A mass accumulation of grease and fat in the South-West pipe system of Wacousta County

Registered Phenomena Code: 265

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: Wacousta County is to be surrounded with 12 kilometers of fencing and barbed wire, as well as managed and supervised by MST November-7 "Hammer the Gamma", to ensure that none of the residents attempt to leave. Under no circumstances are any town residents to be farther than 3.21 kilometers from the central town square. Residents found moving closer towards said limit are to be apprehended by Authority personnel and returned to their place of residence.

In the event that mass hysteria is caused by anomalous events within RPC-265, amnestic gas must be sprayed throughout all streets and building air filtration systems via Amnestic distribution squad. Residents of Wacousta County are only permitted to use Authority assigned electronic devices for entertainment and leisure and certain approved websites. Individuals found within 1.6 kilometers of Wacousta County are to be apprehended, given mild amnestics, and then placed back at a safer distance. Numerous misinformation and area protection campaigns are to be held in order to ensure that the general public does not know about the existence of the anomalous events that take place within RPC-265.

Description: RPC-265 is the designation given to the town of Wacousta County, Illinois. Since 3/2/20██, RPC-265 has been the site of a series of anomalous events relating to its land, residents, and internal systems caused by RPC-265-1 [See Current Events Log]. A notable anomalous property includes the existence of an intangible RPC-265-1-imposed barrier around the town. This becomes evident once an individual that is deemed to be a "resident" of Wacousta County is farther than 3.21 kilometers from the town's center square. This individual will gradually begin to decompose into a substance that resembles hamburger meat. This decomposition effect has proven to undo itself once the affected individual returns to the boundary's interior. The following are the requirements to be considered a "resident" of RPC-265:

  • Having been born in the Wacousta County Clinic
  • Having lived within Wacousta County for a minimum period of five years
  • Owning land or a home within Wacousta County

RPC-265-1 is an incorporeal entity that inhabits the heart of the lower Wacousta County sewer system, roughly 45 meters below the central town square. Due to a lack of confirmed visual sightings, RPC-265-1 is believed to lack a corporeal shape and physical structure. RPC-265-1 has been shown to be openly hostile to the residents of Wacousta County, as well as Authority Personnel.

RPC-265-2 is a series of small messages that have appeared spontaneously throughout the town of Wacousta County since 3/2/20██. These messages generally make little sense and involve items typically consumed by humans. Instances of RPC-265-2 appear to be written in blood of that of Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss cows (Bos tauraus). When an individual stares at an instance of RPC-265-2 for a period ranging between 5 to 13 seconds, said individual will begin to experience intense cramps in the stomach that resemble hunger pains. Conducted tests have shown that RPC-265-2 instances have no effect when viewed through photographs or any other type of media. Roughly an hour after the initial viewing, the individual will begin to gain large amounts of body mass typically ranging from 113 to 136 kilograms. Despite the increased amount of body mass, affected individuals have been shown to move regularly; albeit at a slower pace than a typical healthy human. Testing has shown that individuals are unable to lose any weight gained through an instance of RPC-265.

An hour after the initial body mass gain, individuals will begin to lose all desire to consume fruits, vegetables, and grains, instead choosing to consume foods with a high fat and grease count. The bodies of affected individuals appear to reject any attempt to consume any type of food that is deemed "healthy" by modern standards.


An instance of RPC-265-2, shortly before removal

Discovery: RPC-265-2 instances were first discovered on 3/2/20██,when a Wacousta County resident reported a message written in blood on the North-East end of end of the Wacousta County Middle School to authorities. Police investigated the message, leading to █ Officers experiencing its effects. An Authority watch station was established on the perimeter of Wacousta County for the monitoring of anomalous effects.

Addendum 265-0.1: As of 6/1/20██, roughly 62% percent of the population of Wacousta County has been confirmed to have been influenced by RPC-265.

Addendum 265-0.2: A compiled list of all known anomalous occurrences and important events that have taken place in Wacousta County since 4/2/20██.

Addendum 265-0.3:

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