Temporal Suicide





Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: OL-Site-019

Director of Research: Dr. Peter Trikeson

Assigned MST(s): [DATA EXPUNGED]

Director of Containment: Adam Tenyer


Registered Phenomena Code: 240

Object Class: Neutralized

Hazard Types: Temporal Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-240 is kept under observation by personnel in OL-Site-019. An area of 35 x 35 meters of electrical fencing is to be maintained around RPC-240. Personnel are to notify higher level personnel for sightings of RPC-240-Ω. Civilians entering the area around RPC-240 are to be detained for questioning. In the event of a civilian witness to an RPC-240-B event, the individual is to be immediately apprehended and administered amnestics before release.

Description: RPC-240 is a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado located in the ███████ Forest. RPC-240-A is a human male known as Jonathan █████. It is unknown how both RPC-240 and RPC-240-A arrived at its current position. RPC-240 and RPC-240-A are both subjected to a temporal anomaly known as RPC-240-B. RPC-240-B causes the repetition of the events that will always end in the self termination of RPC-240-A. Attempts to make RPC-240-A to react to outside stimulus have resulted in failure. Attempts to halt RPC-240-B events have shown little promise. Testing has shown that any damage done to RPC-240 will result in the immediate repetition of the RPC-240-B event.

RPC-240-Ω is a dark humanoid figure that appears to watch RPC-240-B events. Not much is known about the entity due to the fact that when personnel attempt to approach, or apprehend RPC-240-Ω, the entity will dematerialize and relocate to another area within view of both RPC-240 and RPC-240-A. From observations of personnel, RPC-240-Ω is estimated to be 4 meters tall. When RPC-240-Ω relocates, it leave behind at black corrosive substance. This substance appears to absorb all forms of radiation. The substance is currently designated L-049 and its atomic structure is being studied by Authority researchers.

An RPC-240-B event always takes five minutes to complete and restart. When restarting the events that will lead to RPC-240-As self termination will replay in reverse. All RPC-240-B events go as follow:

  1. RPC-240-A looks out its right side window. (30 seconds)
  2. RPC-240-A will reach for the radio inside RPC-240 and turning the knob that switches between radio stations. (30 seconds)
  3. RPC-240-A will listen to a song. The song playing is “Vivian” by Delta Spirit. ( 3 minutes)
  4. RPC-240-A will pull out a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun from under his seat. (20 seconds)
  5. RPC-240-A will observe the weapon. (10 seconds)
  6. RPC-240-A will enter the barrels of his gun to the roof of his mouth. (10 seconds)
  7. RPC-240-A begins to cry. (5 seconds)
  8. RPC-240-A hesitates to pulls the trigger of the weapon. (5 seconds)
  9. RPC-240-A pulls the trigger. (1 second)
  10. RPC-240-A is neutralized. (1 second)
  11. RPC-240 will begin to shake violently. (8 seconds)

So far there have been a recorded 990,987 RPC-240-B events thus far.

Discovery: RPC-240 was discovered by MST November-12 “Dumpster Divers” when the team was tracking down PoI-428. PoI-428 had valuable intel on the group of interest known as “Kabushiki Kawaii”. PoI-428 was tracked down to ███████ Forest on 12/25/1999. MST November-12 came across RPC-240 while in pursuit of PoI-428. One of the members of the team noticed RPC-240-A at the end of its RPC-240-B event. MST November-12 had contacted Site-███ to dispatch a containment team to their location where RPC-240 had been initially discovered. When backup arrived to the site, one of the members of MST November-12 discovered RPC-240-Ω. MST November-12, along with the containment team that had arrived, attempted to contain RPC-240-Ω but were unsuccessful due to its anomalous properties. On 12/31/1999, OL-Site-019 was established to contain RPC-240, RPC-240-A, RPC-240-B, and RPC-240-Ω.

Addendum: RPC-240-A Test Logs

Addendum: RPC-240-Ω Acquisition Log

Incident-240-B: On 12/20/2005, RPC-240-A was in the middle of its RPC-240-B event, when he began crying and opened the door of RPC-240. RPC-240-A began to sob and fell to the ground. Armed Personnel apprehended RPC-240-A and was sent to Site-███. Noticeably, all personnel sightings of RPC-240-Ω ceased. RPC-240 was taken to Site-███.

Addendum: Interview Log

Addendum: On 01/06/2006, RPC-240-A was administered amnestics and released from Authority custody due to it being determined that RPC-240-A had no anomalous properties. RPC-240-A was released under the new identity of Carlson ████. Dr. Trikeson anonymously called Carlson ████ to assist him with any financial problems.

Incident-240-Ω: On 01/08/2006, cameras in Containment Chamber ███ where RPC-240 was located, RPC-240-Ω manifested inside RPC-240. RPC-240-Ω exited from RPC-240. RPC-240-Ω started to pour the substance known as L-049 onto its hand and started to slather the substance onto RPC-240. Once MST November-12 arrived outside Containment Chamber ███, RPC-240-Ω dematerialized. It was found that RPC-240-Ω wrote the phrase “Tell him I am sorry, but I have to understand why you humans do what you do” on the hood of RPC-240.

Addendum: RPC-240 has been deemed neutralized on 01/02/2007. It has been twelve months since Incident-240-Ω and no manifestations of RPC-240-Ω have been recorded since then. Observation of RPC-240-A, currently known as Carlson ████, have shown him to have no anomalous properties. Carlson ████ is currently living in ██████, Florida and runs a car dealership.

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