Service doesn't end after death





Registered Phenomena Code: 232

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sentient, Contact, Animated, Ballistic, Transmutation

Containment Protocols: RPC-232 is stored in a standard high value object storage room located in Site-016. A single CCTV camera has been mounted in this room for the purpose of monitoring RPC-232. Testing of RPC-232's anomalous properties is prohibited.

Description: RPC-232 is an early 20th century standard issue Canadian military helmet, noticeably battle worn, with a prominent bullet entry point seen on the left temple. RPC-232 is made out of an unidentified pitch black metal that is slightly more durable than current steels. An engraving on the back of the RPC-232 reads, "service to the Crown doesn't end with death."

When RPC-232 comes into contact with a deceased subject, the subject will begin undergo the following changes before being declared an instance of RPC-232-1:

  • 1. The Subject's hair and skin will turn pitch black starting from the point of contact with RPC-232
  • 2. Bubbles will form on the Subjects's hair and skin, and the Subject's eyelids will close shut.
  • 3. Subject will liquefy and be absorbed by RPC-232.
  • 4. Black liquid will be released from the underside of RPC-232 and form the shape of the Subject, in a manner that places RPC-232 on the Subjects head.
  • 5. Subject will solidify and extra liquid will be released from RPC-232. This liquid will solidify on the subject in the form of standard early 20th century Canadian military equipment.
  • 6. RPC-232 will fall off of the subject's head as a different helmet forms on the Subject's head. At this point the subject will animate and be considered an instance of RPC-232-1.

Overall, the conversion process to an instance of RPC-232-1 takes approximately 2 minutes.

Instances of RPC-232-1 are sentient humanoid entities with pitch black skin and hair. Instances of RPC-232-1 have completely white eyes with no visible pupil, iris, blood vessels, or eyelid. RPC-232-1 instances don't have mouths and are incapable of speech, but share memories with the subject. Instances of RPC-232-1 always resemble the Subject in life. RPC-232 has generated skin, hair, and various other organs for the resulting instance of RPC-232-1 in order to accomplish this task.

The equipment that instances of RPC-232-1 are spawned with are pitch black in colour and function as one would expect them to function, but with greatly improved reliability. The clothing worn by RPC-232-1's have enhanced durability when compared to actual 20th century military attire, with toughness comparable to Kevlar. Pockets on the body armor contain a seemingly unlimited reserve of ammunition for the weapon that spawns with RPC-232-1 instances.

Instances of RPC-232-1 can be terminated in the same manner as a baseline human. Upon expiration, instances of RPC-232-1, and all equipment the spawned with said instance, will liquefy. The resulting black liquid will move towards RPC-232 at 4.31m/s, once the black liquid comes in contact with RPC-232 it will be absorbed into the helmet without increasing the mass of RPC-232.

Addendum.1: Recovery

RPC-232 was recovered from an Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society location of interest during a raid by Authority forces. During the raid, certain members of APAS security were observed to use minor anomalous weaponry against Authority forces. RPC-232 itself was within a display pedestal with the following inscription on a brass plate mounted to the front of the pedestal.

This was a weapon made by the now defunct Royal Canadian Office for Magical Regulations for the First World War. This object has the potential to raise the dead for the purpose of warfare. Those who wish to see a live demonstration should note that those who are raised from the dead will not act like they did in life.

Addendum.2: Accounts of usage The following are excerpts from the journal of John Smith, who was a Canadian soldier during World War 1 that operated in a squad which used anomalous artifacts. The journal was recovered along with RPC-232 during the initial discovery.

When the wizards gave us this helmet, they said it could bring back the dead to fight for the crown. Today will be the day that we see if they were telling the truth, or if they are horribly mistaken.

This isn't the first time the wizards tried to bring back the dead. They are fools, if only they learned from the last time they tried this. Maybe they would realize what I did on that day: that you can't bring back the dead any more than you can reverse the hours of the day.

But I suppose the reason that the wizards exist is to accomplish the impossible.

This helmet has far exceeded my expectations. While it may not revive the dead in a traditional manner, it is a very effective use of our fallen brothers. Allowing us to continue a push even after heavy losses.

I have received intelligence suggesting that the BündesOkkultAbteilung has caught wind of our operations here. It's very likely that they will be sending magical assets of their own to combat us.

The German's ability to use magic is far greater than when we last encountered them. I do not know why they are only using them on us, rather then using these weapons to win the war. But one can only speculate on such things.

Some of the other men have recovered some of the German's rifles, and they are pieces of art. These rifles have a complex series of runes carved on them which essentially makes it so that they never jam, in addition to the incantations that allow the rifles propel an explosive ball of fire from the barrel.

I may not be an expert on what the wizards can do, but these weapons are far more advanced than anything that I have seen before.

The majority of our force has been turned into these undead soldiers that the helmet creates. And the helmet has even began creating its own without the need for bodies. I would be concerned about this, but the Germans have what I can only describe as a monster on their side, and we need every advantage we can get now.

[Illegible] The undead soldiers took the helmet from me, and they used it on the monster after they had slain it. [Illegible] I do not know if the monster the helmet created is on our side. But I would hate to be on the receiving end of its wrath.

Those goddamn wizards have gone to far this time.

It's sure as hell is a good thing that this was an unofficial mission, because I am getting rid of this abomination. I am going to take the helmet and bury it in this field. As long as this demonic helmet never sees another battlefield I can rest easy…. I should also bury this with it, as a reminder of what this thing can do, and why it shouldn't ever be used.

Addendum.3: APAS discovery documents

Foreword: The following documents were recovered during the initial raid on the APAS location of interest that lead to the discovery of RPC-232.

Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society

Item Recovery Report

The asset was recovered when APAS assets were made aware of a potentially anomalous object that had been recovered by archaeologists. Our agents were dispatched, and we were able to acquire the object without incident.

Due to the recent interest in militarized anomalies in newer members, this item will prove to be a very popular attraction in the future. Additionally, I do not recommend allowing the to be more than one of the "black soldiers" at a time, because we do not know what it is capable of.

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