Registered Phenomena Code: 195

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Teleportation Hazard

Containment Protocols: Authority political liaisons worldwide are to encourage construction and maintenance of road networks. Political pressure is to focus on development along unoccupied stretches of motorway. Ideally, this will be the construction of new standalone facilities such as rest areas, gas stations, etc. MST Romeo-66 "Traffic Cops" have several detachments on active standby at all times to investigate new RPC-195 instances. Some proactive surveillance is to be taken to look for any report of sudden motorway appearances in all parts of the globe.

Description: RPC-195 is a phenomenon where paved thoroughfares with sufficient isolation and very low levels of traffic will experience the sudden addition of extra exits, ramps, and other forking routes overnight. These additional routes simply connect to another isolated thoroughfare in roughly 95% of cases, designated RPC-195-α through ν, and appear identical to the road system they appear within in terms of weathering, signage, marking, etc. The distinctions between the first twelve designations are highly technical.1 RPC-195 instances will disappear on their own should they experience no traffic for a period of roughly █ months.

The additional 5% eventually lead to a tunnel or other tight threshold, and after this point display three different types of unusual topology. Herein they will be designated as ξ, π and ρ.2 These paths are coterminous with a different location in space for a circular radius large enough for most road vehicles at the threshold. Visual examination or GPS measurement suffices to identify these instances in all cases. Signage and markings are indicative of where the instances will lead.

RPC-195-ξ are the first unusual topology. Their threshold connects to a corresponding RPC-195 route somewhere else on the planet, which also leads back to existing 'normal' road systems. There is no upper bound on physical distance: ξ instances can remain topologically linked even in cases where they are antipodal to each other.

RPC-195-π are more unusual and unstable. Their threshold generally connects to a pocket dimension for lengths that vary from █ to ███ kilometers. Such locations are generally deserted and uninhabited, and greatly resemble the environs of the threshold. This can easily disorient personnel who are not attentive to their surroundings and is difficult to report, as on occasion mechanical failure or contact with [REDACTED] can rarely lead to becoming permanently stranded in the dimension.

RPC-195-ρ are the rarest topology. These comprise only one in a thousand of all recorded instances so far (0.01% of sightings). Extreme caution is to be applied as conditions beyond the threshold mouth can be radically different from those on the access side. In these cases, the threshold does not connect to any road at a location on Earth, or in another cosmos, but instead at nearly any point inside our universe. The threshold mouth itself seems to act as a sort of barrier to prevent both environments from mixing together, but this protection has limits.

Most recorded RPC-195-ρ openings have been arbitrary points in intergalactic or interstellar space, but a handful have been reported to open to the surfaces of heavenly bodies, such as asteroids, planets, and stellar objects in one instance. Thus, such openings are an extreme risk for normalcy and human life. Containing them comes at the greatest expenditure of resources and time in relation to all other topologies.

However, a handful of RPC-195 ρ pathways are deliberately stabilized and exploited by the Authority as a means to study extrasolar environments (more details in addenda).


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