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Registered Phenomena Code: 252

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Regenerative, Contact, Sensory

Containment Protocols: RPC-252 is to be contained inside a four-digit safe. RPC-252 is not to be handled outside of its case, except for testing purposes.

Description: RPC-252 consists of two parts: RPC-252-1 and RPC-252-2. RPC-252-1 is a brown feather quill with a gold, ornately engraved base. RPC-252-2 is a gold-based inkwell and stand for RPC-252-1. RPC-252-2 is perpetually filled with black iron gall ink. The ink within RPC-252-2 regenerates immediately upon its removal from the vessel. The origin of RPC-252 is currently unknown.

RPC-252 displays no anomalous effects until activated by human touch. Upon direct physical contact with RPC-252-1, The subject will enter a trance-like state and begin writing. The subject matter written about by those affected by RPC-252 varies greatly and consists of both original and reproduced texts on matters seemingly related to the personal interests of the affected subject. The subject will continue writing so long as they remain in physical contact with RPC-252-1. If no paper or parchment is available, the subject will write on any available surface, including tables, walls, and their own body. The subjects state will increase in severity, progressing through three stages before the subject eventually dies due to neglect of basic physical needs.

Progression Stage 1: 0 minutes Stage 2: 2 hours Stage 3: 36 hours Stage 4: 30 Days
Effects Subject begins writing ceaselessly. Without third-party intervention, the subject will not break physical contact with RPC-252-1. Subject loses their sense of hearing and cannot exit their state unless RPC-252-1 is forcefully removed from physical contact. Subject loses the senses of touch and sight and holds an iron-grip of RPC-252-1. Subject will continue writing until death by neglect of physical needs. At this stage the subject displays no neurological activity, but continues to write. The deceased subject will cease animation upon separation for RPC-252-1.
Notes Subject can be convinced by verbal reasoning to cease physical contact with RPC-252-1. If physical contact with RPC-252-1 is broken the subject will regain their hearing within two to three days. Amputation of the hand is required to break the trance at this stage. Subject is left permanently without physical senses. Only possible if subject is kept alive with IV nutrition. See experiment log, test number RPC-252-5.

Retrieval Log : RPC-252 was discovered by local law enforcement during a welfare check in ██████ County, Georgia, United States on ██/██/19██. Professor ██████ was found dead in his office alongside several large stacks of written pages on the subject of Greek mythology, including English translations of Homer's Illiad and Odyssey. Sgt. ████ took notice of RPC-252-1 and picked it up to inspect it. Sgt. ████ fell under the effect of RPC-252 and subsequently began writing before being convinced by has fellow officers to return to work. RPC-252 was subsequently recovered by MST Lima-19.

Addendum 252-1: Following incident RPC-252-6, all testing of RPC-252 is to be suspended until further notice. An investigation will determine if CSD-6201 has knowledge of any other RPCs and how any such knowledge was obtained.

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