  • There is no change if an individual is photographed numerous times before death, save for the setting.
  • Multiple individuals within an instance of RPC-268-1 will be affected; however, information regarding their possible means of demise is limited to which parts of their body are captured in the instance.
    • E.g., RPC-268-1-37A captured the right arm of an individual who was otherwise out-of-frame. In the developed photograph, the individual's skin featured extensive third-degree burns; this individual was later identified to have died in a house fire.
  • Individuals who were involved in the deaths of RPC-268-1 subjects, such as the murderer of the subject in RPC-268-1-08C, will not appear in the instance.
  • Taking a picture of a person's name or another photograph will not yield an instance of RPC-268-1.
  • RPC-268 has shown no signs of sapience/sentience, nor do individuals show any changes to their ACS Reality levels.5
  • Those in possession of RPC-268 are immune to its anomalous properties when taking a self-portrait.
  • Any intervention applied in order to avoid the results observed in RPC-286-1 instances have so far invariably been incorporated into the means of those results. (See Addendum 268.1)
  • Any attempts, precognitive or impromptu, to alter or prevent the means of death depicted in RPC-286-1 instances have invariably been met with failure.

RPC-268 was discovered in 1976, when PoI-9320 was taken into custody. On his person were hundreds of instant photographs of cadavers, later determined to be instances of RPC-268-1. When RPC-268 was removed from PoI-9320 his physical appearance deteriorated over the course of the following weeks, such that the apparent age of PoI-9320 became markedly incongruous with his biological age. This effect has not reoccurred despite attempts to recreate it. The significance of this occurrence remains in dispute.

Addendum 1: Notable RPC-268-1 Instances

Addendum 2: Selected Test Logs

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