Registered Phenomena Code: 222

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazardh-emotional.png Emotional Hazardh-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-222 is contained in a humidity and temperature controlled containment case. Access to RPC-222 is restricted to RPC-222-1 and authorized Level 2 personnel. It is preferred, but not required, that the staff bringing RPC-222 to RPC-222-1 are trusted by the subject. The illusion that RPC-222-1 resides within a hospital is to be maintained at all times. Official RPC-222 documentations are to be kept out of RPC-222-1's living quarters; failure to do so will result in reassignment.

RPC-222-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber, with ample room for wheelchair accessibility, within Site-002. RPC-222-1 is to be allowed access to entertainment and exercise when requested. It is also allowed to be escorted through most areas accessible by Level 0 staff when accompanied by one or more Level 2 Staff. RPC-222-1 is to attend a weekly physical therapy session to prevent loss of bone mass and muscle atrophy.

Items requested by RPC-222-1 are to be reviewed by the RPC-222 project research lead and decided on a case-by-case basis. A document of RPC-222-1's requests, both approved and denied, is listed below.

Request Result
One box of crayons. Granted, supplied with one box of 64 Crayola Brand Crayons.
A television set with access to the TV channel "Nickelodeon". Granted, though granted access to child-oriented profiles of various streaming services instead.
Various child-oriented reading materials. Granted.
"A friend". Granted, in the form of two Dwarf Hamsters (both male, to avoid breeding and fighting).
Daily visits with RPC-222-1's father. Denied, however physical visits are allowed monthly off-site, and video or audio calls are allowed up to twice daily on a secure network separate from Authority servers.
A softer seat for RPC-222-1's wheelchair. Granted.
Daily escorts outside of containment chamber. Granted, limited to areas accessible to level 0 staff as well as recreation and mess halls.

Description: RPC-222 is a 9.00 x 6.00 x 1.50 inches, ten paged cardboard book that is visually designed for children in the early stages of reading development. The cover displays a large heart with a ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow. On the ribbon is the title, "The Little Book of Love!". The spine and page edges of RPC-222 show minor wear and tear from usage and time, and is susceptible to damage, though any form of vandalism to the book's pages will reset once the book is closed. Under normal conditions, nine of the book's pages will be blank, with the tenth page displaying a single line reading: "Give this book to Kaylee, please."

When the book is read by RPC-222-1, the pages will describe intimate details on a present subject regarding their "fated" love-life. On the final page will be an image of the subject's "destined partner". 100% of subjects who have been shown the image have experienced an almost overwhelming need to find the person shown within RPC-222. When the person specified in the image is found, the likelihood of a successful relationship forming is extremely high.

RPC-222-1 is a nine-year-old human female named Kaylee Havenson. Due to a genetic case of Osteogenesis Imperfecta1 localized within its legs, RPC-222-1 is wheelchair-bound and requires pain medication as well as precautions to ensure its health and safety. RPC-222-1 also seems to have heightened empathetic recognition, usually able to discern if someone is lovesick, lonely, or depressed. This ability appears to strengthen when in direct contact with RPC-222. RPC-222-1 has refused to read to any and all subjects who have been the abuser in an abusive relationship, often displaying fear or aversion to them whether or not it was informed of the subject's history.

Discovery: RPC-222 and RPC-222-1 were found at the Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. During a routine internet sweep, several discussions were found on Facebook detailing a young girl's ability to predict someone's love-life by reading from a book. Agent Brian Jasunen, who specializes in youth psychology, was sent to investigate. He discovers RPC-222-1 and its father, Garret Havenson, in its hospital room. After a brief introduction, Agent Jasunen managed to get a private interview with RPC-222-1.

Addendum-1: Interviews with RPC-222

Addendum-2: Personal Log of Sarah Nathans, RPC-222's Lead Researcher

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