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Registered Phenomena Code: 230-ARC

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: All footage of RPC-230-ARC that has spread in the mass media are to be given a cover of a falsified Fresno Nightcrawler footage. All instances of RPC-230-ARC (-01 through -13) are to be kept in a modified humanoid containment chamber in the Terran-Alpha containment sector of Site-002.

The chamber holding instances of RPC-230-ARC must be terraformed into a swamp environment equipped with a 30m2 mud pool with 15 Mangrove trees and other plants. The sprinkler system must be activated on a weekly basis demonstrating a 2000mm average rainfall per year and keeping the temperature at 24 centigrade.

Only personnel with security clearance of Level 3 or higher and/or admitted personnel are allowed access to RPC-230-ARC's containment chamber. Entering personnel must be accompanied by two security details assigned to re-contain RPC-230-ARC at all times.

Description: RPC-230-ARC are bipedal humanoid entities with heights ranging from 90cm to 180cm. Instances possess extremely small upper bodies and large hind-limbs which make up the majority of their body mass. Despite extreme phenotypical differences, specimens are anatomically similar to humans with their white coloring due to tissues producing no melanin.

Their large hind-limbs seem to be better suited for rough, muddy terrain due to their webbed feet that have a dual function as pinching claws to grasp objects. This suggests swamp adaptations which are implemented into the containment chamber resembling their natural habitat, despite their place of recovery consisting of mostly jungle environments.

Most of the RPC-230-ARC instances are docile, require no sustenance, shows no reproductive method and are generally harmless to humans. However, RPC-230-ARC-04 has reportedly shown aggressive motions to researching personnel by waving its right leg on the direction of approaching humans while letting out aggravated vocalizations. Nevertheless, there is no record of RPC-230-ARC-04 directly assaulting personnel. It is speculated that RPC-230-ARC-04 is the eldest of the group and the acting alpha figure.

Conversely, there have been reports of RPC-230-ARC-07 directly assaulting RPC-230-ARC-12 since its containment by attacking it by flailing its right leg at RPC-230-ARC-012's head while producing vocalizations similar to that of RPC-230-ARC-04. All other instances of RPC-230-ARC seem to refuse to interact with RPC-230-ARC-12 since its containment. This suggests that instances of RPC-230-ARC have a higher brain function and basic social structure.

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