Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: N/A. Multi-Site Operation

Director of Research: Dr. Omar Randall

Assigned MST(s): Echo-25 “Dreaded Out”

Director of Containment: Dr. Bryson Tilson


Registered Phenomena Code: 216

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Contact Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: All civilian cases of RPC-216 infection are to be handled by MST Echo-25 “Dreaded Out”. RPC-216-A infected are to be dealt with via exorcism1 of the RPC-216 entity. RPC-216-A instances that are contained for Authority research are to be kept in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber. RPC-216-B instances found outside of Authority containment are to be terminated on site. All civilians who witness an RPC-216-B instance are to be amnesticized. Authority contained RPC-216-B is instances are to be contained in Standard Humanoid Containment Chambers.

Description: RPC-216 are semi-corporeal entities composed of a sulfur-based substance. RPC-216 instances do not reflect any light and can only be viewed on a thermal spectrum. The entities can also be viewed via the use of the Viderics known as Oniritryptin. Personnel who have ingested Oniritryptin to view RPC-216 instances describe them as being non-Euclidean entities that are surrounded by a yellow gas.

RPC-216 instances are theorized to have a connection to the Abrahamic faiths due to RPC-216 instances always being found in sites of satanic worship or area where satanic rituals have occurred. These entities will travel will make their way to the nearest human in order to create an RPC-216-A instance.

RPC-216-A instances are made when an RPC-216 instance merges with a human, also known as the RPC-216 infection. It has only been observed that only one RPC-216 instance can merge with a singular human. Humans usually chosen by an instance of RPC-216 usually struggle with severe physiological illness such as Schizophrenia or Psychosis. The infection always has seven stages. The following is a list describing the effects of RPC-216’s infection stages:

Infection Stage Description Time
Stage One RPC-216 merges with subject. Subject complains of auditory hallucinations. One (1) to two (2) days from the initial infection.
Stage Two Subject begins to complain of both auditory and visual hallucinations. The subject develops insomnia. Three (3) to four (4) days from the initial infection.
Stage Three Subject begins to develop acute amnesia. Both auditory and visual hallucinations still manifest and appear to get worse. Subject begins to periodically defecate him/herself uncontrollably. Five (5) days from the initial infection.
Stage Four Subject develops Retrograde Amnesia. The subject also begins to act sporadically. Six (6) days from the initial infection.
Stage Five When a subject reaches the fifth stage of infection, the temperature of the area around the subject will drop -30°C. The subject will claim to be the RPC-216 instance inhabiting the body. The subject, now designated an RPC-216-A instance, will begin to carve symbols related to branches of Satanism across their body. This carving is usually done with a sharp object near to the subject. If no sharp objects are near to the RPC-216-A instance, the instance will begin to claw the symbol using its nails. Seven (7) days from the initial infection.
Stage Six Subject will speak a mix of the subject’s native language, Proto-Italic, and several unidentified languages. These unidentified languages seem to have a memetic causing feelings of minor doubt and confusion in those who hear it. Day eight (8) through day thirteen (13) from the initial infection.
Stage Seven Subject’s skin will fall off to reveal an RPC-216-B instance. Fourteen (14) days from initial infection.

Subjects can be cured from the RPC-216 infection via the practice of exorcism on an infected subjects. Exorcisms appear to destroy the RPC-216 instance within an infected subject. Most RPC-216 infections are usually neutralized or contained at the fourth, or fifth stage. Exorcisms performed on subjects on the first through third stages of infection come out of the exorcism with no recollection of the prior events. Exorcisms performed on subjects who were at the fourth through six stages of infection resolves in extreme psychological and physical trauma. Exorcisms done during the fifth stage result on the termination of the RPC-216-B instance.

