RPC-238 at a traffic stop following incident RPC-238-A

Registered Phenomena Code: 238

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: UPDATED AS OF ██/██/████ - See incident log RPC-238-A for details.
All roads in RPC-238’s path are to be cordoned off to the general public under appropriate cover stories (road closures, construction, etc.) When possible, RPC-238 is to be led down sparsely traveled roads to minimize disruptions to traffic. RPC-238 is to be blocked off from entering other roads by temporary physical obstacles such as traffic barriers or cones. An Authority gas truck with a pump is to accompany RPC-238 at all times. Standard Authority issue trackers and bugs are to remain on the roof and underside of RPC-238 and be replaced as needed.

The effects of RPC-238-1 are to be explained with plausible meteorological cover stories (meteors, eclipses, etc.) The sudden transition from day to night results in fatal crashes approximately 64% of the time. Authority personnel are encouraged to increase this percentage to reduce potential leaks or otherwise intercept medical vehicles to administer appropriate trauma.

Description: RPC-238 is an anomalous 2011 model Toyota Highlander. The license plate and registration belongs to one ████████ █████ who was reported missing on ██/██/████. The front half of the vehicle has been crushed due to a high speed collision with a ██ meter concrete wall in Authority custody. Outside of incident RPC-238-A, RPC-238’s chassis displays no anomalous durability. All attempts at opening RPC-238’s doors have met with failure.

RPC-238 is capable of self-guided locomotion despite the lack of a functioning engine or steering mechanism. In addition, RPC-238 appears to display knowledge of traffic laws and will make an effort to avoid collisions, obey signs and lights, and yield appropriately to pedestrians and obstacles. Due to this property, containment is predictable and RPC-238 can be accurately guided to more sparsely traveled roads.

RPC-238 requires fuel to drive, despite the engine no longer being functional. After around 480 kilometers RPC-238 will usually seek out the nearest gas pump and park beside it. After a period of about a minute, in which the pump is observed to not have moved, RPC-238 will drive off and continue on its route. If a gas station is not reached within the typical mileage, RPC-238 will stall. After an amount of time consistent with the time needed to travel to and back from the nearest source of fuel, RPC-238 will start up and resume traveling. Scans have confirmed that the expected amount of gasoline will disappear after refueling events.

RPC-238’s second anomalous effect occurs during daytime, causing night to descend within the vicinity of RPC-238. This effect manifests at a variable distance, causing light levels to drop until matching that of moonlight. All timekeeping devices will adjust to a random period of time after local sunset. Additionally, celestial bodies that are consistent to the local night sky above RPC-238 manifest in their correct position. Notably, the moon is absent.

A massive blue-white ball of light trails RPC-238. This object is designated as RPC-238-1. When viewed within RPC-238’s field of effect, RPC-238-1 appears within the expected position of the moon. Outside of RPC-238’s field, RPC-238-1 appears immediately behind RPC-238 approximately 10 meters above the ground. Attempts to approach RPC-238-1 fail due to the equipment being exposed to temperatures of nearly $█.██ * 10 ^ -███████████ Kelvin$ before failing.


RPC-238 Audio Log ██/██/████

Upon initial containment, audio recording equipment picked up conversation emanating from within RPC-238. Voice identification has identified the adult male as ████████ █████. The younger male voice has also been identified as ████ █████. Both individuals have been reported missing as of ██/██/████.

<Begin Log>

Adult Male: You sure you’re not sleepy yet, kiddo?

Younger Male: No.

[Silence for nearly a minute. When the Adult Male speaks again, his voice is slightly strained.]

Adult Male: I’m still going to see you again. We can still do this every once in a while.

Younger Male: Dad, how much longer can we drive tonight?

Adult Male: Well, until the sun rises kiddo if that’s what you want. How much longer do you wanna keep watching us drive past these boring old pastures?

Younger Male: Dad, it's not boring, it's pretty. It's always really pretty when we drive at night.

[Silence as Authority Security forces inspect the outside of RPC-238, making thumping noises. Conversation continues after Security personnel finish inspecting RPC-238.]

Younger Male: I want us to drive tonight forever, Dad.

Adult Male: Forever, huh? Sure kiddo, on my life. Swear, we’ll be enjoying one of your daddy’s famous night rides for the rest of time.

<End Log>

Further monitoring of RPC-238 while in containment yielded no further conversation between the two voices. It is unknown if the voices heard are actually those of ████████ █████ and ████ █████.

Update ██/██/████

RPC-238 Audio Log ██/██/████

Immediately following the events of RPC-238-A, Authority bugs picked up the previously heard voice of ████ █████ for the first time since initial containment.

<Begin Log>

Younger Male: Dad?

[The sound of sobbing is picked up for five minutes, punctuated by the voice repeatedly asking for its father. This continues forty-seven (47) more times before only sobbing is heard. Audio ceases altogether after thirteen hours.]

<End Log>

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