Fig. 197-1: RPC-197 depicted in the Battle of Ragnarök with RPC-███

Registered Phenomena Code: 197

Object Class: Beta-Orange Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-197 is contained in a standard controlled-illumination chamber at Site-███. In addition, RPC-197 is to be monitored with an embedded tracking chip.

The containment chamber is to be constantly illuminated with ~100,000 lux to prevent any form of umbra1 from forming within the chamber. Personnel assigned to RPC-197's containment are to be provided with a ring inscribed with the Valknut2 symbol. Personnel with Level 2 access are authorized to interact with RPC-197 during visitation hours between 13:00-18:00 Any interactions with RPC-197 is to be prohibited. (See Addendum 197.04)

Description: RPC-197 is a sapient Canis dirus measuring 3.7 meters in height, and identifies itself as Fenrir, the son of Loki according to Norse mythology. Prior to Incident 231-C, RPC-197 displayed a passive behavior towards onsite personnel and socially interacted with personnel during visitation hours. However, for some unknown reason this behavior drastically changed. This change in behavior was caused by the disclosure of RPC-███'s existence.

While RPC-197 currently behaves in a hostile manner to Authority personnel, RPC-197 does not acknowledge the presence of individuals who wear a ring with Norse writing and a Valknut symbol. These rings were specially forged by the Office of Analysis and Science in the aftermath of Incident 231-C. The Valknut symbol appears to be engraved on the top of the ring with writings in Norse on the side. These writings, when translated, outline rituals of protection against evil.3

RPC-197 is capable of imitating human speech, but RPC-197's voice is often perceived as “distorted” due to its wavering bitonality. When injured, RPC-197 will seek out to the nearest organism and consume it. This consumption of organic matter allows RPC-197 to rapidly regenerate skin, damaged bones, and even vital organs.

RPC-197 has been observed to displace itself from one location to another by using the umbras around it, which seems to allow RPC-197 to move around umbras without being detected as a method of concealment. Furthermore, RPC-197's displacement is limited as RPC-197 can only displace itself to the nearest umbra. Security personnel assigned to RPC-197 are to be noted that it has been observed moving at speeds of up to 69 kilometers per hour without the assistance of umbras.

Addendum 197.01: Discovery

According to Russian military intelligence , RPC-197 was initially contained by Soviet forces north of Vinnytsia, Ukraine, in 1944. Since its containment, RPC-197 was kept at a Russian facility overseen by the Soviet Iron Initiative for 45 years until an incident occurred in 1989, where RPC-197 breached containment and caused the destruction of said facility.

Following RPC-197's containment breach, the Russian government mobilized special purpose units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to assist in the containment. Seven days later, RPC-197 was recontained by Russian forces. Due to security concerns presented by the Security Council of the Soviet Union, in 1991, RPC-197 was transferred to the custody of the Authority. (See Addendum 197.02)

Addendum 197.02: Post-Transfer Interview

The following interview is an audio transcript in the aftermath of the containment transfer of RPC-197 from the Russian government. The interview was conducted by Dr. Murray.

Addendum 197.03: Observation Logs

In the aftermath of the interview, RPC-197 requested visitors to his containment chamber for social conversations. Due to concerns raised by Site Management, visitations to RPC-197 was temporarily restricted to CSD personnel as a precaution for two days until it was decided that onsite personnel were authorized for visitations.

The following transcripts are a list of conversations made by onsite personnel, both CSD and Authority personnel, during visitation hours.

Addendum 197.04: Incident-231-C, ██/██/██

On [REDACTED], at 13:24 PM, Dr. Weaver was assigned to conduct a secondary interview session with RPC-197. Several minutes after the session began, RPC-197 appeared irritated and constantly asked if, RPC-███, was alive. When Dr. Weaver persisted to ask his questions, RPC-197 became agitated and breached the observation room and killed Dr. Weaver in the process.

Further escalation occurred when RPC-197 breached from its containment, and caused a site-wide breach. Incident resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] casualties.

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