Registered Phenomena Code: 218

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sentient.png Sentient h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-temporal.png Temporal

Containment Protocols: Due to previous unsuccessful attempts to contain RPC-218, containment for RPC-218 has been deemed impractical. All incremental information indirectly involving RPC-218 are to be suppressed and expunged from public access, this including historical documents and current events. Personnel are prohibited to interact or approach RPC-218 during field operations.

Potential manifestations reported to the media are to be investigated. In the event that RPC-218 has been located, Rapid Response Team "Observers"1 are to be dispatched and observe RPC-218 at all times. In addition, documents and imagery are to be classified Level 4 and above.

To date, RPC-218 has never been contained by the Authority.



Description: RPC-218 is an unidentified Class IV traveler entity, seen in a 1950s era suit with a fedora and black briefcase. Initial contact with the subject came direct following an incident in [REDACTED], Switzerland, which lead to the subject's initial discovery. (See Addendum 218.01)

Subject's anomalous behavior is indicated when an incident, often depicted as historic, occurs anywhere in the world. When manifested, RPC-218 will instantaneously travel to the location via unknown means, albeit theorized to be crossing the intervening space. Subject has been noted to travel and move at multiple locations at the same time; this has been observed when RPC-218 was sighted in London during the seven-seven bombings and an espionage scandal in Ottawa, in 2005.

During surveillance proceedings, subject is often seen to blend in with civilians as to evade or obstruct the view of field agents, causing difficulty to maintain visual contact with RPC-218. Reportedly, RPC-218 has been sighted to hold a small leather notebook with unknown symbols written in it, but the contents captured via imagery appear to be written in an encoded language. Some symbols are recognizable and translatable into dates, but their significance are often unclear as the year are not included.

Attempts to decode the notebook were impractical to decipher due to the fact that captured images of the contents alter when eye contact is broken.

Addendum 218.01: Discovery

On [REDACTED], security personnel at Site-███ reported sightings of an unknown subject dressed in a black suit roaming around the facility. Security attempted to detain and apprehend the man in question, but were unsuccessful after it was reported that they had exhibited anomalous behavior. (See Addendum 218.02)

An hour following the security incident, RPC-███ was reported to have breached containment and fled to [REDACTED], Switzerland, causing [DATA EXPUNGED] casualties. Mobile Specialized Team November-7 ("Hammer The Gamma") was dispatched and successfully recontained RPC-███. During the recontainment operation, November-7 members reportedly encountered the unknown subject during the operation.

Director of Site-███ ordered a preliminary investigation onto the unknown subject following the incident, who was suspected to be the cause of the breach. Two weeks after the incident, the Office of Information Security and Records (OIRS) concluded that the unknown subject was a manifested anomaly that was previously reported in numerous Sites since ████.

As of June, ████, the unknown subject was formally given RPC designation. (See Addendum 218.04)

Addendum 218.02: Post-Incident Interview

Four days after the incident at Site-███, Agent Philip Barrett was tasked to investigate the security incident with RPC-218 of a suspected containment sabotage. The following is an interview transcript between Agent Philip Barrett and Security Officer Robert Millerson.

Addendum 218.03: Historical Records Log

Addendum 218.04: Anomaly Designation Memorandum

Addendum 218.05: Incident ██/██/██

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