Registered Phenomena Code: 210

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Teleportation Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: ASF Rapid Response Team ("Street Cleaners") are to monitor high population urban areas for sudden and unexplained disappearances of individuals with any form of blood relatives. Should a missing individual's disappearance match being selected by RPC-210 they are to be designated an instance of RPC-210-1 and blood relatives of RPC-210-1 are to be located and put in Authority protective custody until the RPC-210-1 instance is either neutralised or incapacitated before being unselected by RPC-210. Blood relatives are then to be administered class A amnestics and released.

Description: RPC-210 is an unidentified humanoid entity1 that will randomly select an individual (hereby referred to as RPC-210-1) from a high population urban setting and teleport them to a parallel dimension (hereby referred to as RPC-210-A) for gradually increasing intervals of time since capture. Starting from 2-4 hours within the first week, to 6-8 hours within the second week, and up to 20 years from the second month. Transporting to and from RPC-210-A induces headaches, migraines, temporary blindness, dizziness, and severe damage to the cerebral cortex and temporal lobe, often making RPC-210-1 instances attack other humans on sight.

Should RPC-210-1 die in RPC-210-A, their body will be instantly transported back to our normal dimension, and RPC-210 will choose another individual to become an instance RPC-210-1. It is unknown if RPC-210 can choose multiple RPC-210-1 instances at one time.

RPC-210-A is identical to our normal dimension with three major differences.
First, there is a complete lack of human life (besides RPC-210-1)
Second, the progression of time is roughly 89% slower than in our normal dimension.
Lastly is the presence of an animal species (hereby referred to as RPC-210-2)

Instances of RPC-210-2 will be a species of animal native to the country that RPC-210-1 was selected in, and will undergo gradual changes (depending on the duration of RPC-210-1 residing within RPC-210-A) in its intelligence and appearance.

Current record of all RPC-210-2 instances include, Genus macropus in Australia, Cervus canadensis in Canada, Bison in America, Ovis aries in Scotland, Canis lupus familiaris in Japan and Gruidae in Korea.

During RPC-210-1's first week of being transported into RPC-210-A, RPC-210-2 instances will attempt to kill RPC-210-1 by means most effective for the normal form of RPC-210-2 and will display no irregular behaviour, besides the hostility towards RPC-210-1.

During the rest of the first month, instances of RPC-210-2 will begin to show signs of a higher intelligence by constructing crude weaponry, using whatever appendages RPC-210-2 has available, and using its nearby surroundings to hide in, or around, before ambushing RPC-210-1.

During the second month, instances of RPC-210-2 will slowly change in appearance to match that of homo sapiens, while retaining vestigial features such as horns and fur/feathers. The intelligence of RPC-210-2 instances also further increases, and they can soon operate basic vehicles, such as bikes, set up camps and construct rudimentary spears, shields and armour, using whatever materials they can find.

From the third month onwards, instances of RPC-210-2 develop intellectual abilities mirroring that of modern homo sapiens, eventually developing themselves into a complex society. At this stage RPC-210-2 will attempt to capture and torture RPC-210-1 for the remaining time that they reside RPC-210-A, using a variety of techniques including: Walling, Waterboarding, Combing, Castration, Circumcision, Denailing, and the implanting of [REDACTED] into the hypodermis causing vestigial deformities matching RPC-210-2.

It is unknown of what motivates the RPC-210-2 instances to do this. It is speculated that they are under the control of RPC-210 in an attempt to lower the mental stability of RPC-210-1.

After a total of twenty years2, RPC-210-1 will be transported back to their original dimension via RPC-210, most often within the proximity of a blood relative. RPC-210 will then command RPC-210-1 to attack and kill said relative. If successful, RPC-210 will immediately teleport RPC-210-1 to an unknown location, presumably in order to return them to RPC-210-A. If unsuccessful, RPC-210 will cease interaction will RPC-210-1 and they are to be no longer considered an RPC-210-1 instance.

The motivations of RPC-210 have yet to be fully understood. The only source of possible motives stem from carvings on several deceased instances of RPC-210-1. Of the ████ bodies found, four have been discovered with letters of an unknown language present on the torso and back. A recent translation of the carvings has found all four of them to be the same message: "Give back what was lost from these squalid apes".

Discovery: The existence of RPC-210 was brought to Authority attention when a call was made to the police in [REDACTED] claiming that missing person ████████ had suddenly returned home severely deformed and carrying a weapon. ████████ was detained by Authority agents when it was realised that ████████ was decades older than when the caller had seen him last at █/██/██.

Addendum 210-1: The only known surviving instance of RPC-210-1 is ████████ who, after being detained and interviewed, was administered class A-2 amnestics and released. An audio transcript of the interview's contents is documented in the sub-addendum below.

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