Smoldering Hot





Fig. 1.0: An image of RPC-266 recovered from █████████.com.1

Registered Phenomena Code: 266

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Contact Hazard, Organic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-266 is to remain housed within the Habitat Containment Wing of Site-015, contained within a 15x153 meter humanoid containment chamber, specifically outfitted with a secondary chamber containing a large coolant system. RPC-266's containment chamber is to remain at approximately 32° degrees celsius at all times, only fluctuating higher as a reward for good behavior. This fluctuation shall only be between temperatures of 32° and 34°, as to avoid RPC-266's anomalous effects.

Two on-site ASF personnel are to remain stationed at the entrance to RPC-266's containment chamber at all times, with access to the controls for the coolant system. If RPC-266 attempts a containment breach, the room may be cooled significantly as to nullify their anomalous effects. In the event cross-testing is proposed, it must be approved by both Site Director Hines and Dr. Aims2 respectively.

Description: RPC-266 is a seemingly female humanoid entity, relying on heat to perform anomalous actions.3 It is unknown at this time how RPC-266 is capable of doing this, however research is currently ongoing into how to utilize this effect. RPC-266, among other anomalous properties, is capable of basic transmutation of its physical appearance, and has been observed to anomalously generate large amounts of heat as a natural defense mechanism when threatened.

Although RPC-266 is capable of changing their appearance at will when met with temperatures above 32 degrees celsius, RPC-266 generally appears as a reptilian humanoid, approximately 1.3 meters tall, with blue skin pigmentation. As RPC-266 has been observed remaining in this state whilst dormant, it has been concluded this is its natural state. While humanoid, RPC-266 has yet to show anything more than a basic understanding of human social skills, and has been observed to move similarly to a quadruped4 when visibly threatened.

RPC-266 shows intelligence comparable to that of a human child, showing very limited emotional development. This is assumed to be caused by RPC-266's lack of any social development throughout their lifespan, as they have never been outside of a contained environment, in Authority custody or otherwise.

Upon discovery, RPC-266 was found in a condemned building in [REDACTED], China. attached to their clothes was a note, detailing the presumed origin of RPC-266 by Group of Interest "Kabushiki Kawaii".

RPC-266's anomalous properties show a notable connection to their emotional state. For instance, if one was to insult RPC-266 whilst the coolant on their containment chamber was online, their body heat would anomalously fluctuate between 200 to 300 degrees celsius before returning to normal. Full psychological testing of RPC-266 is currently an ongoing procedure, however multiple tests have been conducted already. RPC-266 shows very primitive emotional stature, becoming extremely disconcerted by notably minor occurrences. Psychological examinations may be found below.

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