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Registered Phenomena Code: 202

Object Class: Alpha-White (Explained)

Additional Properties: Extra-dimensional


A graphic representation of the ALTR-C44X Reality Signature

Containment Protocols: The original RPC-202 documents are to be stored within standard high-value-item containment, accessible only with clearance from the Site Director. Copies of RPC-202 may be distributed by the Head Researcher.

Description: RPC-202 is the collective designation for five paper documents originating from the alternate reality ALTR-C44X. The documents manifested within Site-044, each appearing in different places throughout the facility. An eye-witness described one of these events as "a sudden flash of blue light, lasting only a few seconds. Everything then returned to normal, except a piece of paper was now on the floor."

The documents were collected and analyzed. Through the use of an Anderson-Eckhardt Coherency Test, it was deduced that upon discovery, the documents had a coherency level of approximately 4.67; however, over the course of several days, this coherency decreased until RPC-202 reached an equilibrium with that of our own reality at 3.97. RPC-202 are otherwise non-anomalous.

The contents of RPC-202 consist of various log entries, a video transcription, a report from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and a printed letter written by a researcher of an Authority equivalent within ALTR-C44X. Each document in some way relates to a Zetta-7 Baseline Coherency Disturbance Scenario in which a significant disruption in the Anderson Constant occurred. A transcription of each RPC-202 document is available below.


An image taken of an abandoned building during Investigation 202.1

Addendum: Through extended analysis of the original RPC-202 documents, traces of a reality signature have been found. By corroborating these traces, a complete signature has been obtained, allowing the Authority to locate ALTR-C44X.

Mobile Specialized Team Uniform-1 ("Through God's Eyes"), an MST specialized in missions relating to objects and environments of very high or low coherency, was tasked with entering and investigating ALTR-C44X. The team entered equipped with coherency-stabilizing suiting capable of maintaining a safe internal coherency. A recording of the investigation was created using filtered cameras and microphones that simplify a high-coherency input into a baseline-coherency output. This recording is transcribed below.

Once Uniform-1 returned, the recordings were analyzed and studied. After exiting Site-044, a trail of the unknown blue substance was visible in several locations it had previously not been observed. Seven days following the investigation, a pool of the substance was found at the location of reentry within our own universe. Analysis of the substance is currently underway.




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