The Shart Ray





Monarch Security civilian researchers working on an RPC-223 Type 2, circa 194█. Certain identifiable components have been redacted.

Registered Phenomena Code: 223

Object Class: Alpha-Black

Hazard Types: Ballistic Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Radiation Hazard

Containment Protocols: A copy of the master document containing the design plans for all iterations of RPC-223 is stored within maximum-security document archives on Site-001. The document is sealed within a secure case which may only be opened by personal security key approval from two Global Directors. In the event that the case is opened, moved or disturbed without having first been unsealed via a security key, a small incendiary device will immediately destroy RPC-223. Site-001 archival personnel are reminded that in the case of a major containment or security breach on-site, the plans for RPC-223 are to be destroyed.

A second copy of the RPC-223 plans, the original, is stored on a Monarch Security site in the Orkney Islands. Level 4C personnel and members of the Global Directorate have verified and confirmed the security of this copy. Should either copy of RPC-223's plans be accessed, the protocols outlined in the Project JOB Containment Agreement (PJCA) must be followed; Monarch Security will inform the Authority of the nature and reason for any access or alterations to the plans, and vice-versa.

Fielding of RPC-223 by Authority Security Force personnel requires direct approval by a majority vote of the Global Directorate. Each instance of RPC-223 constructed can be not higher than Type 3 in strength and must be fitted with a fail-deadly anti-tamper self-destruct system on a two-hour timer, whose code is known only to the field commander of the individual ASF unit. Those members of the Research and Protection Divisions who construct the instance are to be amnesticized following construction. When field usage of the instance is terminated, all members of the ASF unit or any support staff who were involved with the use of the instance in any way will be similarly amnesticized, and the instance destroyed.

In the event that any use of RPC-223 by a non-Authority or Monarch Security organization is detected, the Global Directorate have authorized any and all means to apprehend the user, destroy the instance, and recover whatever plans or models were used to construct the instance of RPC-223. To assist in detection efforts, all Authority Extraterrestrial Defense Force vessels, facilities, and satellites in the Solar System are fitted with radio detection units keyed to the specific operating frequencies of RPC-223.

Under no circumstances is any further testing or experimentation on any iteration of RPC-223 to be conducted.

Description: RPC-223 is a directed-energy weapon which emits a form of anomalous radiation that causes living human beings to violently and uncontrollably lose control of their bowel functions. Any further information on RPC-223 is classified as Level 4.

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