Registered Phenomena Code: 198

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Explosive Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-198 is to be stored within a nitrile plastic bag, inside a four-digit safe in a storage room of Site-008. To preserve RPC-198, room temperature should be maintained at all times along with standard room ventilation. Monthly checkups are to be performed by one Authority personnel with Level-2 clearance. When these inspections are being carried out, RPC-198's container must be checked for any moisture. Any change in quality must be reported to the lead researcher.

Description: RPC-198 are small 2cm, capsules filled with an unknown substance. The box in which RPC-198 are found is entirely blank with the exception of "BURN PILLS" written on the front. The capsules came packaged in normal tin foil sheets that can hold 8 individually (at the time of writing there are 19 pills left). Origin and purpose of RPC-198 are unknown as no further evidence has come forward and no records exist in any pharmaceutical company of manufacturing such drugs.

RPC-198 has been observed to have severe adverse effects on its user's physical health. Recorded side effects are high temperature, tiredness, loss of appetite, headaches, inflammation, slowed heart rate, poor blood circulation, extreme tissue swelling followed by minor lacerations, bodily fluids leaking from newly formed cuts and finally, spontaneous combustion. Subjects given RPC-198 would report no change in health at first, then aforementioned symptoms would begin manifesting after 6 hours, with a serious deterioration in health emerging after 14 hours and ending in death at around 16 hours. While the drug is working, the host's body will begin progressively swelling and stretching from fluid and gas build up. At this point wounds start opening and a yellow liquid begins exuding (which will be referred to as RPC-198-1). From gathered data, RPC-198-1 is shown to be made up of [REDACTED]. It is unknown how RPC-198 transitions to RPC-198-1 and how exactly it affects the host body in such a short period of time.

RPC-198 has also been documented to be extremely addictive. Taking even one pill causes the user to seek out more of RPC-198, eventually becoming violent before the effects kick in and the user falls unconscious.

A general timetable of conditions was created:

Stage 1: The process starts the moment RPC-198 has been ingested and the gelatin capsule has been dissolved. This period lasts 6 hours in which no noticeable changes in health appear.

Stage 2: This period is marked by loss of appetite, sweating and on rare occasions forming rashes. It lasts for about 5 hours before major changes in the host's physical health start appearing.

Stage 3: At this stage, all of the symptoms mentioned previously start appearing along with loss of consciousness. This is the point where RPC-198-1 starts being produced in the body. This period lasts for 3 hours.

Stage 4: Past the 14th hour the subject may have avoided many of the common symptoms but 2 main ones will remain and progress into the final stage. Intense swelling and protrusion of RPC-198-1 are certain to happen. Fires randomly ignite in swollen areas sometimes leading to small explosions and outbursts. These continue until the body is rendered charred.

Discovery: RPC-198 were first discovered by local law enforcement in an abandoned gas station 6.5km away from █████████ in Ontario, lying next to a heavily burned body. Police failed to identify the body and no fingerprints were found at the scene, ending any leads. The Authority was contacted after forensics failed to examine anything about RPC-198 and external autopsy showed no signs of harm. In cooperation with the Authority, local police have agreed to cover up the incident and report any further instances of RPC-198.

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