The Pendant



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Registered Phenomena Code: 192

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Animated, Sapient


RPC-192 within Site-033's break room

Containment Protocols: RPC-192 is to be contained within a standard low-risk storage locker when not in testing.

Description: RPC-192 is a teal-colored, porcelain pendant depicting the religious figure Budai. The pendant remains dormant and non-anomalous unless placed around the neck of an individual, at which point it will become animate, able to speak, demonstrating independent thought and complex reasoning.

RPC-192 has a deep, jovial voice and a nonchalant dialect, typically described as "friendly," "wholehearted" and "jolly" by researchers. It is unknown how RPC-192 is able to vocalize sound as there is no apparent mechanism—organic or inorganic—within RPC-192 that could allow any sound to be produced.

RPC-192 shows a strong sense of charisma and is very sociable, having casual conversations with personnel during testing. This has been deemed benign as long as these conversations do not inhibit productivity.

RPC-192 has also mentioned that it has an extremely good memory, able to recall practically anything it has experienced while animate. It has also stated that it has existed since the thriving of now-ancient civilizations. When asked to verify this information or otherwise provide historical recounts, RPC-192 becomes noticeably distraught, refusing to answer. (See interview log below)

Following this interview, Head Researcher Albright approved for Dr. Whitman to keep RPC-192 on his person, under the conditions that Dr. Whitman never take RPC-192 outside Site-033 and that he document anything notable. See Dr. Whitman's logs below.

On July 6, the Site Director received the following anonymous report.

Earlier today, I overheard a private conversation between Whitman and RPC-192. RPC-192 said to Whitman, "I need to ask you a question. If the Authority decided that they would use me for my ability, and treat me like a tool rather than a person, would you help me?"

Whitman responded, "to the best of my abilities, I would try to convince them to stop."

In a quieter tone, RPC-192 said something that I could not hear, but I was able to see Whitman nod his head up and down in response. I will let you take of that what you will.

Following this report, Head Researcher Albright held a private interview with Dr. Whitman regarding his time with RPC-192. (See interview log below)

Head Researcher Albright requested the Site Director, without alerting Dr. Whitman, to place a concealed microphone on the underside of Dr. Whitman's lab coat. The request was accepted and the microphone was put in place after Dr. Whitman left Site-033 at the end of work hours. The lab coat would need to be retrieved the following day in order to obtain the audio files. A log of notable interactions is transcribed below.

Two hours following the final recording, the lab coat was found by janitorial staff, tucked underneath a table within the break room. Dr. Whitman was found to have left Site-033 three hours early, with RPC-192 concealed within his suitcase.

An ASF unit was dispatched in order to locate and capture Dr. Whitman and RPC-192. His place of residence was found uninhabited, the door left unlocked, and his car absent. Tire marks were found streaked across his driveway, suggesting that he had left with extreme haste.

An extensive investigation followed over the course of several days, concluding on July 12 when Dr. Whitman was found deceased within a hotel, located 430 km north of Site-033.

Dr. Whitman's body was found hanging from a ceiling fan by a rope tied into a noose. A note was found in the hotel, presumably written by Dr. Whitman. The note was found and taken by the Authority before any hotel staff could find it. The note is transcribed below.

I can only assume you will find this note sooner or later. I am a fool to think I could outrun you. You are evil and working for you was a mistake. Seeing what you did to that test subject, I can only assume the worst for what you will do to me if I am captured.
I know you can't read this, but 192, I'm sorry. I failed you.

RPC-192 was found on the floor of the hotel room and has been recontained within Site-033. RPC-192 has been completely inanimate following recontainment. It is unknown whether it has lost its sentience or if it chooses to remain silent.




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