Registered Phenomena Code: 241

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-241, relocation is impossible. Instead, a 10-meter tall perimeter fence has been erected in a 50-meter radius around RPC-241-2, with a sentry tower on each corner (the sentry towers are to be manned by at least two individuals at all times), as well as at least two other security personnel who are to patrol the perimeter.

Update: Any entities observed leaving RPC-241-2 are to be detained immediately. They will be subject to interrogation and, if possible, given Class-A amnesiacs and integrated into society. If for whatever reason this is not possible, they are to be terminated.

Description: RPC-241-1 is a Caucasian human male with a height of 1.80 meters (roughly 5 ft 9). RPC-241-1 is observed to wear attire resembling that of a Soviet soldier dating to the 1940's with the rank of сержа́нт (Sgt). RPC-241-1 is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. RPC-241-1 has been observed eating and drinking at regular intervals often consuming standard Soviet MREs. Where RPC-241-1 gets these supplies is currently under investigation. RPC-241-1's preferred weapon is either a Fedorov Avtomat or a Mosin-Nagant model 1891/30.1 RPC-241-1 is always seen guarding the entrance to an underground bunker (hereby designated RPC-241-2). No records exist of RPC-241-2's construction. The only observable feature of RPC-241-2 is the main entrance. RPC-241-2's entrance appears to be of standard Soviet construction circa 1957.

The only known method of entering RPC-241-2 is believed to be through the main entrance as no other secondary entrances or evacuation hatches have been observed. All efforts to drill into RPC-241-2 have met with failure.

Should an individual (hereby referred to as the subject) approach RPC-241-2's main entrance, RPC-241-1 will stand to attention and aim their weapon at the subject, instructing them to leave the area when they enter within a 15-meter radius. If the subject complies, then RPC-241-1 will put its weapon down and return to its post. If the subject does not comply, RPC-241-1 will attack the subject until they are deceased. Once the subject is deceased, RPC-241-1 will return to its post. Any injuries sustained by RPC-241-1 will instantaneously heal following the initial confrontation. The body of the subject will be taken by RPC-241-1 towards the entrance of RPC-241-2. RPC-241-1 will proceed to open RPC-241-2 and place the bodies inside before closing the door. Due to RPC-241-1's aggressive nature, attempts to recover these bodies have always ended in failure. Thus far ██ bodies have been seen disposed of in this manner.

RPC-241-1 has been observed to possess superhuman agility, being able to dodge gunfire from an M4 assault rifle at a distance of 10 meters. RPC-241-1 is also incredibly accurate with its weapons, being able to land lethal hits with almost pinpoint accuracy.

Thus far no entities have been observed exiting or entering RPC-241-2, save for RPC-241-1 himself. See Addendum 241-1.

Addendum 241-1: On the 22nd September, 19██, an entity, hereby referred to as RPC-241-3, emerged from RPC-241-2. RPC-241-3 resembled Genrikh Lyushkov, with the primary divergence being a different hairstyle and hair colour.6 The two entities had a short conversation, and it is unknown what this conversation entailed as any recording devices that were placed near the entities were destroyed by RPC-241-1. Following this, RPC-241-3 attempted to leave the area and was promptly detained and interrogated by security personnel. Since this encounter, humanoid entities have begun to emerge from RPC-241-2. So far they have all resembled Soviet persons of interest, though with one or more physical features different from their prime counterparts. Thus far 19 other entities have emerged from RPC-241-2, known as RPC-241-4 to -23. Containment protocols have been updated to take this into consideration. Autopsies of deceased instances have found no physical differences between them and homo sapiens.

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