Registered Phenomena Code: 239

Object Class: Beta-White Beta-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-contact.png Contact h-memory-alteration.png Memory Alteration h-animated.png Animated

A closeup of RPC-239.

Containment Protocols: RPC-239 is to be kept in a humanoid containment cell at Site-002. The temperature is to be kept at 20 degrees Celsius to prevent RPC-239's wood from deteriorating.

RPC-239 is to be contained in a sealed humanoid containment cell in Level 4 of Site-002. 2 guards are to be stationed near the chamber's entrance.

A room for observing RPC-239's chamber via bulletproof glass is stationed adjacent to the cell. The observation room controls any and all exits to RPC-239's chamber, including the airlock and vents, which can be pneumatically sealed in the event of an attempted breach.

Instances of RPC-239-1 are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-239 is a sapient 1.5 m tall wooden puppet resembling a clown. RPC-239 is able to move freely and has a fully articulated face capable of facial movement and is capable of sight via the painted eyes.

RPC-239 is passive and does not display aggression towards humans. RPC-239 is aggressive and violent towards humans. Psychological analysis has revealed that RPC-239's psychological profile corresponds to that of Lucas Walker Jr.1, although how the two are connected is currently unknown. Upon contact with a human, RPC-239 will attempt to kill or convert them into an RPC-239-1 instance.

RPC-239-1 instances are created when an individual comes in direct contact with RPC-239. Instances appear to possess the same consciousness and memories of RPC-239, coordinating or acting independently to help RPC-239 achieve its goals. All instances of RPC-239-1 lose their original consciousness and can not be restored to their previous state by any means. RPC-239-1 instances do not possess the ability to convert others into other instances.

Addendum 239-1 (Discovery): RPC-239 was discovered on 12/25/20██ near the outer perimeter of Site-002 with a letter in hand2. Upon discovery, RPC-239 was secured and transported to Site-002 for containment in Site-002.

Addendum 239-2:

Addendum 239-3:

Interviewed: RPC-239

Interviewer: Dr. ████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: (enters the chamber) Good morning, 239.

RPC-239: Hey there, doc! How's it going?

Dr. ████: I am good, thank you. I'm here to ask you a few questions.

RPC-239: Of course, you must all be very confused! Well, go ahead, I'll answer your questions as best as I can.

Dr. ████: Your collaboration is appreciated. Alright, when we first found you you were holding a letter signed by "Mother". Now, another RPC object has talked-

RPC-239: 235, right?

Dr. ████: And how do you know about that?

RPC-239: She told me about your Authority before sending me here.

Dr. ████: I… see. What has she exactly told you about us and how does she know?

RPC-239: Oh you know, basic stuff. How you work, some of the RPCs you have contained, etcetera, etcetera. As for how she knows it, well, that's a mystery to me too! (proceeds to laugh)

Dr. ████: Hmm. Well, what can you tell us about Mother?

RPC-239: I know she likes creating clowns like me! Can't tell you much since she sent me away rather quickly.

Dr. ████: Where did she send you from?

RPC-239: (shrugs)

Dr. ████: Alright… can you tell us what she looks like?

RPC-239: Hmm… she always wears a black robe and a white opera mask. Well, she was wearing that when I was around.

Dr. ████: Anything else you can tell us about her?

RPC-239: Sorry doc, but I'm just a toy she created for you, what I told is all I know.

Dr. ████: In that case, I think our interview is over. (gets up)

RPC-239: Hey, don't think you can go away without shaking my hand like a civil person first! (offers its hand, smiling)

Dr. ████: I don't think that would be wise 239.

RPC-239: Aw come on, after being so helpful I will be denied a mere handshake? (smiles)

Dr. ████: Well, ok, I guess. (shakes RPC-239's hand, looking then around confusingly)

RPC-239: (grins) Are you ok, doc?

Dr. ████: … yes… I am fine 239, thank you. (walks away)

<End Log>

Addendum 239-4:

Addendum 239-5:

Interviewed: RPC-239

Interviewer: Head Researcher Aaron Harker

Foreword: After the recontainment of RPC-239 (see Addendum 239-4) an interview was conducted to prove Head Researcher Aaron Harker's theory.

<Begin Log>

HR Harker: Hello RPC-239.

RPC-239: Oh doc, do you have to be so cold? I have a name after all. (smiles)

HR Harker: I wanted to ask you a few questions. Since the last Researcher that talked to you became a puppet of yours, we have employed some precautions before this interview and it is in your best interest to cooperate. And if you do perhaps we will reward you RPC-239.

RPC-239: (yawns) Oh doc, what could you possibly give me that you haven't already given me?

HR Harker: Answer my questions and you will get a CSD to "play" with.

