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RPC-194, from the outside.


Registered Phenomena Code: 194

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Geological Hazard, Temporal Hazard

Containment Protocols: The entrance to RPC-194 is guarded by an Authority outpost managed by Site-038. Non-Authority personnel are to be deterred from entering RPC-194 via a cover story of geological conservation.

Description: RPC-194 is an artificial cave system located at Sai Kung, Hong Kong. The area surrounding RPC-194 can be easily identified by its distinct hexagonal rock pillars. RPC-194 initially resembles naturally formed cave systems with diverging passageways but only one passageway extends past the 3 km mark.

RPC-194 is the assumed cause for a temporal anomaly affecting the surrounding area; time within RPC-194 is experienced at a rate faster than baseline, with the exact rate increasing as one enters further into RPC-194. The accumulating effects of this time dilation are considered responsible for the geographical abnormalities surrounding RPC-194, including the prominent hexagonal rock pillars1 above RPC-194.

A secondary effect of RPC-194 (designated RPC-194-1) is also manifested near the entrance of RPC-194, with individuals entering being able to perceive a telepathic message being made in the individual's first language.

Radiometric dating suggests that RPC-194 was created approximately 160 million years ago.

Discovery: RPC-194 was initially discovered on 06/06/1982 when construction of the High Island Reservoir2 resulted in the unearthing of RPC-194. The unusually large geological structure of RPC-194 acquired attention from geologists worldwide, including Authority geologists, who were dispatched to RPC-194 to investigate.

During this period, Researcher Kenneth and Researcher Yeung discovered RPC-194 with MST Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) subsequently deployed to investigate. A cover story of unusually strong volcanic activity was given as the reason for the geological structure of RPC-194 to the non-anomalous geology community.

Addendum 194.1

The following is the transcript for RPC-194-1, as heard by Agent Dashing.

The remainder of RPC-194 was subsequently unexplored, with RPC-194 being categorized as a Lesser Anomalous Location until 1983.

Addendum 194.2


The interior of RPC-194. Photographed by Agent Henry Wong on 22/06/83.

Dr. Kenneth's hypothesis was proven correct after testing on the 4 operatives. It was later decided that MST November-12 (Dumpster Divers) would be deployed on a renewed exploration of RPC-194, with the 4 agents acting as guides.

The procedures as perceived by English-speaking personnel, now designated as 194-Rectitude is listed below. It is to be performed no fewer than 3 hours before each incursion into RPC-194.

The following is a list of objects retrieved within RPC-194.

Addendum 194.3

The contents of the liquid retrieved by Agent Dashing were analyzed and is believed to be composed of a substance similar to water, and is capable of slowing time. MST Alpha-2 (Maritime Praesidio Subvehi) was brought in for exploration. Scuba gear was subsequently delivered to the designated dive spot over the next 2 months in preparation of this exploration, with the gear being determined to be in acceptable condition by September 1983.

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