Registered Phenomena Code: 245

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Organic Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-245 is to be kept in the Aquatic Containment Wing at Site-095 Containment wing at Site-008, isolated inside a fish tank with dimensions of at least 2.5 meters in width and 50 centimetres in height. The tank must be equipped with a filter, lights, refrigeration unit, aerator, natural gravel and optionally fish tank decorations. The fish tank is to be placed on a metal table with wheels to make re-locating RPC-245 more efficient.

The tank itself must be locked inside a room ranging from 5 x 5 meters to 10 x 10 meters. Due to the valuable nature of RPC-245, at least one guard must be stationed outside the containment chamber at all times. The door entering RPC-245’s containment chamber must be heavily reinforced, preferably using steel, to prevent trespassing into the chamber. The tank must be cleaned at least once a week, and RPC-245 fed by trusted authority personnel. Upon cleaning the tank, or feeding of RPC-245, custodial personnel must be sterilised completely to avoid the effects of RPC-245.

It is very important that when the water inside RPC-245’s tank is being filtered, it is also being sterilised to contain the effects of RPC-245. The Maintenance Union has deemed the use of mild chlorine to be the most efficient way of cleansing any bacteria in the water.

Only Authority personnel with at least level 4 access, or explicit permission from that level of authority are permitted inside of RPC-245’s containment chamber.

Description: RPC-245 is very similar in appearance to an Atlantic salmon of above average size and weight at 93cm in length and weighing 6.6kg. RPC-245 has an intense silver glare, surrounding most of its body except the head and fins. An experimentation team was able to determine the age of the subject by counting the various annuli1, making the subject ██ years of age - far above the average lifespan of a regular Atlantic salmon.

Upon consumption of the oils secreted by RPC-245, subjects would gradually show signs of immense intelligence. During experimentation, CSD personnel could solve mathematical problems that would seem impossible before, and discuss philosophy and scientific theory with little cognitive effort.

With a small dosage of about 10 millilitres of the bacterial oils, a subject’s IQ would raise up to the 200-260 range with varying results. However, a subject with a mental disability and with an IQ of about 70-80 will experience little change in comparison with the highest recorded being 190. In various tests, CSD personnel were fed one hundred millilitres of RPC-245’s oil over the course of a week. The effects of RPC-245 became more negative as a subject’s IQ would grow to the 400 range. While initially the subject would become disproportionately intelligent, the subject would also experience extreme cases of depression. Ten percent of subjects grew bipolar disorder only two weeks after the initial dosage.

One month after the large dosage, a brain scan was used on the CSD personnel involved in the test. Various stage IV tumours were found imbedded in the subjects’ brain. Due to the extreme severity of the cancer, the subjects passed only █ weeks after the tumours were discovered.

Biological tests have shown that every part of RPC-245 shares the same bacterial substance which allows for a human’s intelligence to grow. This means that any part of RPC-245 could be consumed with the same effects. However to conserve the life RPC-245, only the oil should be consumed. The source of the bacteria is currently unknown, however it’s intriguing that this bacteria can live in such varied biological environments without extensive adaptation. Such as the nervous system, vital organs, the bloodstream and in muscle fibres.

It is currently unknown if RPC-245 effects animals, or even other anomalous entities. Further testing is required. It is also unknown if there are any offspring of RPC-245, however there have been no sightings since the first retrieval effort.

Recovery Log: RPC-245 was first discovered in the ████████ province of Ireland on the █/█/████ after locals began telling stories of ‘a fish that would bestow great wisdom upon those who ate it’. Upon further investigation it was caught by Authority personnel in the ██████ river in ██████ after one member saw a ‘bright shimmering’ in the water. RPC-245 was then transferred to Site-095.

Addendum: Due to the beneficial effects of RPC-245, the subject has been transferred to Site-008 to treat patients who may have undergone cognitive damages. However, constant transfers are expected between sites for further testing on RPC-245.

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