Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-184

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Sapient, Transmutation?, Teleportation?1

Containment Protocols: RPC-184-# instances are to be held in Site-065's Humanoid Wing, along with her mother. Standard humanoid containment guidelines apply: humane living spaces and sufficient nutrition are to be provided.

Upon the occurrence of RPC-184 events, site personnel are to remain alert for the appearance of an RPC-184-# instance in the following months. Female individuals that personnel fail to recognize as other site personnel or other known humanoid anomalies may be questioned for their identity. RPC-184-# instances have so far been cooperative and openly announce themselves upon manifestation.

RPC-184-# instances are to undergo biannual psychiatric interviews. Due to the properties of the anomaly, they are prone to emotional crises that negatively affect their cooperativeness with Authority personnel. RPC-184-# instances may receive psychiatric medication under orders of their assigned psychiatrist.

Current assigned psychiatrist is Anne M.

Description: RPC-184 refers to a phenomenon affecting Wendy Alvarado, a 23-year-old inhabitant of Manitoba province, Canada. Due to the nature of RPC-184, Alvarado's physical characteristics are inconsistent across time; as of the time of writing, she is 1.86m tall, features dark brown eyes, black hair, and tan skin.

RPC-184 consists of a series of chronic anomalous events in which Wendy Alvarado, hereon designated RPC-184-A, disappears. The characteristics of individual events are variable, but always imply a temporary period of time in which RPC-184-A does not exist or is displaced to an unidentified location. RPC-184 events are not evidently anomalous; rather, RPC-184-A simply appears to have moved elsewhere.

These events occur at random whenever RPC-184-A is not being observed or recorded. Tight surveillance or constant company are not sufficient to prevent RPC-184 from occurring, as external circumstances2 eventually create situations in which RPC-184 can take place. Such circumstances have not been proven to be anomalous, and do not follow patterns commonly associated with tychokinetic anomalies.

Tracking devices fail to transmit during RPC-184 events, and do not return upon reappearance.

RPC-184 is not guaranteed to occur at the earliest possible circumstance. Instead, they appear to have a higher chance of incidence after approximately 13 months have passed since the last event.

After each occurrence, RPC-184-A will eventually reappear or remanifest in a location close to that of the disappearance. Upon reappearance, physical characteristics slightly differ, as do certain personality traits; physical age and memories show no variance. This has resulted in RPC-184-A's appearance and behaviour to evolve over time, to a point where most original characteristics are no longer evident.

For convenience, subdesignations RPC-184-1 through -12 will be used to refer to RPC-184-A after each RPC-184 event. RPC-184-0 will be used to refer to RPC-184-A prior to the first RPC-184 event.

Appendix 01: History.

RPC-184 was first documented on October 31st, 2005; at approximately 08:00 PM EST, RPC-184-0 disappeared while partaking in trick-or-treating with neighbors of similar age.3 Her return was expected at about 10:00 PM, which prompted RPC-184-A's mother to inform local police.

All search attempts remained futile for the following 6 months, until RPC-184-A (now RPC-184-1) reappeared and arrived at her home, knocking at the door while her mother was inside. Changes to her appearance and behaviour appear to have gone unnoticed following her return; later investigation revealed that RPC-184-A's hair may have slightly changed in color from its original blonde into a darker shade, and that her eyebrows may have shifted upwards. Behavioural changes are unknown at this time, as most variations could be attributed to the emotional condition of RPC-184-A's family.

The following is the reformatted transcript of a police interview with RPC-184-1, recovered after Authority involvement. The interrogating officer has not been successfully identified; it is believed that the interview was requested due to personal forensic interest rather than responding to the interests of the police department.

It was later discovered by involved police agents that RPC-184-1's DNA profile was inconsistent with their archived pre-RPC-184 profile, in a manner that surpassed potential margin of error. Such an inconsistency was kept secret from the Alvarado family while the police department in question investigated the possibility that RPC-184-A was a different individual than initially assumed, possibly under the influence of a memory condition or exposure to unidentified chemicals; this investigation was later cancelled, as RPC-184-1 showed no signs of irregular behaviour that could not be ascribed to the experience itself and no connections to any other known individual could be established.

