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The following is the article "Almond Mom", written by Borgus88Borgus88. It was written in mid-June, 2018, very early on in RPC's history and became a meme within the community. Here is the unedited version, the original discussion forum available here.

This article is posted with permission from staff, under Creative Commons.

Item #:RPC - 248

Object Class: Safe

Containment Protocols:

Must not be allowed to leave the facility, but allowed relative freedom within the sector she is housed in. Basic living comforts are to be provided to maintain psychological health, and RPC's compliance.


An apparently normal asian female. However, for some unknown reason, she lactates almond milk. it is not known how this Almond milk is produced as she is biologically human. similarly, no almond milk is able to be found inside of the breasts at any point, even during lactation.

Staff have theorised that the phenomena is caused by two tiny wormholes being formed at the nipples when squeezed that are connected to an almond milk factory, but for now have no way to test this effectively.

Due to the large quantities of almond milk produced, containment of this RPC is very time consuming. Often male staff members volunteer during lunch breaks to *milk* the RPC utilising it as a way to cut down on milk expenditure and the work load. Strangely, the men who engage in this seem to be prejudicially attracted to asian women; it is unknown if this is an effect of the milking, or a reason for volunteering.


Test Number: Experiment 002-3

Subject: RPC
Procedure: Instructed to attempt to remove RPC's left nipple with a surgical knife
Results: The knife is inserted at the location of the areola, no skin damage is observed, the knife appears to disappear into the flesh. When the knife is removed the blade up to the point of insertion has entirely vanished. No trace of it can be found within the RPC's body, and there is no evidence that the insertion ever occurred.

Notes: It seems as though the physical material of the blade has been transported elsewhere. One would assume the blade has gone to wherever the Almond milk is coming from.

Subject: RPC
Procedure: Vinegar is injected into the nipples and RPC is periodically milked and taste is monitored.

Results: No impact upon the taste of the produced almond milk is detected after periodically testing over a 4 hour period.

Notes: Perhaps the quantity of vinager injected wasn't significant enough. This was just an idle test, we will do something more scientific at a later point

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