Malvyn the Pumpkin


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Registered Phenomena Code: 228-ARC

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-228-ARC is to be permitted free movement throughout the residential wing of Site-███ from 0800 to 2200 local time. It is encouraged for Authority personnel to socialize positively with RPC-228-ARC if they encounter it during these hours. If additional help is required in activities of menial labor, personnel may request RPC-228-ARC’s assistance. However, while interacting with items requiring that of Level 2 clearance and above, RPC-228-ARC is to be kept away from the area of work.

During daylight hours, containment is not required; however, every 6 hours a Level 2 researcher assigned to RPC-228-ARC must begin dethorning. Dethorning is the process by which the researcher opens RPC-228-ARC's pre-cut cranium, and removes all instances of RPC-228-ARC-1 scattered around the candle inside RPC-228-ARC. Vinyl gloves are to be worn during the procedure and should not be removed under any circumstances until the procedure is completed. At 2200 each day, a Level 2 researcher assigned to RPC-228-ARC should escort RPC-228-ARC to its containment cell (designated Cell ███228-ARC). At 0800, another assigned Level 2 researcher should release RPC-228-ARC from its cell to maintain the cooperation and mental health of the object.

Description: RPC-228-ARC prefers to be referred to and identified as "Malvyn". RPC-228-ARC is a 1 meter tall sapient Cucurbita Pepo pumpkin, that is capable of speech by means not currently understood by the Authority. RPC-228-ARC has claimed during interviews that its ability to speak is “magical”, though these claims have yet to be confirmed. RPC-228-ARC is capable of performing humanoid movements, such as manipulating objects through the use of four vine constructed appendages, similar to human limbs. Inside of RPC-228-ARC's cranium, which is accessible by a pre-cut section, are seeds (hereafter referred to as RPC-228-ARC-1) that manifest in an unknown fashion.

All instances of RPC-228-ARC-1 are to be handled with extreme caution, and are to be treated as a biohazard. RPC-228-ARC's pumpkin also contains a flame, which can not be doused by any means currently available to the authority. RPC-228-ARC constantly seeks affection throughout the day, and if ignored for relatively long periods of time, RPC-228-ARC will display slowly intensifying symptoms of depression. It has been noted that Dr. ███ often divulges from his tasks to prevent this from occurring.

Recovery: RPC-228-ARC was initially encountered walking the streets of ██████, Kansas. Though initially hostile to the MST agents that attempted to contain RPC-228-ARC, once it was discovered that the object could speak, a negotiator arrived on scene and coerced RPC-228-ARC into voluntary containment. This was achieved through what at the time seemed to be RPC-228-ARC's fragile mental state, which allowed the negotiator to easily persuade RPC-228-ARC into surrendering.

Affected citizens of the town were administered amnestics and released. Post-operation, RPC-228-ARC revealed that it had been summoned by a previously unknown GoI (the Church of Malthus) and was held in a bunker for several days. Though many of the documents were damaged from RPC-228-ARC's rampage, one copy of its Church of Malthus classification was recovered.

Recovered Documents

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