Registered Phenomena Code: 205

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Alpha-Orange)

Hazard Types: N/A (formerly Extra-Dimensional, Gravitational, Immeasurable, Regenerative)

Containment Protocols: After the events of Incident 205-A1, RPC-205 has been reclassified as Neutralized; further containment protocols have been deemed unnecessary. The east wing of the ███████████ studio building in Toronto, Canada (still designated as OL-Site-205) has been reopened for the public with a renovated appearance. OL-Site-205 is to be closely monitored by Authority moles to report any resurgent anomalous activity.


Cropped still of RPC-205's interior taken by live camera feed, dated 11/15/20. Click to enlarge.

Description: Prior to Incident 205-A1, RPC-205 was a spacious, 18-by-18-by-5 meter room that replaced the janitorial closet in the east wing of the ███████████ studio building in Toronto via unknown means on January 14th, 2019, at approximately 3:17 PM. RPC-205 was accessible via a door in the Storage Hallway, which was situated at the southwest corner inside of the room itself. The floor of RPC-205 was composed of a material resembling wooden planks. The walls and ceiling of RPC-205 were formed out of white, concrete-like material, although sampling of it was not possible. RPC-205 was empty, except for six black chairs of indeterminate make, which sat at the north-eastern corner of the room. The ceiling of RPC-205 possessed a few closed air vents (which were inaccessible) and lightbulbs, which seemed to be non-functioning.

RPC-205 possessed several anomalous properties, all of which have been listed down below:

  • RPC-205 possessed extra-dimensional properties, as its dimensions were far too large to normally fit within the boundaries of the ███████████ studio building;
  • Despite the fact that it had no functioning light sources, RPC-205 was illuminated at all times, in a manner that resembled constant daylight. The direction of shadows inside RPC-205 indicated that the light was emanating from somewhere past the south-eastern corner of the room, although this was unclear;
  • RPC-205's floors and walls completely lacked kinetic and static friction. Matter introduced inside RPC-205 would slide and bounce effortlessly without losing speed;
  • The walls and floor of RPC-205 were described by on-site personnel as "perfectly smooth". To a similar extent, the corners of RPC-205 also appeared to possess perfect 90-degree angles;
  • The chairs situated at the north-eastern corner of RPC-205 possessed a destructive property; any external matter which entered a 6-meter radius of it would slowly disintegrate until completely destroyed, the manner of which resembled a gradual 'blurring' of said matter. The disintegration process appeared to be proportional to the distance between the object and the chairs;
  • The floor of RPC-205 was hydrophobic: any liquid spilled onto it would bunch up and scatter in a matter similar to that to the Lotus effect.1 To a similar extent, any external gases introduced inside RPC-205 would flow down and gather on the floor, regardless of its density. The air inside RPC-205 did not exhibit this effect and was breathable;
  • The air inside RPC-205 possessed a faint, constant smell similar to sawdust;
  • The walls and floor of RPC-205 possessed a regenerating ability. Any damage exerted on it which would normally result in the displacement of material would anomalously be reverted after approximately 1.25 seconds;
  • Sound and radio waves appeared to be absorbed by RPC-205's walls, rendering remote communication useless inside of the room;
  • Any external matter inside RPC-205, including people, would disappear when the door leading to it was closed. It is currently unknown where the said matter was displaced as radio communication was not possible within RPC-205.


Photo of the janitorial closet taken prior to the manifestation of RPC-205, dated 06/22/17. Click to enlarge.

Discovery: On January 14th, 2019, at around 4:05 PM, Authority Agents stationed in Toronto, Canada, were alerted to reports of possible anomalous activity taking place at the ███████████ studio building. Upon arrival, agents reported several panicked employees crowding the door leading to RPC-205, alongside a few others inside who had injured themselves after slipping on the frictionless floor.

Although witness testimonies were shaky, employees reported that RPC-205 was discovered at around 3:19 PM when a staff member had opened the door to the janitorial closet to borrow some cleaning supplies. 2 minutes prior to RPC-205 manifesting, on-duty janitor Owen Miller had entered the closet to acquire some items. He became missing upon the manifestation of RPC-205.

After a loss of 5 employees and 2 Authority Agents (resulting from an employee closing the door to RPC-205), all employees in the vicinity were given amnestics (the cover story for Owen and the other missing employees was a previous hiking trip which resulted in their disappearances), and more Authority personnel were dispatched to the scene. RPC designation and containment protocols were later put in place.


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