The following file has memetic screening coded text. Authorized personnel are to refer to Memetic Neutralizing document immediately upon finishing reading of this file.


RPC-227, and RPC-227 A through C. Artist's representation.

Registered Phenomena Code: 227

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard,

Containment Protocols: RPC-227 and all three of the accompanying instances are to be kept within a standard containment chamber at OL-Site-227, located on ████████ ███████, Vatican City State. RPC-227 is to be kept under closed circuit observation nightly, since to date all events related to the object have occurred from the time frame between the hours of 1800 and 0600 EET. Any anomaly observed during this time frame must be reported immediately to a Security Level 3 personnel on duty.

Should RPC-227 produce an anomalous event, ASF Rapid Response “Mistresses Shadows” are to be dispatched to the location detailed by RPC-227-A, B or C as soon as possible. Upon arrival to the designated location, MST personnel must initiate protocol "Apokalypsis" as detailed on Document RPC-227-C. Discovery and containment of the anomaly must be prioritized, followed by minimization of potential witnesses. Any anomalies encountered during the event shall be taken into containment when possible, and all witnesses found on the scene are to be administered Class A amnestics and dispersed, lethal force is authorized as a last resort only.

Description: RPC-227 is an anomalous round mirror decorated with an intricate silver rim, it has a diameter measuring exactly 3 meters. When inactive, RPC-227 appears as a regular mirror would, the anomalous properties of RPC-227 may be observed during an "O1 Emergence" event, between the hours of 1800 and 0600 EET. During these events the mirrored surface of RPC-227 will take on a perfect black, non-reflective texture which absorbs 98.9% of all radiation on the visible spectrum, appearing in a manner similar to that of vantablack.

Surrounding RPC-227 are three skeletal entities, designated RPC-227-A (Silencer), RPC-227-B (Sleeper), RPC-227-C (Dreamer)1, and a fourth entity which ███████████ ████████████████████████████████████████████, with █ confirmed sightings, denominated RPC-227-D (Harbinger).2 When the asset is inactive, all instances of RPC-227-A to C, remain inanimate. Prior to a "O1 Emergence" event, one of the instances will become animated, an event designated as "Whispers in the Dark".3

Observers within hearing distance of RPC-227 have reported instances will attempt to vocalise with any surrounding personnel, in a manner often described as "ghostly". This vocalisation can be easily understood but the exact language used is currently unidentified. All recorded instances of RPC-227 vocalisation, while appearing vague in description, have been known to 'hint' at the location of an RPC object of interest, though, until recently, this was poorly understood.

In 85% of the recorded "Whispers in the Dark" events, only one of these entities activates when it takes place; in 15% of aforementioned events recorded, more than one entity became animated. In none of the recorded events have all the entities activated simultaneously. To date, with exception to RPC-227-D, all communication attempts with RPC-227-A to C have been ineffective. Notably, the object class of the RPC found during an event is dictated by which one of these entities activated, such differences between each of these instances are detailed on Document RPC-227-A.

Note: Manifestations of RPC-227-D ceased as of ██/██/20██ when instance produced a single vocalization and is to be disregarded.

Discovery: RPC-227 was found during the first excavations at the Vatican Necropolis in ██/██/19██, in the █ mausoleum. It was brought to the Authority’s attention when undercover agents on the excavation crew caught wind of the discovery, as the object was found in an active state and RPC-227-A was vocalizing. Hints given by RPC-227-A led to [REDACTED] where RPC-009 was found. Accompanying the mirror, was a document similar to a dossier written in parchment dating to A.D 8█.

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