Registered Phenomena Code: 255

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Geological Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard



Containment Protocols: RPC-255 is to be contained in a 4x3x2 meter room with wooden walls, flooring, and a wooden ceiling. The floor is to be covered with sand and rocks with a hole for water, as typical for a Eublepharis macularius habitat. Once a week, staff must enter the room to disperse various nontoxic insects into RPC-255's containment chamber, such as beetle larvae.

Staff who plan to stay in RPC-255's containment chamber for longer than one hour should bring standard gear for anyone staying in a desert for a substantial amount of time. Due to reported incidents of abdominal pain while in the entity's containment chamber, personnel are recommended to bring Analgesic medication while working with RPC-255 for long periods of time. However, as this pain subsides after leaving RPC-255's containment chamber, it is not to be concerned about.

Description: RPC-255 is an entity that physically resembles a common leopard gecko. RPC-255 has a constant desert-like effect (hereby referred to as RPC-255-1) within a three-meter radius of the anomaly that converts all solid materials with non-biological origins into various types of sand. RPC-255-1 anomalously generates heat, causing it to remain at temperatures consistent with northern Afghanistan.

RPC-255-1 converts non-organic materials to sand in direct proportion to the object's distance away from RPC-255. Objects on the edges of RPC-255-1 take weeks to transmute, while objects touching RPC-255 directly immediately turn into sand. For this reason, genetic testing is not possible.

Discovery: RPC-255 was discovered on 2/19/10 on a mission in Afghanistan to combat a local GoI selling anomalous artifacts. After RPC-255-1 destroyed large amounts of Authority equipment, it was eventually placed in a large wooden box and transported to Site-045 via a cargo helicopter.


RPC-255's location of discovery.

Addendum 1: Testing has been done on RPC-255-1 in order to determine its effects on organic life. Results are inconclusive.

Test Log 2/03/2011

Object Results Dr. H███'s Notes
CSD-1450 CSD-1450 complained of abdominal pain. Medical analysis of the subject's genitals revealed extreme swelling. From what we've seen, it would be very anomalous for CSD-7100's genitals to not change.
A dandelion. The flower on the dandelion plant increased in size. The seeds swelled, becoming pasty and dry. I wonder what happened to the seeds? We should try growing them. Do we have a spare terrarium at Site-65?
A Saguaro cactus No visible change. It appears RPC-255-1 will not affect objects that would fit in its desert-like environment. Further testing on this is clearly needed.

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