Registered Phenomena Code: 229

Item Type: Object

Lethality Rating: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-explosive.png Explosive h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-sensory.png Sensory h-visual.png Visual h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-229 and RPC-229-1 must be contained in a 10³ meter, temperature-controlled, reinforced steel chamber, with a bulletproof two-way mirror installed in a connecting room for observation purposes within Site-007. No electronic devices are permitted inside the containment chamber with the exception of a single wireless speaker embedded within the outer wall for communication with the reader.

Description: RPC-229 is a three-quarter-bound leather book, with test samples from discarded entries that suggest it is composed of 94% human tissue and 6% human bone. RPC-229's features are minimal, with no deterioration regarding its external covers. Held within RPC-229's contents are 426 pages worth of literature told in languages that were both spoken and written from 0 AD to the mid 19th century. All currently translated and legible works within RPC-229 bear consistent changes between entries, suggesting that it was passed along by different authors over the course of its existence. Lastly, in the bottom-left corner of each page belonging to RPC-229, there exists a stamped crest that bears an insignia consisting of a shield with the letter C prominently displayed in the middle. Behind its crest are four avian-like wings which wrap around its furthermost tip and point to their opposite sides.

Although attempts to damage or open RPC-229 are ineffective when it is closed, said attempts do not apply to its contents when it is opened with the assistance of RPC-229-1. Upon opening RPC-229 and by ripping or obfuscating any page, RPC-229 will reform itself and a blank page will reappear to replace the lost parchment upon closing its covers and reopening. Any pages removed from RPC-229 are shown to lose any anomalous properties they once had during a reading.

RPC-229-1 is a 152 cm tall altar composed of cherry wood and inlaid with golden carvings which stand upon four stone feet. RPC-229-1 has three drawers, three mirrors, and two circular, flat surfaces for the placement of writing utensils for when RPC-229 is in use. Upon recovery, three items were found alongside RPC-229-1 and RPC-229. Of these were two sets of quill and ink and a single entry torn from the pages of 229, all of which have currently exhibited no anomalous properties.

To open RPC-229, it must be placed within the rectangular slot indented upon RPC-229-1's angular roof. When affixed, the book will begin to levitate approximately 12.7 cm off the surface before rotating to face the reader. RPC-229 will then float as long as it is not forced or moved away from RPC-229-1.

Further anomalous manifestations will not occur unless:

  • The subject has an understanding of the language in the entry.
  • The literature is read out loud in its entirety.
  • The subject is not interrupted by outside interference during a reading.

Upon reading aloud an entry, the reader shall begin to develop symptoms of heightened hysteria before losing consciousness as higher brain functions cease and their motor skills are impaired. Any attempts to wake the reader will be unsuccessful until they have successfully finished their entry or RPC-229 is closed. Upon returning to consciousness, the reader will exhibit weariness and confusion which will last for roughly one hour, but specific knowledge regarding the story they had read will remain obscured.

After the reading is over, one of many anomalous occurrences will appear in the space above 229-1 (See Test Log 1-A through 1-C for more details). Any anomalous effects resulting from the reading of RPC-229 will have no effect on the reader even if the space around them has been significantly damaged.

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