Section cut from RPC-208 while in containment


Registered Phenomena Code: 208

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aquatic Hazard, Geological Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Organic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-208 is to be kept in an aquarium connected to the Pacific Ocean. Water is to be circulated through the containment chamber to provide RPC-208 with its natural food source (waterborne detritus) and filtered to prevent RPC-208 from spreading. Additionally, RPC-208 is to be kept between the masses of 10 kg. and 15 kg. In the event RPC-208's weight exceeds 15 kg, excess biomass is to be immediately trimmed by an automated saw; all excised material is to be retrieved by an Authority agent and incinerated. Personnel assigned to RPC-208 must submit to monthly psychiatric evaluations. In the event any personnel exhibit remorse during the removal of RPC-208's biomass, they are to be immediately transferred to a separate assignment.

Description: RPC-208 appears to be a normal coral similar to Platygyra with a brighter yellow pigmentation. RPC-208 manifests anomalous abilities when it grows larger than 10 kg.

At about 10 kg. RPC-208 gains the ability to speak telepathically. RPC-208 will use this ability to engage in conversation with anyone in its immediate vicinity. RPC-208 will then attempt to persuade all humans to leave and barring that, allow it to grow larger.

At about 15 kg. RPC-208 will gain the ability to telekinetically manipulate its environment to suit its and other wildlife's needs. This includes changing the topography to allow for an easier spread of RPC-208 and providing crevices for marine life.

If separated from the main mass, portions of RPC-208 will exhibit autonomous cognitive abilities; however, this is dependent on its overall size. Said portions will continue to grow independently and gradually increase their cognitive capacity.

Identically weighted portions of RPC-208 will attempt to undergo a process of symbiosis, proceeding to search for and merge other instances in order to accumulate greater biomass. [See Experiment Log 208-1-4]

Recovery log: RPC-208 was located near ████ island following various reports detailing disembodied voices within the coastal waters. Initial contact was made between RPC-208 and MST-█████-27. During the recovery operation, MST personnel exhibited notable difficulty in containing the entirety of RPC-208. Since RPC-208 appeared to have recognized or acknowledged said personnel as potential threats and proceeded to attack, resulting in multiple casualties. [See Incident Report 208-1]. RPC-208 was then approached by a negotiator who explained the situation to RPC-208. RPC-208 was told it would have to undergo experiments and have its total size reduced to a manageable level. In exchange, it would have access to the ocean and its life. RPC-208 agrees to the terms stated.

Incident Report 208-1: Immediately after an agent offhandedly commented about how hard it would be to contain a whole coral reef, RPC-208 lashed out with telekinetic force, crushing the agent nearest to its chest cavity. Agents who were further away were only blasted back by the force. In one instance, an agent near the surface of the water was thrown out of the water and back onto the boat they had been diving from.

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