RPC-258 in hangar █ of Site-███.

Registered Phenomena Code: 258

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-258 is to be contained in hangar █ of Site-███. The item is to remain under lock and may not be utilized unless directly authorized by ████████████ and Site-███ Level 4 Administration. Update: Research is complete as of 02/08/19.

Description: RPC-258 is a 252 metric ton "Class 95" freight locomotive of non-anomalous make and materials that bears manufacture markings as well as those of the ████████████ Co.1 The company has no database recognition of the model nor its blueprints and disclaims any part in its production or operation. Furthermore, the manufacturing equipment necessitated by the locomotive’s engineering is not present at the company’s sites of production. The locomotive is unnumbered, and so production history cannot be obtained. The wheels are fused, disallowing transportation.

Despite having a numerical factory designation ("95") that is subsequent to those of similar, known locomotives (e.g. the current "Class 93"), RPC-258's design and technology antedates these by several decades. It is painted dark yellow with a stylistic stripe of black that circumscribes the engine.

When the horn of RPC-258 is engaged, a standard dial tone is produced at ~60dB. The source and effect of the dial tone are undergoing empiric investigation. The anomaly was unrecognized for some time after acquisition (██/██/18), due to the similarities between a phone's dial tone and a freight train horn.

Editor's Note: The above has been submitted as "Incomplete" in order to expedite submission for research and will be updated accordingly.

Additional Documentation

Event/Observations Notes
Continuous tone of 350 and 440 Hz, per telecommunications industry standard. No anomalous sequelae observed. Horn engaged.
Continuous tone ends, adopting a repeating pattern of short, percussive tones consistent with standard permanent signals.2 Horn engaged for >18 seconds.
No change in tones and no anomalous phenomena observed. Various attempts at manipulating moving parts, levers, and button displays including the comm terminal/channels on and within the locomotive while the horn is engaged.
Continuous tone abruptly ends after an audible blip, followed by silence. Eventually, the standard permanent signal sounds. An intermodal freight container attached in tow to the locomotive.
Continuous tone abruptly ends after an audible blip, followed by silence. Eventually, the standard permanent signal sounds. (No change.) A sequential intermodal freight container attached in tow.
Continuous tone abruptly ends after two audible blips, after is same pattern as one blip. Two freight containers separated on two different flatcars in tow.
An unidentified voice emits from the air horn after seven audible blips.3 Seven freight containers are placed on seven flatcars, one on each, in tow.
See Addendum 258.1 Freight containers are placed on seven flatcars in various quantities ranging from 0-9.

Security Clearance Level 2 Required

Security Clearance Level 3 Required

Security Clearance Level 4 Required

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