Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-002

Director of Research: Dr. Jackson Ventaleni

Assigned MST(s): N/A

Director of Containment:[DATA EXPUNGED]


Registered Phenomena Code: 251

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Destabilization Hazard, Teleportation Hazard

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-251-A have been granted permission to return to their friends and family under Authority supervision. RPC-251-A instances must not come in contact with each-other whilst outside of direct Authority containment at any and all costs. Vehicles used by RPC-251-A1 through RPC-251-A5 are to be thoroughly inspected and fueled before potential use for testing.

Description: RPC-251-A is MST Sierra-99 “The Escapists”, composed of five members named, Ethan ████ (RPC-251-A1), Thomas ██████ (RPC-251-A2), Sergio ███████ (RPC-251-A3), Shane ███ (RPC-251-A4), and Charlie ████████ (RPC-251-A5).

RPC-251-A1 through A5 are physically non-anomalous humans that manifest an anomalous phenomenon when all five RPC-251-A instances are moving at 140 km/h or above. When all RPC-251-A are moving at a constant speed of 140 km/h or above for 5 seconds in any vehicle, all RPC-251-A instances and the vehicle will be spatially displaced into an alternate universe. Universes traveled to by all RPC-251-A instances are similar to our home universe. The RPC-251-A instances will all appear within the alternate universe within the vehicle they used to arrive at their current location.

All RPC-251-A instances can return to our home universe via traveling 140 km/h or above for 5 seconds in the alternate universe. Once they achieve this they will be spatially displaced into our universe at the same place they were originally displaced.

Discovery: On 12/31/2015, MST Sierra-99 conducted a raid on a ritual site belonging to a subsect of the GoI known as “The Children of Nihil” known as the “Happy Followers”. Sierra-99 failed to disrupt an ongoing ritual which resulted in all members systematically committing suicide which resulted in the manifestation of a tall four (4) meter tall humanoid. Sierra-99 attempted to terminate the humanoid by ramming it with a the vehicle Sierra-99 used to arrive to the ritual site. The vehicle crashed into the entity at 143 km/h activating RPC-251-A’s anomalous properties. The following is a recording one the incident:

Addendum.251.A: Test Logs 251-A

Addendum.251.A: Test Logs 251-B
The following test logs has its own page in the database. Access link below to learn more:

Extended RPC-251-B Test Logs

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