Registered Phenomena Code: 188

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Seed samples of RPC-188 are to be held in a secure Beta storage locker within Site-008 when not used for testing. Under no circumstances should any seed samples of RPC-188 be handled by unauthorized personnel. Instances of RPC-188-1 are to be kept in Building 8 sub-basement within Site-008. The containment chamber used for RPC-188-1 instances must be kept in low light settings, with a temperature below 20 °C.

Description: RPC-188 is an anomalous species of plant belonging to the genus Nelumbo; its appearance is similar to the species Nelumbo nucifera1. As of ██ / ██ / 20██ there have been two (2) strains of RPC-188 discovered, designated RPC-188-A and RPC-188-B. Both strains exhibit the same anomalous cultivation methods, which could not be done without human assistance.

Consumption of the seed of either strain of RPC-188 by a human marks the beginning of its growth cycle, which can be observed in stages by the symptoms exhibited by its host human (designated RPC-188-1).

  • Stage One: After approximately twenty-four (24) hours after ingestion, RPC-188-1 will report feelings of light-headedness, general giddiness and/or increasing apathy. During this stage, it is still possible to cure RPC-188-1 and extract the seed via surgery. As per Authority protocol, non-Authority former RPC-188-1 treated this way is to be subjected to memory-wiping protocols during and after surgery and monitored for any possible relapses.
  • Stage Two: After approximately seventy-two (72) hours after ingestion, RPC-188-1 will report feelings of euphoria, hallucinations of a divine nature, and/or total disinterest in outside stimuli. Hallucinations seem to fit personal beliefs of what constitutes 'divinity', although it has been observed that atheist RPC-188-1 instances will lapse into the state of total disinterest about 60% of the time. During this stage, it becomes impossible to extract RPC-188 from RPC-188-1.
  • Stage Three: Euphoria, hallucinations and/or numbness continue to increase until approximately one hundred and ninety-two (192) hours after ingestion. At this point, RPC-188-1 will seek out secluded places with low light levels. Most RPC-188-1 believe they must meditate in said places.
  • Stage Four: After approximately two hundred (200) hours after ingestion, RPC-188-1's cranium will peel outwards, revealing a mature flower of RPC-188 of the respective strain blooming from RPC-188-1's cranial hollow. RPC-188-1 is still alive through anomalous means, despite a lack of nervous activity, and ceases taking nutrition by normal means.

RPC-188-A-1 will occasionally develop RPC-188-B instead of RPC-188-A, noticeable for RPC-188-B's bluish-black petals.

Several ancient texts in China and India (refer to documents ██████████, █████, and ███████ for a list and transliterated copy of these texts2) refer to RPC-188-B as an ingredient in a potion of immortality. Ingesting the seeds of RPC-188-B will only lead to the subject germinating another instance of RPC-188-B.

RPC-188 was first discovered in China, during an RPC operation to retrieve another unrelated suspected RPC item from a clandestine auction of rare items at ██ / ██ / 19██. While the targeted item is discovered to be mundane, some RPC-188 seeds were also auctioned, complete with an RPC-188-1 instance in late-stage symptoms publicly exhibited. The RPC-188-1 then reached their fourth stage, and the undercover RPC agent sent the notification to ASF Rapid Response Team to retrieve both RPC-188 seed samples and the RPC-188-1 instance. Subsequent investigation traced the source of RPC-188 to an underground facility below a disused warehouse in ██████████, China, where a significant amount of RPC-188-A was cultivated, along with an instance of RPC-188-B-1.

After Incident 188-01 a new ACI Unit, "Mara's Temptation" was approved by the Board of Directors. "Mara's Temptation" is created to detect further RPC-188 incidents and trace their source.
As of ██ / ██ / 20██, "Mara's Temptation" has detected ██ more RPC-188 incidents and located █ seed storage sites and █ cultivation facilities.

ADDENDUM ██ / ██ / 20██: "Mara's Temptation" has discovered that the official records of the family in Incident 188-01 was tampered with. Records of the youngest sibling were expertly erased, and the RPC-188-1 samples recovered on-site do not account for the missing sibling.

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