The Trenches




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The original painting RPC-215 was replicated after.


Registered Phenomena Code: 215

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard, Explosive Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-215 is to be contained in the Site-077 Art Depository, with access allowed to level 3 personnel and higher. Two ASF personnel are to monitor the entrance to the Art depository and prevent any unauthorised access. The room storing RPC-215 must be at least 15x15m and be maintained at an internal temperature of 22° C and relative humidity of 45%. One CSD subject with extreme beliefs in pacifism will enter the archival room on a weekly basis to monitor the storage conditions and check RPC-215 for any signs of decay. If any signs are reported, a specialist with no prior political beliefs will be contracted to restore RPC-215 under the surveillance of ASF personnel.

Description: RPC-215 is a replica painting by the British painter █████ █████ that depicts a trench containing 2 dead German soldiers. RPC-215’s memetic effects appear to materialise when at least one member within a group of people with a strong ideological or political belief views RPC-215. It will result in any person within a 10m radius displaying a radical idolisation of their belief and aggression to other beliefs, which will continue even after leaving the area of effect. 20 seconds after initially viewing, RPC-215 will execute a secondary effect to everyone (including the subject who viewed RPC-215) within that radius by terminating them in a style connected to that political belief or ideology. Some of the instances include: Beheading, Immolation (in a variety of ways), electrocution, starvation, poisoning, explosions, and many unclear instances, with injuries consistent with lynching, crucifixion, execution via firing squad, falling at a great height and ritualistic sacrifice. Some of these executions can be survived or circumvented depending on how RPC-215 delivers the execution (example seen in Interview-215-1).

Discovery: RPC-215 was first discovered on 18th July 1937 at the ████████ ████ museum in Munich, Germany. Prior to the opening of the exhibit, ███ members of the local Schutzstaffel unit were afforded a pre-screening of the event with 215 inexplicably being the centrepiece of the collection.1 Following exposure to RPC-215, ██ members of the Schutzstaffel unit began attacking each other in an effort to escape exposure to a mustard gas agent secreting from 215, which resulted in ██ overall fatalities2. It was initially contained by the German Anomalous Research Division (hereby named GARD) who confiscated the painting from the museum and documented the disappearance on a local burning of degenerate arts. It was later discovered in site-077 with the reclamation of the site from GARD in 1945.

Addendum-A: According to research notes acquired after the resolution of WW2, GARD researchers of the occult "Black Sun Division" were looking to replicate this anomalous property, inspired by a theory that the painting was created using the enraged spirits of deceased soldiers3. GARD Researchers were looking to use these properties on symbols such as the Swastika and the Iron Cross, with the lethal effects exempt to persons believing in Nazi ideologies and beliefs. A few documents on attempts to harness the power have since been acquired, as mentioned in the Document below.

16th March 1941: Progress report
Herr Arnold, i believe we have found a way to use our symbols to turn the tide of the war.

Ever since we contained that painting, we’ve devised ways to replicate its properties and we’ve had small successes in capturing the spirit and transferring its power to canisters made by the Ahnenerbe division. Today we were able to finally find a way to transfer the spirit, similar to how we believe it was first conceived by that painting. We now are looking to use enraged souls for the next step of testing to ensure similar properties.

Ensure you torture the subjects for at least an hour before execution, and use the runes as specified in the diagram below to absorb the spirits into the canisters. Then its up to the Ahnenerbe division to find a way to make the effects work on sight only and with our enemies. We’ve done our part for now.

From your loyal Understaff:
-Herr Jörg

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