Registered Phenomena Code: 262

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-262 is to be closed off from the public eye with a five (5) meter high concrete wall surrounding the area. Any roads or pathways that lead towards RPC-262 are to be blocked by an electric gate blocking them to prevent unauthorized entry. Two (2) Off-site security guards are to patrol the area around RPC-202. One (1) security guard is to be stationed on a watchtower built at the north-east of RPC-262. Security cameras should be installed in every room of RPC-202. Security cameras are to only be installed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room, see Incident-262-1 for the explanation. Any plant life that exhibits any sedative properties found growing around 50m of RPC-262 are to be immediately uprooted from the ground and disposed of through incineration. Monitoring of RPC-262-1 and RPC-262-2 is to be done at all times of the day. Daily scheduled 'Tea Time' sessions shall take place every afternoon. If personnel wish to have unscheduled sessions with the RPC-262 entities, they will need approval from Head Researcher, Harold R. Ames.

Any time RPC-262-1 wishes to brew new instances of RPC-262-A, one (1) off-site researcher is to monitor what it puts into the brew to make sure RPC-262-1 adds non-harmful ingredients1. Security staff and researchers are to not consume any instance of RPC-262-A unless granted permission. If a person is caught consuming or taking instances of RPC-262-A outside of RPC-262 without permission, they shall be disciplined accordingly. If any unauthorized personnel are caught intruding within the area of RPC-262, they will be detained and questioned about their motives for intruding and will be administered amnestics.

Description: RPC-262 is a two (2) storied house with a 4mx8x4m basement, built around the Victorian era in ████████ Forest of ████████, England, thought to have been abandoned in ████. The house is built with normal building materials such as wood, brick, and concrete. The exterior wall of RPC-262 is painted a shade of maroon, the interior walls of the building are of lighter and brighter colors such as blue, yellow, and pink. The area surrounding RPC-262 is a forest of tall thin Pine trees with dirt footpaths leading to the home. RPC-262 is able to influence those within the forest area of the home, causing a person or persons to go along the footpath and enter the home. The range of how far RPC-262's influence can reach is 500 kilometers away from the origin.


RPC-262-1 and RPC-262-2 sitting on the couch in their living room.

There are two entities residing within the home, designated RPC-262-1 and RPC-262-2. RPC-262-1 and RPC-262-2 are perceived as Caucasians of British descent, female and male respectively. RPC-262 entities don't have outstanding physical features other than their above average height, RPC-262-1 and RPC-262-2 standing at 170cm and 190cm respectively. Both entities wear clothes that are designed to be in fashion during the late 19th century, more specifically the Victorian era. The two entities are observed to treat each other as a married couple. However, when looking at pictures and security recordings they are seen as small handmade dolls with the appearance of anthropomorphic cats wearing the same clothing. Security recordings show their movement being unnatural and stiff, and their hand-stitched faces showing a blank expression. The entities look around 35 centimeters tall and need wooden stepping stools to do basic tasks, though these stools are not seen when viewing the entities in person.

RPC-262-1 is shown to have a calmer personality than RPC-262-2, who has been shown to curse at security staff. Other than RPC-262-2 dissatisfaction with the staff, the entities offering any visitors "Tea Time" sessions that last between 10 minutes to an hour. Subjects after "Tea Time" experience an improvement to their mood and feel overall emotional betterment, which has since been explained by the entities to originate from the tea, now labeled RPC-262-A. RPC-262-A is a tea with a brown tint brewed by RPC-262-12. The substance is always poured into a small teacup that could easily be held in the palm of a person's hand. Testing of the substance has yielded no results as to what the ingredients are. When RPC-262-1 was questioned to what it puts into the tea, the entity responded with; "I don't want anyone to know my secret recipe, it's very special and it would sadden me for my recipe to be copied by someone."

Discovery: RPC-262 was discovered when a group of hikers were exploring the forest surrounding the home and followed the footpath towards RPC-262. When one of them took a photo of the entities residing in the home, the result was the photo in the document. The group grew nervous and left soon after the photo was taken and reported it to the police and took them to the home themselves. After the police discovered the home, the Authority was informed and went to RPC-262 to contain it. Amnestics were administered to any unauthorized witnesses.


Addendum-2: Below are a list of requests made by the two entities residing in RPC-262 along with their reasons and the status of the request.


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