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Registered Phenomena Code: 187

Object Class: Alpha-White Neutralized

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-187 is to be monitored at all times through the usage of specially tuned transistor radios. Personnel seeking to interview RPC-187 must submit a formal request to personnel of level-3 clearance or higher.

Under no circumstances are personnel to expose RPC-187-B instances to magnetic fields of greater than ~2 Tesla.

Description: RPC-187 is the designation for an extremely localized radio frequency (<10 meters) present on the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.

RPC-187-A is the designation for the metaphysical projection of the consciousness of American aviator Amelia Earhart. RPC-187-A is accessible through RPC-187. RPC-187-A has shown extensive knowledge of aviation and past life consistent with that expected of the real Earhart. RPC-187-A has spent the entirety of the time since its disappearance in suspended reality, remaining conscious and sentient even in the absence of instruments tuned to the frequency. Despite this, RPC-187-A has extremely limited knowledge of anything occurring later than 1928. (See Interview-187-A-1)

RPC-187-B is the designation for any radio device tuned to RPC-187-A's frequency. Of note, is that upon tuning to RPC-187 once, the device will lose all ability to tune to any other frequency, and will also remain tuned to the frequency despite exiting the geographical constraints of RPC-187.

Discovery: RPC-187 was discovered in 1973 during an unrelated investigation into the disappearance of a cruise liner within the Bermuda Triangle1. Upon landing on the island of Bermuda, during an attempt to signal the missing ship's radio, the agents inadvertently discovered RPC-187.

Addendum-1: Interview log with RPC-187-A

Interviewed: RPC-187-A

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: Interview performed impromptu upon discovery of RPC-187. The frequency was tuned in attempt to contact a missing vessel being investigated by Authority operatives.

<Begin Log>

Agent ██████: Hello? Liner-████-███-██, can you hear me? H-

RPC-187-A: Hello? Is there really someone there?

Agent ██████: Who is speaking? Are you from the ship ████-███-██?

RPC-187-A: Whoever you're looking for, that isn't me…

Agent ██████: Apologies, have a n-

RPC-187-A: Wait! I, I… I need help!

Agent ██████: Ma'am, who am I speaking to.

RPC-187-A: For heaven's- you're speaking to a certain Ms. Earhart, but I don't see what that has to do with me needing h-

Agent ██████: How is that spelled? A-I-R-H-E-A-R-T or like Amelia Earhart?

RPC-187-A: So I have a fan!

Agent ██████: The latter then? I don't really follow what you mean to be saying, miss.

RPC-187-A: Just like Earhart, in fact, you can call me Amelia!

Agent ██████: You're joking right? You can't possibly be called Amelia Earhart as well.

RPC-187-A: What do you mean "as well"? I am Amelia Earhart, after all.

Agent ██████: That's impossible, she went missing y-

RPC-187-A: Well I don't quite fully understand it, but I can try to explain it to you if…

Agent ██████: I'd suppose you're somehow trapped in a radio, then. That could be why you were never found…

RPC-187-A: It happened in the middle of flight.

Agent ██████: Do you remember at all where it happened? Was it near Hawaii or something?

RPC-187-A: Why would it be near Hawaii? No, it was not too far from Hamilton, in Bermuda.

Agent ██████: You must be misremembering, it was during your circumnavigation attempt that you disappeared. Whole world was shocked.

RPC-187-A: As touching as that is, I'm almost certain that I was turned like this over the Atlantic.

Agent ██████: So then, what, someone who just happened to look like you pretended to be you for, uh, seven years?

RPC-187-A: Must've done a great job, if they had you convinced.

Agent ██████: So that's your going explanation?

RPC-187-A: It's the most likely explanation… Who would want to impersonate me though, a woman in the spotlight? Seems more trouble than it's worth, I would know.

Agent ██████: This is ridiculous!

RPC-187-A: I do think I know who'd might try something like this, but they're a shady lot. Have you ever heard of the Swiss Habsburgs?

Agent ██████: Those were the inbred kings of Spain, right?

RPC-187-A: How brusque!

Agent ██████: Who are they?

RPC-187-A: I'm still not entirely sure. They were supposedly a forgotten cadet branch of the Austrian bloodline, but they fell off the face of the planet, so to speak, after Austria fell.

