Registered Phenomena Code: 254

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-contact.png Contact Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological Hazard h-mind-control.png Mind-Control Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard

fig 1.1: RPC-254 next to its original package.

Containment Protocols: RPC-254 is to be contained in a standard Alpha containment chamber monitored 24 hours a day. RPC-254 itself will be kept in a sealed, sound proof, glass box which is to be opened exclusively in lab conditions.

Description: RPC-254 appears to be an ordinary cymbal-banging monkey toy, branded "Musical Jolly Chimp". It possesses red striped pants and a yellow vest with red buttons and red strips around the eyes. The object is seemingly ordinary upon first glance, though closer inspection reveals the fur is made out of real [REDACTED] skin. See: fig 1.1.

RPC-254 can be turned on by pressing a small red button on its back, after which its anomalous effects will display. The object will start banging its cymbals, walking in circles and chattering. Such occurrance may take place even without batteries. RPC-254 appears to possess some degree of sentience although highly limited, only being able to communicate by repeating any of its 35 pre-determined lines. After it has been activated, RPC-254 will attempt to gain the attention of the closest sapient subject in a two-metre radius.


fig 1.2: RPC-254-A 12 hours after exposure to RPC-254's effects.

If any subject was to maintain its focus or attention on RPC-254 for over 10 seconds, it will become an instance of RPC-254-A and will begin losing motor and mental skills over the course of 2 weeks, with the subject's both sentience and sapience decreasing. It was also shown subjects with history of mental disorders were shown to survive for as little as 5 days. This effect was proven to be caused by withdrawal, as subjects introduced to RPC-254 were shown to produce great amounts of serotonin, testosterone and [REDACTED].

Instances of RPC-254-A are characteristically catatonic, unattentive and inactive, signs which worsen as time progresses. Attempts to study the subject's brain, be it via PET scans or MRIs, are all unsuccessful. Brain autopsy reveals a white fog-like substance surrounds the brain. The fog is of neutral pH, though increasing in the later stages up to an average of 11.21. How it appears or where it comes from is currently unknown, so further study will be necessary in order to understand it. The aforementioned substance only forms approximately 1 hour after withdrawal.
The cerebral mist cannot be removed without risking permanent and irreversible brain damage, and efforts to do so have failed. The condition is considered chronic and fatal, with no known cure as of now.

Discovery: RPC-254 was found during an african expedition related to RPC-███, being used rituallistically by a classified North African tribe on the elderly. The object was being used to help dying members of the tribe pass away peacefully, as they would die before the withdrawal symptoms showed.
RPC-254 was quickly contained after the initial investigation, despite resistance from the tribe.

Foreword: The subject is CSD-2599: Caucasian male, ██ years old, 178 centimetres tall. Clean medical history, no diagnosed mental illnesses. Subject was fexposed to RPC-254 effects for 20 and a half seconds, after which he was forcefully escorted out of RPC-254's chamber, although the subject showed great emotional distress in the process, resilient to let go of the object. An MRI confirmed that the subject had effectively turned into an RPC-254-A instance. He was sent to the infirmary for closer inspection 12 hours after exposure.
<begin log>
The subject was brought in a safety jacket at 20:00 for a check up. CSD-2599 showed catatonic behaviour, staring expressionless at the wall. The subject was still able to speak, though with brevity and only when told to.
The subject's eyes have lost coloration and a star-like pattern formed on the irises. The rest of his body remained the same as it did before being exposed to RPC-254's effects.
Brain activity is low and the subject is unresponsive.

RPC-254-A's condition will begin to progressively worsen as the subject's brain is melted by the acidic fog, a slow though painless process.

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