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RPC-201 alpha morphology. Pictured ██/██/2005

Registered Phenomena Code: 201

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Authority assets in the field are to monitor census data and public records for sudden alterations in family headcounts, employee databases, etc. Should an instance of RPC-201 be confirmed, it is to be removed and detained immediately. Standard cover-up procedures apply. Due to the memetic traits of RPC-201 instances, agents enacting cover-ups should ideally be Amnestic-immune. Engaging at long ranges is known to mitigate the hazard; it is recommended that a designated marksman eliminate instances.

The frequencies and wavelengths at which RPC-201 instances can be detected in the environment are far along the IR and UV spectrums. Thus, development of lenses that can distinguish them in particular is difficult enough that the Council of Global Directors have unanimously approved a motion to deploy standard technology suppression protocols instead of creating a more in-depth containment plan. No publicly-available imaging device is thus capable of detecting them unambiguously at this time.

Description: In their 'natural' form, RPC-201 (henceforth designated alpha morphology) instances are invisible, incorporeal humanoid beings only visible through the use of infrared and ultraviolet imaging at certain wavelengths. They have no discernible features and appear amorphous to all cameras. They are blocked by any solid objects, but are able to enter bodies of liquid and move through them without creating any apparent wake. Mostly, alpha instances in this state will congregate together in groups or wander the surroundings without any apparent purpose.

On occasion, new groups will be formed in areas with few instances. Measurements of radiation levels in and around instances or groups of such has led to speculation that they may somehow 'feed' on high-wavelength photons.

Within groups, alpha instances will occasionally reproduce asexually through one instance fissioning into two. After this, a new instance is created and immediately assumes normal behavior. Should there be more than a certain quantity of humans residing for long periods near the area, alpha instances will apparently converge to the same position and disappear in an event which creates a flash of visible light, IR heat, and radiation, as well as one new instance of the beta morphology.

The beta morphology of RPC-201 are, for almost all intents and purposes, identical to non-anomalous humans. Beta instances behave as though they were already part of a human family, organization, or other large social grouping in the area, attaching to a target individual and claiming to be related to them somehow. Generally, they present as a sibling, coworker, acquaintance, or other individual of similar social status, rank, and interests. They 'blend in' by socializing and engaging in life functions exactly in the same fashion as a normal human. They also display skill sets that would suit their position. DNA testing and bodily features will always match up with their claimed family or ethnic background. Instances also commonly profess to memories/knowledge that perfectly correspond to claimed backgrounds.

A memetic effect causes most individuals to ignore and rationalize any discrepancy between the instance's claims and evidence, and to regard instances as they present themselves. In some cases, false memories have even been created around beta instances which have manifested in a position that would logically affect the course of events. Rarely, instances may attempt to alter or forge official records to include themselves. Most discoveries occur during such activities, but if successful beta instances are essentially impossible to distinguish from normal humans.

No other behavior has been observed, but the RPC-201 species as a whole pose an immense threat to global normalcy. Populations of both morphologies are currently widespread throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Mathematical models suggest an origin period sometime during the 1980s, and it is estimated they will reach global ubiquity across all landmasses and continental shelves in roughly 20 years. Authority assets continue to attempt to eradicate beta instances where found. Other than 'starving' alpha instances through preventing radiation from reaching them, causing their bodies to dissolve, there is no disposal method. Research continues.

Addendum: RPC-201 were originally discovered in 1998, when a spate of apparent forgeries were reported in Authority installations worldwide. The Stability and Integrity Council moved to investigate and rapidly discovered most of those responsible did not have actual prior history with the Authority. A rapid cover-up and mass destruction of infiltrating beta instances followed, with the alpha variant being discovered in 2003. The SIC continues to maintain vigilance for 201 instances emerging inside the Authority's structure and within related organizations, as well as among employee family units.

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