Registered Phenomena Code: 235

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-animated.png Animated

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-235 are to be kept in an unfurnished humanoid containment chamber in Site-002, kept at 30% humidity. During transport, RPC-235-1 is to be placed within a custom made steel sabot to prevent separation from other instances.

Description: RPC-235 is a 175 cm tall Matryoshka1, painted to have the appearance of a clown. RPC-235 is comprised of at least 13 (RPC-235-1 through 13) nested dolls, each approximately 75% the size of the previous instance (unpacking the sub-anomalies reveals each shares the appearance of a clown, with each instance having a unique color scheme for its paint). RPC-235 and its sub-anomalies appear to be entirely seamless, as no indication of glue nor any edges were found; with the exception of the cut separating the dolls into halves. Per this discovery, it is currently suspected that RPC-235 and its contents were carved wholly from a single block of oak wood.

Each instance of RPC-235 also possess a fully articulate face, capable of speech and sensory reception. As all instances of RPC-235 are hollow and lack any internal organs or mechanisms, it is unknown how this is accomplished. Movement of RPC-235 is mostly limited to slow shuffling, with the exception of leaping in and out of other instances, which they can accomplish with great speed and precision.

Each instance of RPC-235 appears to be sapient with a distinct personality, with all instances suffering from various degrees of physical or psychological trauma.

Addendum 235-1:

Interviewed: RPC-235-13

Interviewer: Dr. Rob Lanyon

Foreword: RPC-235-13 was selected for interview as its size (5.5cm in height) made it exceptionally easy to control. It is also, to date, the only instance to provide direct responses to questions when asked. Interview was conducted with RPC-235-13 in a 6cmx6cmx6cm acrylic box with airholes, positioned at eye level with Dr. Lanyon.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Lanyon: Your cooperation is appreciated, 13. The first question I'd like to ask is about your origins. We had originally flagged you as likely being associated with a previously known Group of Interest, but the lack of their typical paraphernalia as well as the information we've been able to gleam from the ramblings of the rest of the instances of RPC-235 have called that assumption into question. So, I'm just going to ask: who created you?

RPC-235-13: (Stares silently for ten seconds) Mother made us.

Dr. Lanyon: Okay, that's not a definitive statement one way or the other.

RPC-235-13: (Stares silently for other ten seconds) Mother made us, from smallest to biggest so that we can all fit inside each other. No one would want to buy us otherwise. We'd take up too much room.

Dr. Lanyon: Alright then, let's talk more about this "mother". You say she made you so that she could sell you?

RPC-235-13: (Winces) Why else would you make people?

Dr. Lanyon: And has she made other people to sell, aside from the other 235 instances?

RPC-235-13: Oh yes, she's very industrious. Busy as she can be.

Dr. Lanyon: Can you offer us any information about where we might find her?

RPC-235-13: (Stares silently for five seconds) You don't want to return us, do you? She'd be very mad at us if someone tried to return us.

Dr. Lanyon: Not at all. It's just that it's our job to regulate the sale of toys like you, in a way, and we just want to make sure that she is complying with all the necessary regulations.

RPC-235-13: Mother doesn't follow rules. Mother makes the rules.

Dr. Lanyon: Please 13, anything that could lead us to your mother would be very helpful.

RPC-235-13: (Stares silently for 15 seconds, then breaks down into hysterical sobbing)

Dr. Lanyon: I'm sorry, what did I say? 13, what's the matter? 13?

RPC-235-13: (Ceases sobbing abruptly) She's not my mother. She's just Mother.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: RPC-235-13 refused to give any more statements following this interview. Investigations into possible Persons of Interest with any connection to RPC-235 are ongoing.

Addendum 235-2:

As of the recovery of RPC-239 we can confirm that the entity known as "Mother" has created more anomalies. These anomalies seem to have varied capabilities, with RPC-235 seeming to be a harmless toy while RPC-239 is dangerous and violent. So far we do not know how "Mother" created these entities, however I believe that RPC-235 was or were once human, just like 239, although we don't have definitive proof of this yet. Sadly, every instance of RPC-235, including RPC-235-13, refused to do further interviews as of Addendum 235-1 and RPC-239 is uncooperative or outright too dangerous to interview further despite its apparently more substantial knowledge of "Mother" and even that knowledge seems limited. We will continue investigating as best as we can.
-HR Harker, Head of PoI-9574 investigative team, 10/23/20██.

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