RPC-216-B instances are the transformed biomass of an RPC-216-A instance to create a semi-sentient humanoid carnivorous entity. RPC-216-B instances contain one eyeball usually measuring 19 cm wide. These entities have a single horn-like structure made of some form of keratinous material. RPC-216-B instances usually weigh the same weight as their RPC-216-A counterpart. RPC-216-B instances are highly aggressive to any life form they encounter. Genetic tests conducted with RPC-216-B shows that it seems to be some form of sulfuric-based life form similar to RPC-███.

Discovery: Confirmed sightings of RPC-216 date back to 5 BCE. During the 15th Century, The Auctoritas Imperata created groups made up of priests and soldiers to combat RPC-216 and RPC-216-B instances. During the late 1500s, before the Auctoritas had a stronghold on the Americas, followers of the GoI known as the “The Union” conducted exorcisms against the RPC-216 presence during the early English colonies of America. During the 1980s, RPC-216 infections were quelled by a joint strike team made up of both Authority trained ASF and Vatican priests trained in the practice of exorcisms. The Union, as a whole not working alongside the Authority, still helped quell RPC-216 infections.

Addendum: The following is a list of locations and dates RPC-216 instances have been found:

Addendum: Researchers firmly believe that 20% of all recorded exorcisms have been RPC-216 related. 75% of all documented exorcisms related to RPC-216 infections have been done under the Authority and Vatican supervision. Groups of Interest like The Union and the ███ account for all undocumented exorcisms conducted upon RPC-216 instances with ███ only making up a small percentage due to them only recently taking part in exorcisms in RPC-216 related cases.

Additional: Interview Log-216-A-005

Foreword: The following interview was conducted with the RPC-216-A instance apprehended during Encounter 102. This interview was conducted at Site-███.

Interviewer: Dr. Alfonso

Interviewee: RPC-216-A

Date: 12/15/1987

<Begin Log>

Dr. Alfonso: Good afternoon, RPC-216-A.


Dr. Alfonso: Calm down RPC-


RPC-216-A bites the air loudly.

Dr. Alfonso: Get the priest.

An Authority trained priest, alongside two security personnel enters RPC-216-A room. The security personnel restrain RPC-216-A to a chair tying a metal chain around RPC-216-A and the chair. The priest begins to perform an exorcism.

RPC-216 laughs and looks at the priest.

RPC-216 begins to mock the priest and chant in an unknown language. Audio recordings of this chant have been restricted to Level IV personnel due to it containing minor memetic effects.

Dr. Alfonso: Allen, continue with the exorcism.

Priest: Alright.

The priest continues the exorcism.

RPC-216-A looks up at Dr. Alfonso.

RPC-216-A: You're gonna be my-

RPC-216-A screams in agony.

Dr. Alfonso: Answer our questions RPC-216-A. We don’t have all day.


Dr. Alfonso signals to the priest to stop the exorcism.

Dr. Alfonso: What are you?

RPC-216-A: I don’t know, what do you think we are?

Dr. Alfonso: A parasite.

Dr. Alfonso motions to recommence the exorcism, but RPC-216-A interrupts.

RPC-216-A: Wait, wait. Don’t do that, please I beg of you.

RPC-216-A: We coexist on different plane below and above the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. We are the souls of Legion, of the Hungry One. All we wish is to exist.

Dr. Alfonso: Pseudomonarchia Daemon-

RPC-216-A begins to start shaking violently as chunks of flesh begin to fall off revealing an instance of RPC-216-B. The instance breaks free from its restraints and attacks the priest by biting into his shoulder.

The guards reacting by forcefully removing the RPC-216-B from the priest and unloading both the guns into the instance terminating it.

<End Log>

End Interview Statement(s): “It truly is a shame. There were more questions I would’ve loved to ask this entity. Some researchers on my team would love to know if there is a connection between RPC-216 and RPC-234. - Dr. Alfonso

Addendum: Priest Allen ████ was taken to Site-███ 's medical bay where he died from blood loss. The RPC-216-B instance was taken to Site-008 for further study. Investigations into the organization or group of entities known as the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” is underway.

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