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Registered Phenomena Code: 190

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Ballistic, Extreme Temperature, Organic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: Due to its location in the anomalous space on the island of Pabbay, Scotland, RPC-190 is effectively self-containing. In addition, there is currently no threat to normalcy posed by RPC-190.

Authority units stationed at OL-Site-CA have made an agreement with residents of the Hinterlands Village to aid in the rebuilding of houses destroyed by RPC-190-A and -B, in exchange for information on how to traverse Cair Aisling.

Description: RPC-190 is the designation for two reptilian entities, referred to as RPC-190-A and RPC-190-B respectively. Both entities inhabit the anomalous area located on the island of Pabbay, Scotland1, in two separate caves. Both entities are able to speak in British English2.

RPC-190-A and -B are believed to be the two dragons mentioned in Volume 3 of the Cair Aisling novel series, written by Randolph Gowering. In Volume 3, the entities are described by a character3 to have had grudges against each other for over 2 decades, "always bickering and fighting over the tiniest things".

In addition to this, RPC-190-A and -B have been reported by residents of Cair Aisling to exit their caves and fly to each other in order to quarrel with one another. These altercations have mainly occurred in areas between/including the Plains and the First Forest. The entities have left much destruction in the wake of these encounters. The exact reason for the entities' hatred of one another is unclear at the moment, but it may be a large variety of reasons.


RPC-190-A inhabits a cave in a cliff face at the Gulf of Wethir. RPC-190-A is ~5.8 meters in height, and resembles common depictions of dragons within European folklore. RPC-190-A possesses scales that are dark-green in coloration. Protruding from the front of RPC-190-A's cranium is a pair of horns, similar to those of a Bos mutus4. RPC-190-A possesses a long, slender tail which has a sharp point located on the tip.

RPC-190-A, like other dragons that inhabit Cair Aisling, is able to emit flames from its body. The entity emanates these flames orally, which reach distances of ~53.3 meters and temperatures of ~700 degrees celsius. Like many other elements of Cair Aisling, it is unknown how this is achieved and is assumed to be Thaumaturgy.

RPC-190-A is known for being a hoarder of precious items, which it keeps inside the cave it dwells in. The entirety of these items are constructed from gold5, frequently encrusted with crystals and gems. The items are stored in a large pile at the end of the cave, which reaches the cave's ceiling due to the amount of objects in the pile. RPC-190-A mainly exits its cave in order to find more items to add to its pile, or prey to consume.


RPC-190-B inhabits a cave in a large limestone boulder6 in the Desert, near the Dragon's Graveyard. RPC-190-B is ~6.1 meters in height, and resembles depictions of a Lindworm7. RPC-190-B does not possess scales, instead being covered in light-tan colored fur. The entity lacks hind-legs, as well as wings. Despite this, it is able to achieve flight. Furthermore, RPC-190-B when "standing" places its front-legs on the ground while the rest of its body is kept aloft8.

RPC-190-B, unlike RPC-190-A, is not able to emit fire from its body and utilizes a separate defense mechanism. Attached to RPC-190-B's head are frills that surround it in a ring, akin to the Chlamydosaurus kingii9. Dark-brown quills are embedded inside the skin of RPC-190-B's frills, which average ~15 centimeters in length. The entity is able to fire these quills out of its frills at high speeds.

Apart from fighting RPC-190-A, RPC-190-B has only been seen out of its cave a few times. RPC-190-B predominantly exits its dwelling to seek out prey to feast upon. Prey of RPC-190-B consists of animals native to the Desert and travelers in and near the Dragon's Graveyard.

Addendum I: RPC-190-A Interview 2/7/202010

Addendum II: RPC-190-B Interview 5/7/2020

Addendum III: Incident 190 8/7/2020

Addendum IV: Clekta Deinwin Interview 9/7/2020

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