Registered Phenomena Code: 259

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-259 is to be stored within a standard Alpha-Class containment chamber at Site-017 while not being used for testing. Testing with RPC-259 is to be done with clearance level IV or higher. Personnel requesting for self-testing on RPC-259 are to be administered an Authority Psychological Exam (APE) and an Authority Loyalty Test (ALT). Personnel with deformities like severe hereditary gigantism1 are restricted from utilizing RPC-259.

Description: RPC-259 is a metallic sphere with a diameter of 15.5cm and weighs 80g. RPC-259 is composed of 25% iron, 25% tungsten, 25% oxygen in its solid-state, and 25% anti-thaumaturgic steel2. Physically, RPC-259 is completely non-anomalous when no human beings are within 3m of RPC-259. When a subject comes within 3m of RPC-259, RPC-259-A will materialize.

RPC-259-A is a female humanoid of unknown ethnicity, background, and measures 3m in height. RPC-259-A causes the Anderson Coherency of the local area to fluctuate between 3.87 and 4.87. RPC-259-A will always outstretch its hand to the nearest human (hereby referred to as the subject) in its vicinity, attempting to entice the subject with promises of self-improvement. RPC-259-A will try to entice the subject with promises of self-improvement. If a subject takes the hand of RPC-259-A, both the subject and RPC-259-A will be teleported into RPC-259-B.

RPC-259-B is a pocket universe3 located within RPC-259. According to footage and personnel accounts, RPC-259-A is a large barren desert with multiple mountains and anomalous structures. Time within RPC-259-B is extremely fast, one month within RPC-259-B is the equivalent of one day in our reality.

Once a subject enters RPC-259-B, the subject are immediately put under physical trials by RPC-259-A. RPC-259-A is capable of warping reality within RPC-259-B to create specialized trials for subjects who enter RPC-259-B. Trials given by RPC-259-A during a subjects first week in RPC-259-B depend on the subjects physical or mental condition. Examples of this are recorded below:

If a subject receives an injury during any trial, RPC-259-A will use its reality-bending abilities to heal the subject by increasing the speed of muscle regeneration. Subjects usually go through six trials a day within RPC-259-A. Once a subject completes six trials, RPC-259 will bring the subject to a large building. RPC-259-A will let the subject rest 12 hours. RPC-259-A will provide the subject with food and water for the subject.

As time goes on RPC-259-A’s trials will become increasingly difficult and dangerous. RPC-259-A will begin to create entities within the trials which the subject either avoid or terminate. These entities, designated RPC-259-C, are extremely hostile towards subjects within RPC-259-B. Examples of RPC-259-C instances are listed below:

If a subject facing an RPC-259-C instance receives a critical injury, RPC-259-A will de-manifest the RPC-259-C instance and tend to the subject’s wounds. RPC-259-A will heal the subject so that the subject will repeat the trial successfully.

Subjects will return from RPC-259-B after one to two months. RPC-259-A will return the subject to our reality and de-manifest. Once RPC-259-A de-manifests, RPC-259’s anomalous properties will become inert for one week. Once one week passes RPC-259-A will manifest to the nearest human being who comes within 3m of RPC-259.

Subjects who return from RPC-259-B are always physically stronger than prior to entering RPC-259. Personality defects previously present within a subject prior to entrance to RPC-259 will always disappear. Observations of subjects show that subjects usually return physically taller or larger than prior to entry. 5% of subjects who have returned from RPC-259 have returned with some form of anomalous ability.

Discovery: RPC-259 was discovered in AR-17 in Sector 19 on July 4th, 2019. The anomaly was found while exploring the ruins of Sector 19. Authority archeologist Tien Lee, accompanied by ASF agent Thomas Gramte stumbled upon a room filled with metallic sphere piled up around the walls of the building with one metallic sphere in the center of the room laying atop an altar. Agent Gramte approached RPC-259 activating its anomalous properties. RPC-259-A manifested offering Agent Gramte to enter RPC-259-B. Agent Gramte was taken by RPC-259-A into RPC-259-B leaving Dr. Lee behind. Dr. Lee reported RPC-259’s anomalous properties and it was taken to Site-017 for study. Two months later, Agent Gramte returned from RPC-259-B. It was observed that Agent Gramte returned 27cm taller than prior to entry. An interview was conducted with Agent Gramte 30 minutes after his return. The interview can be found below:

Addendum.259.TL.Ex: Test Log

Test Log: 001

Subject: CSD-2145

Subject Description: CSD-2145 is an underweight adult Caucasian male of European descent. CSD-2145 weighs 40kg and measures 152cm in height.

Results: CSD-2145 was sent into RPC-259-B and returned two months later. CSD-2145 returned measuring 172cm in height and weighing 73kg. CSD-2145 also showed significant telekinetic abilities. CSD-2145 attempted to escape RPC-259’s containment chamber using its newly acquired anomalous ability but was captured and contained within Site-017’s Beta Anomaly Containment Sector. CSD-2145 is now designated RPC-████.

Test Log: 005

Subject: CSD-2146

Subject Description: CSD-2146 is a morbidly obese African-American female from the United States. CSD-2146 measures 163 cm in height and weighs 450kg. CSD-2146 has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

Results: CSD-2146 was sent into RPC-259-B and returned one month later. CSD-2146 returned measuring 172cm in height and weighing 67kg. CSD-2146 appears to be proficient in hand to hand combat. It is unknown if CSD-2146 learned this during her time in RPC-259-B or knew these skills prior to entry into RPC-259.

Test Log: 010

Subject: Agent Dominic

Subject Description: Subject is a Hispanic male from [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject measures 155cm and weighs 79kg. Subject was previously employed by GoI “Destacamento Contranatural”.

Results: Agent Dominic was sent into RPC-259-B and returned one month later. Agent Dominic measures 182cm in height and weighs 86kg. Agent Dominic has shown increased physical and mental activity. Agent Dominic claims that his Krav Maga abilities have also seen improvements.

Note:During the same day RPC-███, a highly Cognito-hazardous entity, broke containment. Agent Dominic was able to restrain and single-handedly recontain the entity without any cognitive damage. It is believed that Agent Dominic had gained some form of Cognito-hazard resistance during his time in RPC-259-B.

Addendum.259.AE: Secondary Expedition
A second expedition was sent into Sector 19 into the same location where RPC-259 was found. One archeologists returned to the altar where RPC-259 was found upon and discovered a secret compartment with various scrolls written Latin. The scrolls were taken back to Site-017 for study. The scrolls were translated by on site linguist Dr. Trent. The translated information can be found below:

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