Registered Phenomena Code: 264

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazard h-contact.png Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-264 is currently contained in a standard, Alpha-class storage container at Site-016. Contingency measures to RPC-264's containment chamber, including emergency lockdown and subsequent carbon dioxide flooding, are to be made in the event of a change in position. Interaction with RPC-264 is limited to approved experimentation sessions; the use of RPC-264 outside authorized parameters is subject to penalty.

Description: RPC-264 is a 30-cm-by-30-cm grey metallic box. On the front, there is a 15-centimeter-wide hole believed to have been created for a subject to fit its hand in, with a cash dispenser directly beneath. On the top, a yellow button can be found with "易賺快錢 :)"1 written on it in black. RPC-264 is otherwise featureless.

Upon placing the subject's hand inside the hole and pressing the yellow button on top, an amount of money in the local currency will be dispensed. The subject who interacted with RPC-264 will immediately lose a random body part2. The monetary amount dispensed is related to the part removed, however, the amount provided and amputation severity increases relative to the number of uses. Users of RPC-264 have an irremovable barcode printed onto their hand3. It is currently undetermined as to the method in which RPC-264 procures money, as well as the whereabouts of removed organs following a "transaction."

Organ removal is observed to be an immediate, painless procedure, often incorporating surgical precision, although no post-operative scarring is observed. Negative health effects are typically due to the absence of the removed organ, rather than amputation trauma.

Discovery: RPC-264 was found during a major human traffic busting operation conducted in secret by The Authority4 in a restaurant located in Hong Kong, which served as a front for illegal activities. The object was kept in a room with ██ civilians (of which ██ were younger than 13) forced to interact with RPC-264, each possessing a barcode on their person. It was estimated that RPC-264 was used at least 147 times prior to its containment. All gang members related to this incident were terminated after interrogation by The Authority, all non-authority personnel who were affected by, interacted with, or observed RPC-264 in any way were administered class █-█ amnestics. With cooperation from the Chinese government, subjects attempting to dispel information regarding RPC-264 are to be subsequently detained and suppressed.

The existence of RPC-264 was of knowledge among gangs, as further investigation showed the object to have been used by several criminal gangs both inside and outside the country, though its place of origin could not be traced. A misinformation campaign took place between the years 1996 and 2004 in the Asian continent to eliminate any traces of RPC-264. The operation was proven to be a success.

Addendum 264.1: Test log

Foreword: The following log is a recording from experiment 264.12, although most tests progressed identically. The subject was given instructions on how to use the device, the possible consequences, and was informed that upon successful completion of testing, he would be issued a legal pardon and permitted to retain the money allotted.

Subject: CSD-1024

Test: The subject inserted his left hand inside RPC-264 and pressed the button. CSD-1024 took 2 seconds before realising his right eye was missing. From the cash dispenser, 15,000.00 US Dollars came out. The barcode appeared, as expected. The subject was then informed he was allowed to leave.

CSD-1024 decided to press the button a second time. 80,000.00 US Dollars came out from the dispenser, the subject unable to identify what was missing. A research team entered the chamber and scanned the barcode, the subject's left kidney was missing.

Addendum 264.2: Mishaps

Foreword: There were a number of instances where, during tests, unforeseen consequences were registered.
Mishap: Barcode inscription:
The subject spontaneously combusts, no money was dispensed. Illegible.
The organ is forcefully removed and sucked into the machine, causing internal bleeding and intense pain on the subject. RPC-264 acts otherwise as usual. As normal.
Nothing happens. 500,000.00 US Dollars are dispensed. The subject could no longer use RPC-264. The barcode simply reads "Soul". Further inspection on the subject reveals no anomalies.
The subject's entire urinary system disappears. 80,000.00 US Dollars are dispensed. The barcode read as though the subject had sold his kidney.
The subject disappears completely. No money is dispensed. [N/A]
The subject is immediately deprived of all traces of blood and instantly dies. From the hole, a water bottle and a potato chip bag come out. "Blood donation".

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