Procedurally Generated Furries





Warning: Item has Sapient components that may act unpredictably.

Registered Phenomena Code: 256

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Regenerative Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: Humanoid Containment Site-006 has been built into RPC-256 in order to establish a reliable response to Creation events. A 4-meter high barbed wire fence has been erected in a 100-meter perimeter around RPC-256. 6 ASF personnel are to patrol the perimeter at all times. A security gate allowing access in and out of the perimeter is staffed with 2 members of ASF who are to rotate out on 8-hour shifts. All rooms within RPC-256 have been fitted with motion sensors so that personnel within Site-006 can track instances of RPC-256-A and detect intruders.

Civilians attempting to breach the perimeter are to be detained by ASF disguised as private security and questioned by ASF personnel posing as local law enforcement officers. If the civilian is determined to have no dangerous information or motives, they are to be released and charged with trespassing. If the civilian has gained dangerous information or is aligned with a hostile GOI, they are to be terminated with an appropriate cover story to explain their disappearance.

When a Creation Event concludes, Site-006 will be placed on lockdown. During this time, MST-X-Ray-8 ("Lab Rats") will mobilize and search RPC-256 for the new instance of RPC-256-A. Instances of RPC-256-A are to be taken into custody via tranquilizers or persuasion,1 however, termination can be authorized under the discretion of the acting Lieutenant Colonel.

In the event that an Instance of RPC-256-A breaches the perimeter fence, the termination will automatically be authorized and MST-Sierra-10 ("Mechanical Heart") will be mobilized. During this, ASF personnel are required to avoid the offending instance of RPC-256-A and are to retreat into Site-006. The use of heavy weaponry such as rocket launchers, high caliber ballistic weaponry, and infantry railguns are authorized in this scenario.

Captured instances of RPC-256-A are to be held in standard humanoid containment cells. Each RPC-256-A instance will be fed in accordance with legal minimums for prisoners in Canada2. RPC-256-A instances are made aware that they have the right to make requests for objects, as a reward for continued good behavior.

Head Researchers not involved with RPC-256 may request a specific instance of RPC-256-A for study; note that research must comply with human experimentation laws in the country of experimentation. For a full list of RPC-256-A instances please contact the acting Site-006 Facility Manager or send a request to the North-American Regional Director.

Description: RPC-256 is a large industrial complex with office space and various laboratories, previously owned by the Global Enterprise for Advanced Research. RPC-256 has been completely mapped out and has exactly 512 rooms3. RPC-256 has eight floors with 64 rooms on each level, but only the two uppermost levels of RPC-256 are above ground.

From this point on, this key will be used to reference floors in RPC-256.

  • RPC-256/1: The top floor of RPC-256
  • RPC-256/2: The ground floor
  • RPC-256/3: 1st basement level
  • RPC-256/4: 2nd basement level
  • RPC-256/5: 3rd basement level
  • RPC-256/6: 4th basement level
  • RPC-256/7: 5th basement level
  • RPC-256/8: 6th basement level

RPC-256/1 is an office space with a working internet connection; all attempts to sever this connection have failed. All of the office equipment in RPC-256/1 is non-anomalous in nature and performs its respective tasks as expected. RPC-256/2 has a design similar to an entrance that could be found in a regular corporate office. No other differences in RPC-256/1 and RPC-256/2 are notable.

RPC-256/3 and RPC-256/7 appear to be botany labs, with various pieces of esoteric lab equipment and machinery present on these levels. Various unknown species of plants encased in a glass containment tube are found throughout these floors. Certain plants found within these glass containers have been determined to be anomalous in nature, with properties ranging from enhanced regeneration to cognitohazardous flowers that make the observer perceive them as beautiful.

RPC-256/4, RPC-256/5, RPC-256/6, and RPC-256/8 house cylindrical tubes made of an unidentifiable glass-like material. These tubes measure 2 meters tall, have a diameter of 1 meter and are filled with an unknown green liquid that contains various proteins and DNA molecules. The tubes all have a metallic plate-like structure attached to their top and bottom with various LEDs and esoteric symbols visible. All of the aforementioned "growth tubes" within RPC-256 are labeled with a numeric designation that ranges from 1 to 128. However, there are only 57 such growth tubes within RPC-256. These, "growth tubes" have extreme self-repairing capabilities, as they will repair the damage done to them with no human input. The methods by which this is accomplished is unknown to the Authority.

During a creation event, various monitors and screens within RPC-256 will begin to display readings similar to that given by life support systems. At this time, all of the glass in the "growth tubes" will become translucent (the glass is normally transparent) and a shadowy humanoid figure will become visible within all of the "growth tubes". An indeterminate amount of time after the event begins, (minimum of 4 hours, maximum of 2 months) an instance of RPC-256-A will break out of one of the "growth tubes" and begin to wander RPC-256. After this point, all other "growth tubes" and the monitors will return to normal.

Instances of RPC-256-A are human subjects with various animal features/organs attached to or in-place of human features/organs. RPC-256-A has various anomalous abilities of which the power/applicability depends on the floor that the subject emerged on, with those that emerge on RPC-256/8 having more powerful/applicable abilities than those that emerge on RPC-256/4. RPC-256-A are generated with memories of a random human with no determinable pattern; physical traits of RPC-256-A don't need to match those of the person whose memories they have.


Partial list of RPC-256-A instances:

Note: RPC-256-A subjects are designated by a letter signifying the floor they emerged on (A for RPC-256/4, B for RPC-256/5, and etc), and a number.

Recovery Log: RPC-256

Recovered GEAR Documents:

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