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The layout of RPC-242. It is unknown how RPC-242 successfully houses all equipment and RPC-242-1 instances within.


Registered Phenomena Code: 242

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: Advertisements of RPC-242 are to be removed by force from all parts of the surrounding area, with all individuals attempting to utilize services of RPC-242 redirected to other tutoring establishments. RPC-242 is to be closely monitored by Authority personnel through hidden cameras set up within RPC-242 as well as ███ Commercial Center.

Due to the current location of RPC-242, RPC-242 is under the jurisdiction of Site-038. In the event of RPC-242 relocating from RPC-242's current location at ███ Commercial Center, Authority personnel are to inquire of RPC-242's new location.

Authority personnel, preferably local personnel bearing offspring within the age range of 5-18, are to enter RPC-242 and inquire of RPC-242's services on a weekly basis in order to maintain a sense of normalcy for RPC-242.

No fewer than five (5) members of Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) are to be stationed within 15 minutes of RPC-242 at all times. These personnel are to report to Head Researcher Yeung or Site Director Yeung directly.

Description: RPC-242 is the designation provided to a tutoring center, with the current iteration of RPC-242 being titled "Lifelearner". The current iteration of RPC-242 is located at ███ Commercial Center, Hong Kong. Retrieved documents from RPC-242 suggest iterations of RPC-242 differ drastically in name, subjects offered, and location, but will usually resemble local tutoring establishments.

Clients of RPC-242 are required to provide a urine sample to RPC-242, as well as inform RPC-242 of the academic subjects which the client wishes to see increased capabilities in.

The anomalous traits of RPC-242 extend from RPC-242's ability to create biological clones from a DNA source. These replicas, hereby designated as RPC-242-1 instances, while non-anomalous and biologically identical to the original client, exhibit significantly increased capabilities in academic subjects of any choosing as well as increased writing speed and increased focus. Sapience is exhibited in RPC-242-1 instances, as well as fluent speech, fluid movement, and perception of all senses. However, RPC-242-1 instances lack understanding of culture, social norms, as well as other non-academic skills possessed by the DNA source of RPC-242-1. An increased desire for any forms of standardized academic testing as well as revision for academic testing is also exhibited by RPC-242-1.

The exact mechanism for which RPC-242-1 instances are created by RPC-242 remains unknown, as successful entry within the "STAFF ONLY" sections of RPC-242 have not been achieved due to high levels of security at RPC-242. Interrogation of staff also yields no results as staff on the front desk of RPC-242 possess no knowledge regarding the exact mechanisms of RPC-242.


An instance of RPC-242-1.

In the event that a predetermined level of proficiency in a standardized exam is unable to be reached by an instance of RPC-242-1, a newer instance of RPC-242-1 will be created from an identical DNA source and will replace the previous instance of RPC-242-1.

Despite constant monitoring of RPC-242 by Authority personnel, the amount of clients received by RPC-242 remain at approximately █████ per year. It is unknown how RPC-242 maintains such a large client base especially given the relatively limited population of Hong Kong. It is also unknown how RPC-242 remains economically profitable, given the high costs of contemporary biological replication technology.

Due to the similar nature of RPC-242 and "Anomaly 197", a potential correlation between Anomaly 197 and RPC-242 is being investigated.

Discovery: An anomalous tip was received by Dr. Stannum Yeung on 03/07/1998 in Hong Kong. The anomalous properties of RPC-242 were successfully identified and containment protocols were subsequently drafted. Since July 1998, RPC-242 has relocated once.

Addendum 242.1:

The following documents are dossiers of RPC-242-1 instances.

Addendum 242.2:
The following is a transcript between Dr. Roi Chan and an instance of RPC-242-1 during recallation.

The following is an excerpt from Regarding Your Well Being - Manual, 5th Edition, retrieved by Agent Yeung.

Addendum 242.3:

The following are supplementary documents regarding the daily operations of RPC-242, as provided by Agent Yeung.

Addendum 242.4:

On 01/07/03, multiple RPC-242-1 instances caused an incident within RPC-242. Authority personnel did not intervene during the process.

Despite the context provided by the particular RPC-242-1 instance, no further breakout attempts were made within RPC-242 by other RPC-242-1 instances.

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