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RPC-247 outside Site-002

Registered Phenomena Code: 247

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Regenerative, Mechanical

Containment Protocols: RPC-247 is to be secured at Site-002 in a 6x6x3 meter vehicle storage unit. RPC-247's fuel tank and containment chamber are to be devoid of all liquids. All keys to RPC-247 are to be kept in a 4-digit safe outside the containment chamber. No liquids are to make contact with RPC-247 except during testing.

Description: RPC-247 is a grey 1993 Toyota Corolla. RPC-247 is a model built for the American market, with a left-hand driver's seat and instruments configured to US customary units. RPC-247 has a 1.6L 4-cylinder gasoline engine and automatic transmission. The fuel tank capacity of RPC-247 is 50 liters. All parts of RPC-247 appear to be original. The interior features cloth seating, AM/FM radio, a cassette player, two ashtrays and two cup-holders. RPC-247's VIN is █████████████████ and it was manufactured at ███████, ██

RPC-247 displays several anomalous properties. RPC-247 has regenerative properties. If damaged by physical impact or mechanical abuse, the vehicle will be restored to its original state, over time. The regenerative processes is not observable and does not take place under supervision. When monitored by camera, RPC-247 will cause electromagnetic interference, rendering all recording equipment inoperable for the duration of the regenerative process. The odometer maintains an accurate reading of RPC-247's mileage; it does not reset during the regeneration process. RPC-247 is also capable of utilizing seemingly any liquid as fuel, with varying efficiency. RPC-247 has been fueled with various unconventional substances without complications. RPC-247 displays an additional anomalous property when fueled by holy water1, making it incapable of being damaged.

Retrieval Log: RPC-247 was discovered by Dr. ████████, after purchasing it in December 20██ from █████████ Auto, a used car dealership in █████, NV. The odometer reading at the time of purchase was 97,013 miles (approx. 156,127 kilometers) and there were no records regarding maintenance or previous sale. Dr. ████████ drove RPC-247 on his daily commute from December of 20██ to April of 20██. During this time, no anomalous phenomena had been observed. On April ██, 20██ RPC-293 was involved in a collision, resulting in a prominent dent in the front right fender. After parking RPC-247 in the staff parking garage at Site-002 for the duration of his shift, Dr. ████████ returned to find RPC-247 in pristine condition. Upon close inspection, even the coffee stain left on the passenger seat during the crash was no longer present. The doctor reported the regenerative phenomenon to site administration and RPC-247 was immediately taken into containment by the authority. An inconclusive investigation was undertaken regarding how RPC-247 was obtained by the dealership.

Addendum 247-1: Testing has revealed the anomalous effects of RPC-247 present significant potential tactical advantages to the authority. Research into the re-creation of RPC-247's engine and regenerative properties is hereby authorized.

Addendum 247-2: Following reverse-engineering of RPC-247's engine, a prototype was developed and tested by Nucorp. While the regenerative and protective properties of RPC-247 have not been replicated, the prototype engine can be fueled by any liquid, similar to that of RPC-247. Nucorp has been contracted to produce 150 utility vehicles driven by this new engine.

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