Still frame from civilian "Riberia Footage"


Registered Phenomena Code: 205

Object Class: Gamma Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: ITERATION III: Online activity, written communications, and phone records are to be monitored for mentions of RPC-205. Inter-dimensional measuring tools are to be deployed to measure and monitor any confirmed occurrences of RPC-205 phenomenon.

Propaganda campaigns to convince the general population that RPC-205 is a normal optical illusion have been deployed to prevent panic and societal disruption as a result of RPC-205's existence.

In the event that RPC-205 activity escalates past the point that disruptions become irreversible and impossible to cover up, national government organizations are to be declared null, with respective populations being placed under the direct control of the Authority. At this point, any remaining resources, natural or otherwise, are to be divided and used to pacify the remaining populations.

ITERATION IV: As of 04/12/2012, depictions or photographs taken of Earth or other points in space showing instances of RPC-205 are to be digitally manipulated to remove any such evidence. It is currently believed that the acceleration of RPC-205 activity is indicative of its effect becoming more destabilizing to the space-time continuum. As the larger RPC-205 phenomenon is currently believed to be impossible to prevent or escape, there will be a point when no further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: RPC-205 is, outwardly, a group of indistinct humanoid shapes manifesting within and interacting with human civilization. Sightings of RPC-205 have indicated that masculine, feminine, adult and juvenile humanoids exist as part of the anomaly. The behavioral patterns observed in RPC-205 are varied, and it is unclear what they are attempting to accomplish, if any goal exists.

Initially, sightings of RPC-205 can only occur when the viewer is in motion relative to the Earth. While many remain ignorant of RPC-205, individuals who become aware of RPC-205's existence will be able to observe them while stationary; there is a direct correlation between a subject's awareness of RPC-205 and their ability to interact with the phenomenon. Additionally, there is further correlation between interaction with RPC-205 and the sudden onset of mental illness. Depth perception, hearing, and vision can also be affected. The most common effect is an inability to remember dreams.

Sightings of RPC-205 are most common around locations with continuous motion, such as highways, theme parks, and densely populated urban areas. They will attempt to place themselves as close to objects in motion as possible. This manifests in methods such as hugging industrial machinery, keeping pace with vehicle traffic, walking into the ocean, or standing still in places with heavy foot traffic.

Humans that are aware of RPC-205 for a year or more may begin recognizing themselves, family members, friends in RPC-205 instances. Most frequently, the observed entities will be recognized as deceased persons. This recognition does not always correspond to individuals whom the subject has a relationship, as subjects may recognize individuals they have never met or do not exist. In addition, the sex and appearance of the RPC-205 instance may not match the appearance of the corresponding individual in reality, in cases where this can be corroborated.

It is not currently believed that RPC-205 instances are the result of human transfiguration.

The long term effects of RPC-205 exposure on humans and naturally occurring objects are still being studied and are not yet fully understood.

Note from Director Armstrong

RPC-205 doesn't correspond to anything else we have discovered. Their global movement trends towards congregation in the population centers. As time goes on, there have been more and more sightings. More people can see them. They're recognizing themselves in the shadows. Again, we do not know why. Are their minds being affected? We don't think so. Therefore, we must proceed as though they are speaking truthfully.

They are waiting for something. Perhaps it has already happened and we just don't know it yet. Right now the priority is preventing panic and fear as we attempt to understand what they want. In that, at least, we have had some success. But we cannot persevere in that forever.

Addendum: Researcher Notes

[0:0:2:9]: Something that has existed alongside us for 200,000 years, the whole time, gone. Disappearing. Practically extinct.

I thought part of our mission was to protect and contain.

Maybe they were meant to be. I hope that this is not an end, but a change. I don't want to find out we can't live without them. — Researcher Forsberg

[8:8:0:1]: Some of the research staff have been reporting troubling dreams. It's happened with a standard rotation now. Requesting reclassification review? — Researcher Sunderwood


I remember seeing out into the blackness past the cupula. We had just landed and it was black and white out there, like something out of a television set. It was stark and barren and beautiful. I think that all of us, suiting up, it was a giddy happy thing.