RPC-239: (straightens out) Oh oh doc, you sure know how to satisfy my fancy. Alright, I'll answer your "questions".

HR Harker: Why do you look so much like Bobo the Clown?

RPC-239: (laughs) Wow doc, I would have never thought my little going out would have such an effect. Are you blind?

HR Harker: I'm sorry Lucas, I think I must have misread.

RPC-239: (continues laughing) I'm sorry doc, are you sure you don't need to go pay a visit to a psych? I think you are a whole lot more traumatised than I thought.

HR Harker: What a shame, and I was thinking I was talking to a real artist with such a style that it couldn't be matched. Oh well.

RPC-239: (appears distressed) I'm sorry, what did you say?

HR Harker: I mean, Lucas Walker Jr. had a certain style that truly made him stand out, and his killer clown persona was truly amazing. Oh and let's not forget the genius each art piece had a certain message, a deeper meaning that went beyond the superficial and stuck a cord. I guess I was mistaken: you're not that virtuoso… no, you're just… a copycat.

RPC-239: Copycat? (shouting) Copycat? (lunges at the observation room window) That idiot couldn't even see an obvious trap and got caught and killed! Why don't you come in you [EXPLETIVE] and see for yourself how much of a copycat I am? You- (stares at HR Aaron)

HR Harker: (remains calm, while the other researchers in the observation room panic and call ASF teams to be ready in case of a containment breach)

RPC-239: (stops shouting) … wait a minute… you are little Jimmy's brother… (smiles maniacally)… oh, how much he screamed for you when I cut into him… (laughs)

HR Harker: So you are not denying, now are you? (smiles back at RPC-239)

RPC-239: No point in hiding it now that it's out. (growls at HR Aaron)

HR Harker: Now you better sing. Why were you sent here?

RPC-239: (laughs maniacally) Isn't it obvious? Why do you think yours truly was hand delivered to THIS specific Site? Your Authority keeps a lot of dangerous stuff here, doesn't it? Giving them some fresh air was my plan all along.

HR Harker: What did "Mother" have in mind?

RPC-239: Heck if I know. That woman, or rather… that thing, is a mystery even to me. She simply brought me back to life as this puppet and told me what to do. Whatever she's got in mind, I can tell ya this: it's gonna be big!

HR Harker: I see. Now, let's focus on you, shall we?

RPC-239 You want to ask me about my powers, don't ya? (detaches itself from the observation room window and drops down) Well, I'm sure I could but I do feel very tired. (takes a seat at the table) And besides, you just happen to have someone else to talk to.

HR Harker: True. (looks with disdain at RPC-239) Well, goodbye then. Enjoy your stay in this cell: soon you'll have a new one. Also, no CSD for you, you sick [EXPLETIVE]. (walks away)

RPC-239: … [EXPLETIVE] you…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the conclusion of the interview RPC-239 entered a passive state and was transported via drones to a new cell in the Beta Sector of the Terran Containment Level of Site-002. HR Harker was assigned as head over the team tasked with investigating PoI-9574 "Mother".

Addendum 239-6:

Interviewed: RPC-239-1

Interviewer: Head Researcher Aaron Harker

Foreword: This interview was conducted to determine the properties of RPC-239-1 and to gauge whether Dr Blake's consciousness was still present or completely gone. RPC-239-1 was tied to his chair and was unable to move. HR Aaron insisted on performing the interview in person and proposed seeing whether RPC-239-1's and RPC-239's consciousnesses are linked.

<Begin Log>

HR Harker: Hello RPC-239-1.

RPC-239-1: I think you already know my name.

HR Harker: Dr. ████?

RPC-239-1 Aw come on doc, you can't possibly forget yours truly!

HR Harker: Just checking.

(RPC-239-1 was administered class B amnestics in an attempt to reverse RPC-239's effects. The interview resumed shortly after.)

HR Harker: Dr. ████, are you there? Please, talk to me.

RPC-239-1: Aaron, are you alright? What happened? My head hurts so much. Why am I tied up to a chair? Untie me immediately!

(HR Harker signaled the guards to be on standby as he untied RPC-239-1)

RPC-239-1: (laughs) You really are so gullible just like Jimmy when I lured him into the forest. (RPC-239-1 lunged and began strangling HR Harker, who was immediately freed by 2 guards who promptly restrained RPC-239-1)

HR Harker: Hello again, RPC-239-1.

RPC-239-1: Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

HR Harker: It's over, tie him up and move him back to his cell. We may not be able to return Dr. ████, but we can still use him. Who knows what we might glean. But he doesn't seem to be able to infect others.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At the conclusion of the interview, RPC-239-1 attempted to make contact with HR Harker. HR Aaron was later evaluated and it was concluded that RPC-239-1 instances do not possess the same abilities as RPC-239.

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