RPC-203 in Authority custody.

Registered Phenomena Code: 203

Object Class: Alpha Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-203 is to be kept in a dedicated paddock measuring 300 m² at Agricultural Research Site-043, bordered by standard livestock fencing. On the 5th of every second month, RPC-203 is to be evaluated by a staff member with veterinary qualifications for potential health complications, with special care given to avoid invasive or methods otherwise likely to cause discomfort.

RPC-203 must be milked daily for its continued health. During standard milking procedure, a single CSD personnel is to be a given one (1) standard issue aluminium bucket, one (1) wooden milking stool for use as seating, one (1) class-3 biohazard-resistant decontamination suit and one (1) handheld transceiver. Essential staff are to retreat to the designated safe distance of 20m 100m 200m 300m and verbally guide the CSD personnel through the milking process via two-way radio. CSD personnel of an agreeable psychological profile who volunteer for continued milking duty may be kept on-staff until such a time as the process causes them to expire.

Description: RPC-203 refers to a single adult female Bos taurus1 of the Holstein-Friesian breed, genetically and phenotypically identical to non-anomalous members of the breed with the exception of constant, uninterrupted lactation periods without the need for calving. RPC-203 has what appears to be a standard electronic livestock tag inserted in the left ear, however, closer inspection reveals that it is a biological extension of RPC-203 itself, and has no internal electronic components capable of being read through normal means. The phrase “Property of Nettleingham farm” is branded upon it, although Authority investigation has found no records of any agricultural estate carrying that name.

The first anomalous property of RPC-203 manifests when an entity attempts an action which will inflict harm or discomfort upon it2. Subjects report an irresistible physical and psychological compulsion to cease the action before harm or discomfort comes to RPC-203, accompanied by a strong craving for bovine milk that overrides all thought processes for between 10-40 minutes after cessation of the triggering action. Subjects expressing any level of lactose intolerance instead report a period of self loathing and lethargy with similar intensity for exactly two hours after cessation of the triggering action. This effect is not limited to actions that inflict direct harm or discomfort upon RPC-203 and has manifested in staff members of Agricultural Research Site-043 when doing a variety of seemingly unrelated tasks, up to and including one instance of attempted routine maintenance on the containment cell of RPC-████, later found to have been likely to cause a containment breach. Approval for use of RPC-203 in the containment of other RPC items is currently pending.

The second anomalous properties of RPC-203 manifest when milked: as instead of milk, 5L of a seemingly random liquid is produced (For a catalogue of produced liquids see table-1 below). The liquid produced is not limited to viscosities, temperatures or levels of pressure compatible with its anatomy and does not appear to be stored internally, instead manifesting at the tip of the teat once milking has begun3. RPC-203 is immune to the effects of anything it produces, expressing no distress when expelling molten or otherwise hazardous materials, although this immunity does not extend to the milker.

Milking procedures can only occur once per day, regardless of energy intake or hydration and will always produce exactly 5L any of any given substance if milked to completion. Milking procedures can theoretically occur less than once per day, however, this is likely to heighten the risk of significant teat infection while causing significant discomfort, and is thus impossible given the nature of RPC-203.

Recovery Log: RPC-203 came to the Authority’s attention following an influx of unusual injuries in the small town of █████, Texas in late 2015. Authority agents pinned down the culprit after standard background checks found all the injured to be farmhands at a local dairy ranch, and subsequently secured RPC-203. The ranch owner, Jonathan ████████ claimed to have purchased it at a bargain price during a local cattle auction. While no documentation from the auction lists RPC-203, subsequent interrogation of other attendees confirmed the story, and all involved were administered class A-amnesics. All attempts to confirm the whereabouts of RPC-203 prior to this event, or locate the party which placed it in the auction have thus far failed.

Addendum: Following the significant incident on 5/12/2016, routine Authority compiling of deceased personnel files located a single prevailing connection of lactose intolerance between all staff killed in the event and subsequent containment breach, including Dr. Verner. Investigation into all personnel harmed by RPC-203 for signs of lactose intolerance continues, and updated containment procedures are pending.

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