The spacewalk, moving so slowly as you bounced across this landscape etched in dust. I remember standing in the middle of the sea of tranquility and feeling peace. When I looked back to the ship all that snapped up to my throat. I thought they might be aliens. Some foreign creatures that had grabbed hold of our ship and were ready to make us the last men on the moon.

But they didn't tear us apart. They looked tired. Fading. Maybe like something that had grabbed hold of one hell of a horse and rode it up out of the atmosphere and with us on our journey. I saw them fall apart, dusted like stale saltines intermingling with decades of dust. I don't know if they came back.

[9:7:1:4]: Do we even know that we're seeing what's there? People who don't know it's there don't see it, but there's an awful lot of anecdotal evidence showing that once you see one, you can see all of them if you're looking. I think we ought to be looking into some kind of additional anomalous effect in all of this. I can write up a funding request formally, if necessary. — Dr. Baron

Addendum: Incident RPC-205-A

On 09/17/2016, a surge in RPC-205 sightings were reported in Edmonton, Alberta. These reports indicated a large number of civilians became aware of RPC-205 at once. Operative Frank Pierce and Professor H. Hamlin from local Outpost 98-E, tasked with observing and collecting data on local oil sands, were deployed to the location of the RPC-205 sightings. After reaching their assigned location, all communications devices began to malfunction.

In the after action report filed by Operative Spencer, both he and Hamlin observed numerous RPC-205 specimens until reaching the Pacific coast region. The following is a summary of the aforementioned report.

They came from all over. We crested over a hill and there were thousands of them.

It was an eerie silent crowd; the intelligence underestimated the scale. We had never seen them before but there was no problem looking at them now, head and arms reached out toward the sky, completely mindless. Some of them would stop and look up towards the sun, but most were single minded and walking on, and on, and on.

They weren't drones. They all had individuality. Agency. Not a hive mind, like I was told.
Some of them gyrated and swayed rhythmically, dancing to some beat only they could hear. There were a couple of times I thought I heard something too, but I didn't want to listen. I don't expect anything good would come of that.

Our comms don't want to work right. Turned them off when they wanted to start singing something to us. A garbled voice, Hamlin said it sounded like mother. I didn't want to tell him he was right, so I turned it off.

A few of them were holding hands. You stopped seeing the outline when they touched. Finding familiarity in a crowd of ashes like that, I don't blame them.

It was all ashes, too. You could taste burning in the air. Like an electric fire you sense before you see.

These aren't aliens. They're not demons. They're refugees.

The beaches they walked towards full of rocks, refuse and human waste. Most of them stopped dancing then. Walked right in, gobbled up by the maw of the Pacific. It took a fortnight to swallow all of them. Then they were gone, like a trickle marching in.

I think that was about when we started seeing things. Hamlin went first. I don't think he was right in the head to start with. There's a lot of things I wish I knew right now.

Mumbled a lot. Said we could be trying to put seeing back in people. Talked about fire and brimstone and peeling black flesh. How some of them were made of mothers.

I saw things too, then.

God, planes. So beautiful. I could see one over the tilting desert sands cascading over the horizon. It's a wave of haze falling down to us as it booms overhead, going so fast looking so slow. The metal sparkled as it buckled and bucked the wind. Do you know how thin planes are? If you cut the pieces into strips it would make beautiful music.

Our radio came back on. They wanted to show us something. Worlds colliding, splitting up, and breaking apart. Mashing and mashing together until there was nothing left but the broken.

I heard the music again. You can't ignore the roar of crashing seawater. But it gave way to a hum. Slow, at first. But then it began to grow.

RPC-205 isn't the ash people. Not the music. Not the screams coming from Hamlin as he saw too much too soon.

It's an inevitability. They're like us. They are us, were us. Then, something broke them up and pushed them back together. How tightly can the boundaries of time be squeezed before it buckles?

I think they might still be down there.

I think that when they go, we all just might go with them.

Note: Pierce and Hamlin successfully returned to the Outpost without physical injury. Hamlin was retained for further study.

There has been an uptick in sightings of RPC-205. The cause is currently unknown and under investigation.

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