The Widow and the Mechcronomicon





Registered Phenomena Code: 267

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical, Transmutation, Extra-Dimensional, Informational, Mind-Regression, Thaumaturgic/Keballic1

Containment Protocols: RPC-267 is to be stored within a standard containment locker located in Site-016. Access to RPC-267 is strictly prohibited outside of emergency scenarios. In the event that Site-016 must be evacuated, RPC-267 is to be evacuated with the personnel stationed to monitor its locker.

Description: RPC-267 is a leather-bound book that features various artistic depictions of clockwork and other mechanical mechanisms on its cover. Measuring it reveals that RPC-267 is no longer than 300 pages long. However, no actual limit to the number of pages within RPC-267 has been discovered via conventional means, as opening RPC-267 at any point will result in the subject opening RPC-267 at the point they last left off. If the subject has not opened RPC-267 before they will open RPC-267 to the first page.


The cover of RPC-267, all informational hazards have been censored.

The text contained within RPC-267 will always conform to a language understood by the subject viewing RPC-267, with this effect also applying to images of RPC-267. It should be noted that RPC-267 makes use of images and diagrams where it would be necessary to properly explain a piece of information. Subjects that read the text contained within or on RPC-267 will suffer mentally degenerative effects proportional to the time spent reading RPC-267. These effects vary greatly between subjects, with some subjects being more susceptible to these effects than others. Additionally, a small portion of subjects that read RPC-267 will not suffer from this effect for the first 12 hours of reading, immediately after which the subject will instantly be rendered catatonic.

The contents of RPC-267 vary based on how far the reader is into RPC-267, as no anomalous material is present within the first 300 pages of RPC-267. The contents of the first 300 pages of RPC-267 will contain information on the creation and theory behind various machines and programs that would be considered cutting edge. This information within the first 300 pages will change over time based on the current human understanding.

As a subject begins to read past the 300th page the programs and machines described by RPC-267 will gain minor anomalous properties or make use of various minor anomalies. At this point, RPC-267 will explain that it doesn't know exactly how the anomalies it instructs the reader to use work. At this point, subjects will report being entranced by the contents of RPC-267 and will not want to stop reading RPC-267. However, outside stimuli can allow the subjects to stop reading should they feel that they are in danger.

Past the 378th page, the machines and programs described by RPC-267 will start to actively produce larger anomalous effects out of non-anomalous materials and components. Additionally, any subject that reads past this point will be compelled to create the various machines and programs described by RPC-267. This compulsion is anomalous and cannot be resisted once the subject has read any amount of page 379.

Past page 413 of RPC-267 are a variety of spells and rituals of a seemingly Thaumaturgic2 nature, collectively designated as RPC-267-A. However, RPC-267-A will simply have no effect if the subject enacting them has not read their corresponding pages in RPC-267. Additionally, Authority experts on Thaumaturgy that have examined various recorded RPC-267-A have stated that the entity/phenomena used in the Thaumaturgic shortcut simply doesn't exist. For an assorted collection of various RPC-267-A please see addendum.2

Due to the aforementioned effects of reading RPC-267 for prolonged periods of time, most subjects typically don't read further than around 420 pages before they are no longer capable of comprehending language.

Once a subject reads past page 436 they will begin to find various notes and other materials between the pages of RPC-267. These notes are believed to have been made by the original creator of RPC-267 and serve as a means of further explaining the concepts, theory, and equations within RPC-267. Subjects will also occasionally find that a page of RPC-267 has been used by the creator of RPC-267 to record a journal entry. See addendum.3 for a collected list of these journal entries


Addendum.1: Recovery Log

RPC-267 was gifted to the Authority following the rescue of a small Remnants force via the use of RPC-████. This Remnants force claimed to have recovered RPC-267 from the ruins of a city. The Remnants force further claims that various destroyed robotic humanoids were found scattered throughout the city in which RPC-267 was discovered.

Following the recovery of RPC-267 from the Remnants timeline, it was discovered that various Children of Nihil cults within the Remnants had begun to worship an unknown entity known as the "The Widow". It is currently believed that RPC-267 is related to this entity, however, the exact nature of this relationship is unknown.

Addendum.2: Partial RPC-267-A list

Foreword: The following is a partial list of the RPC-267-A instances contained within RPC-267. Due to security concerns only the name, description of the spell's intended effect, description of the spell's actual effects, and notes on the spell have been listed.

Addendum.3: Recovered journal entries

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