Recovered RPC-228-ARC Documents.




Acquisition #46 - Demon of Harvest

Active Operation: Occult

Identification: The summoning rituals for Acquisition #46 were recovered from a local doomsayer cult in ██████, Louisiana and provided to the Occult division for further research. The cult was convinced that #46 was going to kill all living beings on earth, and were found in a bunker near thousands of acres of fertile farming land. The cult was dealt with swiftly, and the ritual recovered with no further incident.

A rough English translation of the ritual from the original Gaelic reads as follows:

“Life for life, soil for soil,

A vessel required, to no longer toil,

Name each of the lives, you wish be taken

And thus on your farm, will he awaken.”

On-site parapsychologist Heinrich Müller identified this as a Celtic demon of legend, said to bring harvest at the cost of lives. This brought great prosperity to Ireland, but it’s summoning rituals were lost around the years of 1842 to 1845 in a series of murders that seemed to target the most common users of Acquisition #46.

Heritage studies of the surrounding areas farmers link them back to Ireland, implying that they may have either escaped with the last known copy of the ritual, or been complicit in the actions of the string of murders in order to use the demon for themselves. A Celtic specialist, Malvyn O'Connell is dispatched, in hopes of providing a great chance of success.

Utility: Acquisition #46’s ritual was performed using a vessel made of nearby vines and a pumpkin. The Celtic specialist was adamant that a rose was also required as a catalyst, and a rose was bought from a nearby florist. It was not known at this time that the rose was dethorned. The ritual was carried out and was a test of its range capabilities, targeting RPC Authority’s Global Director █████. The ritual failed, with no effects witnessed. A close range test, a farmer was kidnapped from a nearby ranch, and used to demonstrate the abilities of #46.

When the ritual finished, the pumpkin and vines were animated, but did not move with intent to kill or any hostile action towards the designated target. After repetition of orders, #46 stated it’s lack of intention to kill or maim the target. Though dubious of the ritual success, researchers believed that acquisition #46 was acting defiant due to the abuse of its purpose, and required a push to operate to its intended purpose. The clearance for torture was given, and committed for five hours before its true form manifested.

On the back of the document, hastily scrawled in broken wording is this message.

T-the fucking plant got me. Shot one of those goddamn seeds at me, embedded in my arm real good. Next thing I know, e-everyone in my fucking squad has plants bursting out of their goddamn bodies, instantly killing them. I ain’t s-stupid, I know what’s coming, so I chop my arm off, next thing you know a plant comes bursting out of it. I’ve lost too much blood.

Hell, t-this isn’t even my writing arm, so I d-don’t know if you’ll be able to read this, but please, kill that fucking plant. M-Malvyn O’Connell, proud member of the Malthus Church, s-signing off.

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