General confusion persisted on the department upon the end of their involvement; subsequent attempts at profiling encountered identical results to no apparent explanation, but no further irregularities made themselves evident that would help explain the phenomenon.

Local Authority agents were alerted as to the event, but it was decided that there was not sufficient evidence of anomalous influence to warrant involvement.

The second RPC-184 event took place on August 12th, 2006, while RPC-184-1 was vacationing at her grandparent's house; this second disappearance was significantly shorter, with RPC-184-2 surfacing on September 9th in the same house. Changes to physical characteristics were significantly more noticeable on this occasion, as RPC-184-2's skin had shifted to a darker tone. The police department in question created a third DNA profile upon her discovery, this time with the Alvarado family's knowledge, finding significant inconsistencies with both other existing profiles, but encountering a similar dead end of investigation.

This second event convinced local agents as of the necessity of Authority intervention, upon which most involved individuals were amnesticized, including the police department in question and RPC-184-2's grandparents. While initially considered a liability, it was ultimately decided not to amnesticize RPC-184-2's mother in order to facilitate her cooperation and ensure emotional stability; she was allowed into containment together with RPC-184-2.

Since acquisition by the Authority, RPC-184-2, -5 and -11 have individually claimed to have occasionally seen an entity or hallucination that was similar in appearance to themselves4 standing in close proximity, always immobile and inexpressive.

Visual confirmation of this entity may have been obtained once, a few minutes prior to the fifth RPC-184 event. During September 9th, 2008, at 12:33 PM, it abruptly manifested inside RPC-184-4's cell. ASF guard M. Merlo, stationed nearby, claimed to have heard a loud, metallic noise at this time, not unlike that made by personnel knocking on cell doors during food rounds. Merlo realized that such rounds would usually occur approximately thirty minutes later and moved toward the noise, catching a brief glimpse of the entity before it demanifested. Merlo claimed that RPC-184-4 was nowhere to be seen after the entity demanifested, instead assuming that it was -4 herself that had disappeared.

RPC-184-4 contradicted Merlo's account briefly before the RPC-184 event took place, claiming that the entity observed her inexpressively for several minutes from the window panel on the cell door. She denied that the entity had knocked on the door, or having heard a knocking noise at all.

RPC-184-2, -5 and -11 have referred to this entity as "the person", but deny any further knowledge. Other RPC-184-A instances have refused to speak about this entity, failing to acknowledge any mention of it.

Further research regarding RPC-184 events has been fruitless; no cause for the anomaly or pattern for its effects have yet been found, with RPC-184-A wildly varying in physical characteristics and behavioural traits through containment.

The following is the latest biannual psychiatric interview with RPC-184-12, dated September 4th, 2017.

Appendix 02: Update.

On June 4th, 2018, the corpse of RPC-184-0 was discovered stranded on Delta Beach, along the southern border of Manitoba Lake.

The corpse was originally found by local police, having discovered a significant number of physical irregularities. Proper identification was initially impossible as facial features had been extensively damaged. Eventually, DNA profiling succeeded in identifying it, after which the corpse was acquired by the Authority. Cause of death has been ruled to be asphyxiation.

The following irregularities were noted:

  • Face has been cut vertically, carving a single incision from forehead to mouth. This incision has later been widened via pulling both sides to opposite directions. The implement in question is uncertain.
  • Left ventricle has been filled with three teeth removed from the mouth; three incisors and one canine. Respective holes left in the gums have been filled with significantly sharper but otherwise identical teeth. These show no connection to blood vessels or nervous system, and appear to have been added while the subject was alive.
  • Brain has developed novel bone growths, developing into simple geometric structures, such as hexagons.
  • Every other vertebra from L5 above has been slightly displaced into the body by an irregular amount, between 2 and 5cm.

This discovery has changed current Authority understanding of RPC-184. While originally believed to be a single person affected by an anomalous event, it is now certain that this is not the case.

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