Registered Phenomena Code: 260

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sentient.png Sentient h-contact.png Contact h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: At no point should physical contact be made with RPC-260. RPC-260 is to be stored in a secure containment chamber at Site-0771, and has been encased in a .15 meter thick plate glass to prevent accidental exposure.


RPC-260 in containment

Description: RPC-260 is an irregularly shaped armchair labeled with the tag "Manufactured by Damien and Co's Happy Home Furniture".2 RPC-260 is cast in ultraviolet light, and resembles a twisting tubular formation similar to the human intestinal tract. RPC-260's biological material consists of 2 human hearts, 1 lung, and approximately 12,000 liters of blood; the composition of which is made up of unknown (likely anomalous) materials. If any physical contact by any biological life-forms is made with RPC-260, the subject will exhibit extreme distress and their vital functions subsequently cease. After this period, RPC-260 will enter its 'feeding' stage, in which it will 'consume' the subject by acquiring an intense grip on the subject, turning it into an RPC-260-1 instance. The duration of this process is variable (typically lasting 3-5 hours), as it is dependent on the size of RPC-260-1. This process cannot be viewed by an outside observer.

RPC-260 begins by consuming the subject's circulatory system before progressing to their internal organs. RPC-260 subsequently expands its mass into the subject's hollowed remains. This results in the subject becoming fully incorporated into RPC-260's mass. Afterwards, RPC-260 assumes full control over the subject's body, and is able to autonomously use the subject's motor functions to perform tasks. Additionally, if the subject was capable of producing speech, RPC-260 acquires the ability to emulate their voice. The only way to remove a subject's body from RPC-260 would be to completely dismember them from RPC-260's surface.

RPC-260 exhibits symptoms propagated by Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), including usage of multiple personalities and difficulty recollecting certain events. RPC-260 has additionally attempted coercion of Authority personnel to be incorporated into its mass, exhibited high levels of aggression, and periodically expresses suicidal ideations. RPC-260 has attempted to persuade researchers to 'kill'3 it, but this has been considered as predatory behavior, and is meant to be used to trick victims into becoming part of RPC-260.

RPC-260 has been observed to emit multiple different hues. These hues seem to correspond to RPC-260's current emotional state, and has relation to the stereotypical representation of human emotions on a color wheel.

Color Emitted Results
Purple RPC-260's normal state that has been observed without the presence of researchers.
Blue This color was emitted by RPC-260 during an interview, in which RPC-260 had attempted to bribe researcher Kristoph to kill it.
Red This color was emitted by RPC-260 when RPC-260 had vocalized multiple moaning sounds and grumbles.
Orange This color was emitted by RPC-260 when RPC-260 was answering questions relating to its origin

Addendum 260-A: Interview Log:

Date: █/█/███9

Note: 1R-█████ had been scheduled for testing with RPC-260. Subject had interacted with RPC-260, and the feeding process had occurred. 1R-█████ is considered KIA, and is now a RPC-260-1 instance. Below is an interview log with RPC-260 conducted by Dr.Kristoph after RPC-260 had fully consumed 1R-█████, and had begun to mimic the subject's voice.



Dr.Kristoph: RPC-260, can you hear me?

RPC-260-1: Positive.

Dr.Kristoph: I'm here to ask you a few questions. Please cooperate, and this will be finished thoroughly.

A low pitched moan is heard from RPC-260-1, and RPC-260 emits a red color.

Dr.Kristoph: Who created you, RPC-260?

RPC-260-1: Haven't you seen the tag?

Dr.Kristoph: What is your purpose, RPC-260?

RPC-260-1: I was made to feast. I am hungry, please bring me more.

Dr.Kristoph: Request denied. Please complete the interview first.

An audible grumble is heard from RPC-260-1, followed by a sudden movement of the right arm.

RPC-260-1: To be truthful, I have no recollection. I just know who had made me.

Dr.Kristoph: What exactly is "Damien and Co's Happy Home Furniture"?

RPC-260-1: I do not have the answers you seek, and even if I did, why would I tell you?

Dr.Kristoph: Okay, can you at least tell me how you 'feast'?

RPC-260-1: First, I draw the prey in. Their small minds feel sympathy for me, and then, I attack. When they draw near, my grip on them grows ever so stronger, and they are weak against me. I expand my biological material through them, and consume their insides. I then replace their empty shells with my own mass. Somehow, it just is created by me. I do not understand how, or why I can do this, but I believe it is my destiny.

Dr.Kristoph: Do you enjoy it?

RPC-260-1: Yes. I take this as an enjoyable experience.

Dr.Kristoph: RPC-260, you were found in a remote █████████████ in ███████, correct?

RPC-260-1: What is that?

Dr.Kristoph: Never mind that, I meant to ask you why you were being sold.

RPC-260-1: Damien had made me. Then he sold me, as you know. I don't know, but while I was there, I couldn't see. I did not have eyes, or a mouth, but now with this new shell, I can finally release these thoughts.

Dr.Kristoph: Does Damien sell anomalous objects like yourself? How does he create them?

RPC-260-1: You ask too much from me, I said I did not have eyes. I could not see.

Dr.Kristoph: If you couldn't see, then surely you wouldn't have been able to answer all my questions prior to this.

RPC-260-1 vocalizes a phrase, however it is inaudible due to audio quality.

RPC-260-1: Fine, I will speak up. If you truly want the answers you seek, I require more food.

Dr.Kristoph: Well, I suppose we could arrange something.

A low pitched grumble is heard from RPC-260-1.

RPC-260-1: I was lying to you. I can hear without a new body to feast on. However, my ears are not on the outside, but on the inside. It was difficult to make out the words, but I did get some information.

