Registered Phenomena Code: 225

Object Class: Gamma-Red



h-aggression.png h-sapient.png h-transmutation.png

Figure 12-4: RPC-225 ambushing MST Alpha-12.

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-225 is to be contained in a standard containment unit and the entity's containment unit is to be cleaned of all organic materials on a bi-weekly basis. The sanitation of RPC-225's containment unit is to be considered a high priority task, and must be maintained at the highest standard. Under no circumstances are any rodents, canines, felines, or any other small animals allowed in the facility in which RPC-225 is contained. Any instances of RPC-225-1 found on RPC-225 or in its containment are to be immediately removed and summarily incinerated.

Description: RPC-225 is a set of two humanoid leg bones and feet, measuring 1.26 meters in length. RPC-225 is capable of movement, and has an instinctual awareness of its surroundings, with its range of perception being approximately 100m at its initial stages. If no living creatures are within range of RPC-225, it will wander with no determinable pattern until it comes into contact with another creature. Once a creature is within range, the entity will become extremely aggressive, and will attack anything within its range. In its initial stages, RPC-225 will track, hunt and exterminate smaller creatures, mainly via crushing. Creatures hunted by the entity in its initial stages include rodents, insects, and even small cats and dogs. It should be noted that the entity has been seen targeting its victim's throat while in this stage, demonstrating a clear understanding of its prey's weak points.


Figure 12-5: Sketching of RPC-225 in initial stages.

Once the target has been terminated, RPC-225 will begin to absorb the victim's biomass via an unknown means. The amount of biomass absorbed by the entity depends on the size of the creature killed. This process leads to the formation of a flesh-like substance on RPC-225, now designated as RPC-225-1. The amount of RPC-225-1 created seems to be directly correlated with the amount of biomass absorbed by RPC-225.1 RPC-225 grows exponentially stronger with the presence of RPC-225-1 on its body. In addition to the formation of RPC-225-1, the absorption of biomass also creates additional marrow and bone for RPC-225, with the first bone structure being formed being the pelvis.

The entity will continue to hunt creatures, absorb biomass, and form more parts of its skeletal system, which in turn leads to more areas for RPC-225-1 to form.2 In addition, RPC-225's capabilities grow in tandem with its size. The entity not only becomes significantly stronger and faster as it grows in size, but also shows signs of increased intelligence and awareness. Later stages of RPC-225 have been observed detecting prey from at least 300m, three times that of its initial stage. The entity has also been observed setting traps and ambushes for more dangerous prey in its later stages, allowing it to consume creatures it otherwise would not be able to hunt through direct confrontation, such as bears and humans. A notable example of this was Incident 13-03, where RPC-225 ambushed Authority personnel in an enclosed area, forcing a close quarters engagement, where it would have a distinct advantage.

RPC-225 will continue this process until it has reached a stage considered "semi-formed." In this stage, all of the creature's body has been formed, save for its head. RPC-225 is extremely dangerous in this stage, displaying human level intelligence and signs of sapience. In addition, RPC-225 possesses extreme levels of strength, speed, and resilience to damage, requiring a full Mobile Specialised Taskforce to be equipped with flamethrowers and other immolation devices to successfully contain it.3 Once RPC-225 is semi-formed, it will only seek out human prey, terminating victims by various means, usually via strangulation. In all cases, during the termination of the victim, RPC-225 will attempt to leave the head untouched. Once the victim is terminated, the entity will carefully remove the head of the victim. It will then remove the eyes, ears, nose, and tongue, and judge all five (5) items separately. RPC-225 displays signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder regarding the subject of its head, as it will thoroughly examine each item with extreme care, only to violently discard items it deems unworthy shortly thereafter in an almost disgusted fashion. Should RPC-225 find a fitting item, while still lacking a suitable head, it will store said item in its neck cavity, which is hollow before the attachment of a suitable head. This perfectionism frequently results in RPC-225 hunting and terminating a victim, only to discard every one of the desired items and move on to its next victim.4

Authority psychologists have determined that RPC-225 is an extreme perfectionist in its later stages, displaying symptoms that were not visible during its initial stages. Psychologists also note that RPC-225 shows symptoms of severe narcissism and egomania when semi-formed.

"The entity will initially hide and use stealth while weak. But once it becomes more powerful, it becomes exponentially bolder. Blatantly attacking people, not hiding its tracks, taunting Authority personnel, even attacking in broad daylight. It's as if it thinks it can't be stopped."
-Dr. Davidson

While the entity has never been able to fully acquire all of its cephalic components, it has gotten dangerously close, with the closest being after Incident 13-03, where RPC-225 broke containment and was tracked by MST Alpha-12, code named: "Headhunters." When found, RPC-225 had found all its cephalic components save for its eyes and nose. RPC-225 was exponentially more difficult to re-contain due to the presence of these features, and it is hypothesized that, should RPC-225 become fully formed with all cephalic components, the entity will become impossible to contain, and would require re-classification as omega-purple.

Discovery: RPC-225 was brought to the attention of the Authority when Authority personnel were contacted by Senator █████ ███████ of ████████, USA. Authority personnel were sent to assist in the investigation of several homicides in which an anomalous entity was suspected to be involved. The victim's head and facial features were carefully removed by an unknown means. After several weeks of investigation, RPC-225 was discovered, and MST Alpha-12 was deployed for containment. RPC-225 was semi-formed with a head and several facial features, and caused significant damage to Alpha-12 during containment efforts. The operation resulted in █ casualties, but was ultimately successful. The efforts of Agent Johnathon Wesley and the role he played in the containment of RPC-225 was noted and duly rewarded.

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