Agent ██████: I've never heard this… What's so special about them?

RPC-187-A: A good question. From what I know, they conducted some unsavory business that got them disowned by their parent branch… Some time before my flight across the Atlantic, I received a letter, supposedly from a mister "Arnauld von Habsburg", the letter was vague and incomprehensible, but it seemed almost like a recruitment letter… They called themselves the "Pythagorean Order"

Agent ██████: I think I'm going to have to bring you in for custody.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: RPC-187-A and instance of RPC-187-B brought into custody.

Based on the information obtained in Interview-187-A-1, it is believed that at some point, RPC-187-A's consciousness was displaced from its physical body, possibly to facilitate the implantation of another conscious by a third party.

Addendum-2: Attempts to ascertain the nature of the aforementioned "Pythagorean Order" have resulted in futility, with the exception of an obscure reference in the journal of Cane Hill psychiatric patient Terrence Burns, in 1984.

…They still watch over me, I know it… The funny men. I know now what the flames meant. They were calling me, a young boy to become their Habsburg toy… what a fool was I to reject the flames, yes, fool am I. These visions of sacred triangles and ethereal hellscapes, are my punishment. I am aware. If only hope davie should be so wise as to accept them, the swiss Habsburgs. Why, I could nearly scream…

Addendum-3: Since acquisition in 1973, RPC-187's signal strength has steadily declined. Despite this, there appears to be no visible decline in RPC-187-A's vitality, or the conditions experienced by RPC-187-A within the transmission. (See Interview-187-A-2)

Interviewed: RPC-187-A

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: Interview conducted under request by Agent ██████.

<Begin Log>

Agent ██████: Hello RPC-187-A

RPC-187-A: Hello again.

Agent ██████: It's been decided that you should know exactly the extent to which your signal strength has degraded.

RPC-187-A: It's pretty grim, isn't it?

Agent ██████: We believe that, if the rate of decline continues as it has, the transmission will fizzle out within a few hours.

RPC-187-A: That's it then?

Agent ██████: Yes.

RPC-187-A: Well, I suppose it was bound to happen.

Agent ██████: Why do you say that?

RPC-187-A: I'm pretty sure that the Habsburgs knew exactly what they were doing. There's no reason for them to have put me in stasis forever.

Agent ██████: Well, I don't think they were counting on you to have been able to relay information from beyond the gr- sorry.

RPC-187-A: No, it really is an excellent choice of words. For a few short of a century, I've been living in a sort of limbo between life and death. I don't even think that this signal dying will kill me.

Agent ██████: It's a possibility, but there's really no certainty in what will happen afterward.

RPC-187-A: I'm fairly positive that I'm going to remain the same… there's been no real change in here since you folks first reported the weakening.

Agent ██████: Well, I guess since this is almost like your "death pep talk", should I ask you if you have any regrets?

RPC-187-A: I just wish I had figured out what those bastards are up to.

Agent ██████: That's something that I don't believe can be fixed in a year.

RPC-187-A: There have to be other people who were recruited by them, then? Right? Ones that rejected the offer?

Agent ██████: We did find one…

RPC-187-A: What came of it?

Agent ██████: He apparently killed himself in '85.

RPC-187-A: It seems they make sure that any loose ends are tied up.

Agent ██████: So what's your outlook on the rest of your life?

RPC-187-A: I don't know. If I really do die, I guess I'll end up in heaven.

Agent ██████: And if you don't?

RPC-187-A: Well, it'll be a lonely millenia, I suppose.

Agent ██████: Aren't you upset about dying at all?

RPC-187-A: Only a little bit. But it really doesn't matter.

Agent ██████: Why's that?

RPC-187-A: Well, the better ha of the p century, I've b stuck as thi signa. exist s has mud since then.

Agent ██████: It's uh…

RPC-187-A: Wh s th matter?

Agent ██████: Can you try speaking clearer?

RPC-187-A: I ca hi mo

Agent ██████: Miss Earhart, don't panic.

RPC-187-A: [unintelligible]

Agent ██████: Miss?

RPC-187-A: [static]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: RPC-187 to be designated Neutralized.

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