Dr.Kristoph begins to jot down notes.

RPC-260-1: I had awoken, I heard the sound of a pulsating heart. I then realized it was mine. The muffled voices had drowned out the sound, I think Damien was ready to put me up for sale.

Dr.Kristoph: Did Damien touch you? Did your effects kill him?

RPC-260-1: I don't know if it even was him. If someone did touch me, then they are immune to my effects.

Dr.Kristoph: Do you know where Damien is located? Or where this facility you were created at was?

RPC-260-1: ██████████████ ███████████

Dr.Kristoph: How do you know this?

RPC-260-1: I do not know, but I feel like when they created me, they intended for me to know this information by heart.

Dr.Kristoph: When you were discovered, you were not in the Damien building. How did this happen?

RPC-260-1: I was sold to someone. I have no recollection on how they had relocated me safely, or how they are immune to my effects.

Dr.Kristoph: Well, I feel like we're done here.

RPC-260-1: Where is my food? I was promised more.

Dr.Kristoph: Yes, I will have to arrange that later on.

RPC-260-1 vocalizes a distressed grumble, and RPC-260 emits a blue color.

RPC-260-1: If you aren't going to bring me food, then just kill me. I don't want to suffer anymore, every second of my life is painful. I just want you to end my life. Are you really that incompetent?

Dr.Kristoph: RPC-260, I am wise enough to not fall for your trap, so we will be calling off this interview.

RPC-260 vocalizes a phrase that is inaudible due to audio quality.

RPC-260-1: Maybe next time.


The official coordinates of a Damien Co building have been discovered and verified. A raid on this location has been ordered by Department Director-█, and Department Director-█. The raid will be carried out by MST Sierra-8 ("Sundowners").

Addendum 260-B: Interview Log 260-2:

Date: █/██/███9

Note: Subject Daniel ██████4 was apprehended during the raid on a Damien Co building and was subsequently scheduled for questioning with Dr.Kristoph.



Dr.Kristoph: Daniel ██████, you have been scheduled for questioning. Cooperate or face immediate termination.

Daniel ██████: Sir, I'm sorry, please ask away.

Dr.Kristoph: You have been involved in the creation and distribution of multiple anomalous objects under the company name "Damien Co", correct?

Daniel ██████: Yes.

Dr.Kristoph: Now, can you tell me how you created RPC-260?

Daniel ██████: The couch?

Dr.Kristoph: Yes, did you create it?

Daniel ██████: We made the couch, and multiple other anomalous furniture. We decided to try and make a living off selling our creations, as we believe it is an art form.

Dr.Kristoph: Your 'creations' killed people. How is that an art form?

Daniel ██████: Sir, please, hear me out.

Daniel ██████: Damien had died recently, and we used the skills he taught us to rebirth him. We took his organs, everything about him, and we turned him into the couch. Damien is RPC-260.

Daniel ██████: He only hurts people because that's the only way he knows how to feast. We tried to help him learn, but he even has trouble remembering who he is. Please, just don't get near him. He doesn't require food.

Dr.Kristoph: Does Damien Co have any relation to 'GEAR'?

Daniel ██████: What's that? No, we are all by ourselves in this business.

Dr.Kristoph: Never-mind that.

Dr.Kristoph: Alright, about the anomalies again. Are you supernatural beings, and you just have the power to create them, or do you use some form of technology?

Daniel ██████: It's complicated. We have many different forms of creating the anomalies. To create biological ones, we use a technique called 'Bio-Fusion', in which we combine the mechanical material of an object with the biological material of a human being. To create anomalies like the bed that would teleport people to the oceans, we used science to bend reality, and create our own wormholes and pocket dimensions.

Dr.Kristoph begins to jot down notes.

Dr.Kristoph: Okay, now, can you explain to me why you were immune to RPC-260's effects?

Daniel ██████: We are not immune, it's just that RPC-260 simply does not want to hurt us. We are his friends.

Dr.Kristoph: Does RPC-260 not want to feast on everyone who he meets then?

Daniel ██████: No sir, he still has some remembrance and knowledge of certain people such as us, and he chooses not to hurt them.

Dr.Kristoph: How does RPC-260 know not to hurt you, but he doesn't remember that he is Damien?

Daniel ██████: Bio-Fusion is not state of the art technology, and the knowledge that Damien possesses when he was turned into RPC-260 was greatly deteriorated by the fact that we could not find a way to fit all of his memories into him, but only the important ones.

Dr.Kristoph: If you could just choose what knowledge you could give him, then why would you not give him the knowledge that he is Damien? I see a contradiction here.

Daniel ██████: I honestly don't think Damien would be very pleased if he figured out he was a couch, but it was the most we could have done. We just decided to not let him remember his true identity.

Dr.Kristoph: Alright, then why does RPC-260 suffer from DID? Why is he sometimes suicidal?

Daniel ██████: I, I don't know. His personality is very unlike the Damien we all knew, but the most we can do is remember him for who he used to be.

Dr.Kristoph: I feel like you are purposely trying to avoid my questions, so we are calling off this interview.

Daniel ██████: No. Wait, please. Don't kill me, I didn't mean it.

Daniel ██████: We just wanted to share our creations with the world, no matter how dangerous they might have been. It was our passion.

Daniel ██████: You can destroy Damien Co, just don't kill me.


Daniel ██████ refused to give anymore information, and was demoted to a 1R-Class subject. No future plans to release Daniel ██████ have ever been considered.

Bio-Fusion technology described by Daniel ██████ requires further research, and investigations and subsequent tests will be performed soon.

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